Monday, August 22, 2016

Late Summer

Oh,  for almost the entire summer 
Ohio outdoor life truly has been unbearable!

It's been much too hot to want to even go out in it.

(I'm a baby and can't take that kind of high heat and humidity.)

But Glory Be -  yesterday turned a mite cooler. 

It's is absolutely GLORIOUS weather right now:
bright blue cloudless sky, cool breeze - just nearly perfect.

Poem source here.

I just really needed it to get cooler!

It's still SUMMER, but there's that hint in the air right
 now that tells us that autumn won't be TOO terribly far off.

The days are slowly getting shorter and shadows are getting longer.

Yes, it is definately WAY too soon to be decorating for fall...
but transitioning, well, yes, it is happening at the nest slowly.

Leave it to the retail bloggers, retail stores and the magazines
to fill us with autumn - for us reg'lar folks it's just way too soon.

Yes, I do mean to savor summer
 now that (thankfully) it isn't unbearable now to enjoy it.

(At least for right the time being, anyway, this too can revert!)


Summer's bright hues all too soon give way to the muted
fading transitional colors of autumn....

I was able to tackle a bit of overgrown weeds in the garden,
 I washed the kitchen windows inside and out. 

 I even opened up the master bedroom windows
to let in some wonderful fresh air!

Hubs washed our new car inside and out,
shared some of our garden bounty with neighbors
and planted THREE Limelight Hydrangea bushes
 in the back corner of our yard for me.  

The deer or something munched on 'em pretty badly last night,
or I'd have been delighted to show you pics. 

But we're NOT giving up on those lovely bushes.

Thing is, our insatiable and starving deer herds have never
 eaten up any of our other hydrangea before
so not sure what's goin' on...very upsetting....

but we is "aimin' to succeed" wif 'dem Limelights
and when there's a will, there is a way!

Anyway, the lavender always seems to do quite well here. 

We sure needed a break from that heat
 to get back outside and stretch and work and breathe in oxygen....
Fresh Oxygen. Does a mind AND soul well.....

How about you?

Have you any reprieve from the blasting heat
of summer yet,  in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Lovely mosaic. Our 100+ heat wave broke last week with needed rain. That doesn't mean it won't be hot, but not over 100 as is our usual for this time of year. I'm getting too old for this heat! Ugh! Beautiful hydrangeas. It takes a bit of luck to keep the garden going in the heat. Love the black and white birdhouse and lavender ... WOW ... lavender! Happy Monday and many hugs .....

  2. Wow! Look at that pretty bundle of lavender. I've never grown lavender or been to one of the farms but I would love to. It's still very hot and humid here in FL. But I think it's fun to put out a few Fall things once school starts! lol Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  3. My Hubby and I was just talking about a wasted summer. Here in WV it has been hot and humid for over 6 weeks. Just going outside be prepared to come back in with a wet shirt. So many things we did not get done and I am hoping we have an early cool Fall to do them. Today is was cool and I tried to enjoy what I could of it.

  4. I'm right there with you! We've had an unbearable summer too. And just like you, we are now enjoying cooler temps and less humidity right now. It is SO nice! I haven't used my front porch all summer but today I went outside and found it pleasantly comfortable. I wonder how long it will last though. This may just be nature teasing us.

  5. Unfortunately here in So CA we have had one HOT, DRY SUMMER. It just goes on and on, now we are having humidity, which we normally do not have. So with the HOT weather high 80's up to over 100 we have to deal with all the fires around us. The air is not good and with my COPD I have to stay in a lot. I feel so sorry for all those people who lost their homes, it is so sad.

    You did a beautiful post with so many lovely items. Your hydrangeas, so sorry that the deer got to them. Mine did not do well at all. The flowers burned before they could really open up. So disappointing....

    Please enter me into the drawing. How's that beautiful baby?????

    Have a great cool week. I know what Ohio is like as I lived there until I turned 21. We were up by the Lake and got the Lake effect in winter and so hot and humidit in the summer.


  6. Isn't it so refreshing when the first signs of autumn start to come after a hot, dry summer? Your photos are wonderful...they really put me in the mood for a shift in the seasons! Love your autumn tea set and sweet vignettes. So sorry to hear about the deer....We are always trying new things. Nothing seems to work for long......motion lights and a radio will spook them at night. Wishing you luck xo Karen

  7. Beautiful vignettes! and you should be visiting me, this is the coolest summer on record for the past 15 years and boy am I ever enjoying it!!


  8. Well my friend, we have had a hot summer as well. We don't get the humidty, so that part is nice. Cooled down a bit and I worked in the garden all morning and early afternoon. Stopped when it got a bit too warm. I love the gentle transitioning from summer to fall. I will be pulling my fall décor out in Sept. No Halloween themed items, but touches of fall. Glad you got some cooler temps! My Limelight tree is putting on a spectacular show right now. Yes, think positively that they will thrive! :)

  9. We can embrace fall and still savor summer---at least I feel that way!! I love, love your pretty dishes.

    You must be quite busy with that new babe in your life. Love and hugs all around.

    I may have missed the post on the to visit that post.



  10. Hi Michele, sorry to hear that the deer got to your new hydrangeas are they really starving? I hope not. Normandy is sweltering under a hot sun this week, that means early morning walks down a shady lane with M'selle Fleur then we all stay indoors until early evening with the windows open to catch a breeze but curtains drawn to keep out the sun.
    I love your transitional mosaic, so stylish. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs with us at Mosaic Monday.

  11. It has been hot but the humidity has been the worst. I love the heat but can't stand humidity. This morning it is unbelievably cool. It is 62. That is really a change for us in north GA. We have not not had any 100s this summer. That is a unusual also.

    I am sure that grand baby is growing way too fast.

    Charlotte Moore

  12. This morning is somewhat cooler but for the last couple of months it's been above 90. I am ready for cooler weather and the humidity to be gone. Hope to see more photo's of your grandbaby, aren't they a blessing!
    Have a great day, my friend, now I am going over to enter your give away.


  13. I am wanting to savour the Summer for as long as possible it was so late in arriving this side of the pond. Loved your mosaic. Take care.

  14. Yes, we do have a reprieve from our 100 degree days, Michele, with rain as a bonus! I know summer is not over yet,Mobutu any break in the temperatures, is a relief. Loved seeing your transitions and I do hope your new limelight hydrangeas aren't food for the deer for much longer. Enjoy those cooler days, my friend!

  15. Glad you are now getting some good weather ♥

  16. It has been a great summer and pretty warm even up here. I watered plants daily through it all and have noticed a change in the season coming. The mornings are dark again around 6 a.m. when I usually wake. I've been noticing the fall displays of things for sale and picked up an item or two but I'm not ready to decorate for it just yet. I'm enjoying the last days of Summer the best I can. I have limelight hydrangeas and so far haven't been bothered with deer but I just read up on it and I guess the deer do go for them.

  17. Love the shot of the white kettle with the lavender. So pretty!

    The humidity has been brutal here too! Yesterday's cooler, fall-like weather was a welcome respite from the heat.

  18. Yes, this week has been a reprieve. Today was nearly a perfect day...perfect temp...humidity...breeze...sunshine...ahhhh! I'm with you on savoring summer as
    autumn will come soon enough and there is no need to wish time away.

  19. Hi Michele,
    It has been very warm here in Washington too but I am not complaining because I know that autumn is around the corner. I don't want to decorate for fall yet and that means putting away my new pink summer purse too. Lol. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the summer. Blessings, Karen

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  21. The summer heat has been brutal this year in San Antonio. The high humidity has had us hiding inside most of the time. I hate seeing summer go, but I am sure ready for a little bit of a cooler breeze. :) Take care, Maria

  22. Hello, my lovely friend! How are you on this fine Wednesday?

    We have been enjoying cooler temperatures here in the mountains. Every morning for the last week or so I have had to put on a fleece jacket when I get out of bed. On Sunday morning we had 38-degrees...brrrr!

    Wishing you a joyous day, dear Michele. Love and hugs to you!

  23. Good evening Michele,

    I am ready for autumn, although I am sure that summer is not ready to give into autumn's cooler days any time soon. Life if busy now that my youngest is in college. He just turned 17 and does not drive, so I will be taking him and picking him up.

    Those are some very lovely fruity dishes :)

    I hope you get to enjoy lots of wonderful late summer days.


  24. My sentiments exactly, Michele. We have gotten cooler and had some refreshing rain. I love to open the windows and know we are breathing the 'real' stuff! I adore fall but never rush it. I have my fall decorations up right until after Thanksgiving and that's an awful long time if started now. I am getting in the baking mood. I love spice cakes and breads so I have some individual little cake pans and some pretty fall themed sprinkles and I'm pulling out the recipes. Just a nice treat for family and friends to have for dessert with their coffee as our evenings turn to dusk a bit earlier.

    I know you are probably reveling in the joy of your new family addition!! Emily has two months to go and oldest son and his wife are expecting as well. Just found out. She is due in February. My family is multiplying at warp speed. Can we ever have too much love, though?

    Jane xx

  25. Michele, I don't do well in the heat either and have not been enjoying summer. I love that day when I note a crispness in the air telling me autumn is on the way!

  26. It's still hot as Hades in my neck of the woods but am anticipating cooler temps in October. Then bring on the pumpkins! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  27. Southwestern PA here and hate high temps and humidity...Sunday was awful with a heat index of 98 but after thunderstorms rolled through that night we have had cooler mornings for a bit. Looks like Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be ideal...only going to 78 or so, until the high 80's return.

  28. Hi Michele, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm having a look around your lovely blog and find that we have a lot in common. :) I definitely not a heat/humidity lady's been a long summer...and am so looking forward to fall. I also like hydrangeas and want to plant some. We have a problem with rabbits eating our plants instead of deer but either way it's gets frustrating when they "dine" on our gardens.

  29. Pretty pictures! Surely you have gotten a good break from the heat by now. And here it is the official end of summer. The hot season is much more bearable in this neck of the woods. And probably all of the other seasons too! We just don't get a lot of green. Fall will be lovely. I hope it's a nice holiday weekend for you!

  30. Hi Michele, Yes, it's been hot in San Diego this summer. We've had the air conditioner on a lot!!
    It just started cooling off 2 days ago, thank goodness!! I was so excited to open all the windows and french doors. I love all your photos ♥ Looking forward to Fall too. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Jody

  31. Michele I hear ya girl! I hate it when it is so hot and humid. I can not believe we made it thru moving during the hottest part of summer. Glad that fall is just around the corner. Hoping to have cooler temps for the move into the new house. Love your tea cups!

  32. Hello Michele,

    I hope you had a great summer. Temperatures were unbearable here too so I am definitely looking forward to the cooler temps.

    I do have to agree Michele,bloggers were way ahead with fall this year. I feel like I am way behind everyone else. I am slowly working my way into autumn decor but I am not rushing anything. Love your beautiful photos and hydrangeas,



  33. It sounds like you are enjoying some lovely weather now Michele... I agree that the seasons are pushed on to us by retailers much to soon. Lovely photos... enjoy the slow transition to Autumn.
    Happy Sunday
    XOXO Mary

  34. I have been away from your beautiful nest way too long dear Michele! I love all the beautiful photos you have posted lately in your last posts and enjoying the beauty that you enjoy there in your lovely state. We had a hot hot summer too here, but one thing my part of Idaho does not have is humidity. It's so arid here in the mountains that I can feel my face wrinkling! I'm happy to read that you at least had a day of reprieve from the heat and were able to get some of the things done you have wanted to get done.
    It's weird about your Limelights getting chewed on. It seems that they would be something they deer would leave alone. But speaking of deer, I loved the beautiful capture of the sweet doe and her babies. I know that having them in your garden would be devastating, but darn they were cute! :)
    I hope you are having a beautiful fall so far!
    sending hugs from here...


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