Friday, August 12, 2016

Teacup Giveaway and Lucky Me!

Greetings, friends!

I sincerely hope you all have been well and happy!

I have been having so such fun with my sweet grandbaby -
please forgive me for neglecting you during this happy time!

I think of you all quite often!

Some time ago I was found myself the VERY lucky (and appreciative)
 recipient of a very generous giveaway of a full year's subscription to

Oh, my goodness, my rapidly beating heart!!!!!!!

The giveaway was hosted by the talented and very beautiful
Associate Editor of both Victoria & Teatime Magazines,
Melissa Lester.

Isn't she absolutely lovely?

She also writes a very sweet, humble, clever, devotional,
and very special must-read blog called 

Her blog is filled with the dreams, thoughts and personality
of one very truly and lovely lady.

I know my readers will definately want to add this blog to your favorites
if you haven't yet done so!

Thank you so much, Ms. Lester!

 I am absolutely thrilled about this win!

In fact I am so thrilled that I thought I'd celebrate by hosting another giveaway!

(Sharing the happiness of random acts of gifts received!)

The giveaway is for a vintage pink and yellow roses
teacup set and matching creamer,
which I usually fashion as a little mini vase for short-stemmed flowers.

It's a Japanese Royal Sealy.

This giveaway goes out to all my USA and Canadian friends.

I always welcome all comments, and be sure to make one today
if you would like to be entered in the giveaway!

You needn't have a blog of your own - and I am sorry
that I must limit this to US and Canada -
 the cost of shipping breakables internationally
is just too high. Please forgive me!

I will pick winners the last day of this month
 by some fun random form of choosing

I can't wait till the day my sweet little grand-daughter helps
 me choose the names out of one of my tea hats!

Until then I will settle looking at one of her sweet little dreamy smiles.

(This was taken last Thursday on one of her visits to me.)

I am absolutley head-over-heels in love.

As always, thank you for your visit and sweet comments!

Have a blessed day!

Hugs and prayers -




  1. Well no wonder you haven't spent much time in blogland recently...just LOOK at her!! What a precious little one...congratulations! There is nothing quite as special as those grand babies. The teacup set is absolutely gorgeous...throwing my hat in the ring! Take care of that little if I had to remind you! :)

  2. Oh what a very lovely picture of your darling granddaughter - she is beautiful. I know you are in heaven with her and can hardly put her down. Enjoy her as they grow up so fast.

    Please enter me into your drawing.

    Enjoy your weekend and give lots of hugs and kisses......


  3. omigosh, what a little doll!!! You must be having such fun!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, it's absolutely lovely.


  4. Michele- she is lovely!
    Grandbabies are always first :)
    The giveaway is just lovely.

    White Spray PAint

  5. Oh Michele - she is absolutely gorgeous! Nothing like a new baby in the family! The giveaway is a beautiful set. Thanks for the opportunity.


  6. Michele:
    You do have a wonderful baby to celebrate. Don't include me in a Give Away as I am already so spoiled but I just wanted to say - have great fun with the baby!

  7. OOO, there is no love in this whole world like the love of a grandmother for her grand/s...she is precious...
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful set..fingers crossed. :)

  8. Congrats on that beautiful grandbaby and the blog win. Toss my name in the hat for your pretty giveaway.

  9. Oh friend, your granddaughter is just precious! That smile is heartwarming :)

    You are SO SWEET to host such a lovely giveaway. You don't have to enter my name because I have been abundantly blessed by you in the past {{smiles}} I know someone will enjoy this delightful tea set.

    Love and hugs to you!

  10. Beautiful grand baby! Thank you for the chance to win your generous give away. Cheers!

  11. What a sweet little girl. I can imagine the tea parties you will have with her. I have a grandson, my only grandchild. No tea parties for him, but we do love picnics together. Grandchildren are just the best! The place they hold in your heart is so diffrent than your own children. Thanks for the chance to win the pretty set. I am wishing for a granddaughter to share my collection of teacups with someday.

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  13. There is nothing as special as having grands and spending precious time with them! I miss my Abby more than words can say and Alex is in college in another city and busy as can be. Thank God for that though as he is an amazing young man!

    I love "Tea Time" magazine! I'm a volunteer with Chemo Angels and one of my buddies loved tea...most any kind. I gave her a subscription to the magazine and several types of tea, tea cups, etc. Unfortunately, she lost her battle but I was thrilled to be able to add some good things to her life!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win ~ such a lovely set!


  14. Awww...who could not smile looking at that precious face? Of course, you are in love!

    What a nice win you received, perfect for your interests and pursuits. I shall certainly follow your link.

    Please do not add my name to the drawing. I have already received far too much. =D

  15. Hi Michelle, I would of too of taking a break from blogging with that of your beautiful and precious lady but granddaughter. The tea and creamer set is beautiful! Happy Saturday to you and your family!

  16. What a smile, could melt one's heart.I can't wait to be a grandma. I can't think of anything else that would make me happier. I also enjoy Tea Time magazine. The tea set is beautuful it's a very generous give away.

  17. Precious little one indeed. That smile is adorable. Don't wish her to grow up too quickly. She will anyway.

    Charlotte Moore

  18. Your granddaughter is just so precious! What a little sweetheart! And thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity! It is so sweet of you! Enjoy your sweet granddaughter!

  19. You should be head over heels ... she is adorable! The folks at Tea Time are really A1 and put together a lovely magazine. Thank you for the pretty teacup and creamer give-a-way. I sure don't "need" another teacup, but I can't resist! Ha! Hope your weekend is lots of fun.

  20. I know how much in love you are with your precious granddaughter, Michele! There's just nothing quite like a grandmother's adoration and love. What a dear, sweet giveaway, my friend. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Give that sweet baby a hug and kiss from me! 💕

  21. Congratulations on your precious granddaughter! You are at the beginning of the wonderful adventure of being a Grandma. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely teacup and creamer. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  22. Michelle she is adorable, there is nothing more precious than the birth of a baby. Beautiful giveaway, I understand completely the expense of postage. Take care.

  23. Lovely tea set, and yes lucky you. What a precious little one, congratulations on your sweet grand baby.
    Such a pretty piece for your giveaway...............

  24. Grandbabies are very special! Enjoy your every chance you get Lovely little set with beautiful roses!

  25. Beautiful little grand baby, Michele, and what a sweet smile. . .I am sure she is smiling at you! Lucky you for winning the magazine subscription. I'll have to check out Melissa's blog.

    1. Her momma was holding her and I was singing to her and she did that. I swear my heart doubled in size that moment! ♥♥♥

  26. Lucky you winning that wonderful giveaway! I am definitely going to check out her blog. Thanks so much for visiting!
    Please enter me in your very generous giveaway! The tea cup is stunning!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  27. Your grandchild is precious! I know you're stealing a lot of her little kisses.Please enter me into your drawing.

    Thanks, and have a good day, Marie

  28. How to win a year of Teatime! You my firend are also offering a very nice giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win. I always welcome another teacup to my collection! Lol Beautiful post with that sweet granddaughter!

  29. So glad you linked this as it is tea related!

  30. Precious moments to enjoy.....happiness and love! I enjoy your blog and thanks for new blog recommendations too. I know I will enjoy Melissa's blog and I signed up today. Please enter me for this adorable vintage tea giveaway. Thank you very much!

  31. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win :)


  32. Oh, my gosh...that smile! Blessing all around! I know how you feel... with our last granddaughter and another due in November. The real thing when you truly experience, "My cup runneth over." !!!

    Such a sweet are so kind and to do this when you are so happily busy! Thank you, Michele.


  33. Love that adorable baby photo......congratulations!
    Lots of fun times ahead!!!


  34. Michille

    Thank you for your sweet comment and your precious granddaughter is beautiful! The giveaway is very pretty.


  35. Congrats on the win and I would say you have a really big win with your new granddaughter. Isn't it amazing the instant love you have for her. Enjoy every minute!

  36. She is a beauty, Michelle! What a happy smile! Enjoy every minute!!!


  37. Look at that precious baby just know she is having sweet dreams! And how sweet of you to have a giveaway! I would love to have a new tea cup! Sweet hugs, Diane

  38. Congratulations on winning the Tea Time magazine subscription, Michele! Your granddaughter grows cuter every day! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a pretty tea set.

  39. Oh Michele . . . she just melts your heart!! Is anything more wonderful and precious than a brand-new baby? Oh, you must be in heaven!
    And one of the things I love about you is your generous heart. It's just like you to win a giveaway and turn around and offer one of your own!! I do love the Tea Time magazine, and Victoria has been my favorite for years. You can rock baby and read your magazine. No, scratch that. You'll be too busy looking adoringly at that sweet little face! xo Deborah

  40. As a new grandmother I know you feel the joy I have! :)

    How precious that little darling is!

    All the best, love and hugs toy you and your precious daughter!


  41. Hello Michele,

    What a beautiful, adorable photo of your darling granddaughter!

    It is so sweet of you to have this giveaway. It is truly a lovely gift.

    I love the teacup and saucer you receive from Melissa Lester. I will have to go check out here blog.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Just to clarify:

      I didn't receive the teacup from Melissa - she arranged the giveaway to get the Tea Time magazine subscription - the teacup and saucer giveaway is from ME. :-)

    2. Oh how wonderful! Yes, I would love to enter your giveaway.
      Thank you!

  42. What a darling little face! I know just how much time one can spend with their grandchildren. When our first was born we were at their home every day. ;-) Congrats on winning the subscription, Michele! I let mine run out and never renewed, I'm sorry to say. Your giveaway is so pretty and by all means, enter me too. Thanks for sharing.


  43. THAT BABY DOLL IS SO DADBLASED CUTE, oh, my goodness sakes alive..It is scorching hot in the pacific northwest and I could really really use the tea cup and the rest of the giveaway..oh, my goodness sakes enjoy your new baby doll from mjs at and love your blog a lotXXX()_()()XXX

  44. Hi Michele,
    Thank you so much for volunteering to help me with Pic Monkey and my colour problems. I have a grand daughter too and am finding time for blogging much more scarce now. I love being a grandma. My e-mail is Don't worry if you are busy. Blessings, Karen

  45. I hear grand babies are even sweeter than your own babies - if that is possible!
    I would love to win the teacup. It is so pretty. Thank you!


  46. what an absolutely beautiful baby girl. I love babies, so innocent and so sweet. Our kids are thru having babies. Guess now we'll have to hope we live long enuf for grandkids to have babies, not holding my breath.
    Your give-away is very special,, who wouldn't want to receive this? Please enter my name in hopes of winning. If not me then whomever does win this was supposed to. Enjoy a wonderful weekend, give baby girl lots of kisses for us all.

  47. Hi Michele,

    What a cute little baby girl! And the teacup and the vase are also very lovely :) I'd love to enter the giveaway!

  48. Aw...she is adorable. If Canadians are included, please add my name. Thank you, Deb

  49. Mary Beth: Giveaway announced day after our 48th Anniversary! Please enter me in the Giveaway. Love your creative posts. New "grand" is adorable!

  50. Aren't grandbabies just the best? Great giveaway . . . I love my tea every day!

  51. Look at that sweet smile. I know you are beyond blessed. I love Tea Time magazine and that tea grouping is so pretty! I will check out the blog.

  52. Oh I know what you mean sweet Michelle! Your new baby girl is sinply gorgeous with that big smile you want to squeeze her, lol.. Our baby Maxima is already 9 months old and big! Time just flies, so enjoy her.
    Please enter me in the giveaway and let me know if it's ok for foreign addresses. You are very generous too, I love it !!
    Have a blessed week my friend.

  53. Michele, What a cute baby!! I can see being distracted from the blog for that little one. Please enter in the giveaway. Sylvia D.


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