Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter 2016 Living Room Tour

It is still very much mid-winter for many of us!

Before long I will be changing up our home
 to reflect the next holiday, St. Valentine's Day -
 so I thought I'd share my living room and a few pieces 
placed here and there around our nest before it's just too late!

I kept out some of my white and silver trees
 because they fit right in with our snowy winters here.

Here's a close-up pic showing off the painted off-white table
 tucked way in the back that is a bit difficult to see.

Some of you may remember that my daughter Katie
 painted this table for me years ago - she did a fabulous job!

 Just look at those sweet legs!  


You may have seen my antique pinecone teacups in this last post.

Apparently I have a real fondness for pinecones.

I have these little plates that match some of my teacups, too. ♥

I have a small collection of cute tiny Putz houses - but this favorite one gets the grand honour of being featured on our mantle because but it has little lights that turn on- the windows are really holes. In this pic it almost looks like ivory paper, but it isn't -the lights are on but no one is home.

Everything around here seems to be touched
 with the peaceful, sparkly magic of winter....

Tucked on the bottom shelf of our little painted side table
is an old silver tray holding wintery treasures.

Yes, that is daquiri ice sea glass....not just for summer anymore!

My sweet tea society sister-friend Pam gave me this
 lovely winter bird's nest the last time she stayed here.

I keep it tucked under that cloche
but took it off so you could all see it clearly, without glare.  

One need not ever go far to find something "birdie" around here.  

To me they're all finches!  : - )

That little china bird is tucked into a pottery trio
 that says Love Hope Peace - appropriate for year 'round
 not just for Christmas....we all need more of all three, don't we?
 It sits in my antique farmhouse hutch across from the living room.

Arborvitae tucked into a silver vase for just a "touch of winter."
There is something about this pic I really like about its composition.
I like the shadows here - and shadows are usually the enemy,
but not so much in this photo to me, at least.

Speaking of arborvitae - it is an unloved shrub for many
but I planted some as a privacy next to our hottub when we had it
about maybe 12 years ago - they were little 4 foot tubs - light enough 
I could carry them and plant them myself...and now they must be
at least 18 feet high. They filled out and give a great "wall of green" backdrop
next to what is now my zen room.

You can see my covered porch "zen" room here.  

As always, thank you for stopping for a visit!




  1. OH, I just love all your beautiful shinny items. Everything goes so well together. I love that you carried your items that resembles winter into your decorations. of course I love all the birds. I am also a bird lover.

    Your living room is perfect and can hardly wait to see what you do for Valentines Day.

    Take care and stay warm. Love the tea cups and plates too.


  2. Love the look of winter with your decor, so pretty and so timely. Such a pretty room.

  3. Michele, your living room looks so pretty. I love all your winter touches. Beautiful decor pieces. The little winter nest is precious! Enjoy the rest of your week. xxx Maria

  4. I love how you kept these items out. I enjoy the pine cone theme. I have some dishes with pine cones I thought I might jump to using next. Winter goes on here all the way through March so I have plenty of time to embrace it! I haven't thought about Valentine's Day yet- it will be here before we know it!

  5. Our winter here is off and on ,no snow yet
    Your house looks very clean and cozy my house right now is cluttered and messy, I need to store things away or there won't be room for any Valentine decor LOL
    I keep wanting to make cards or valentine tags and haven't gotten to it yet

  6. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful home, Michele!

  7. It all looks so pretty Michele... perfect winter touches...
    XOXO Enjoy your day...

  8. So pretty, Michele, I love your winter décor!

  9. Your winter decor is so elegant! Was your living room part of last year's home improvement projects?

  10. You have a lovely home and the winter whites go so well with your neutral colors. I love natural elements like your big basket! And I have a few pinecones here and there. Enjoy your evening! Hugs!

  11. Hi Michele,
    So happy that your comment led me to your beautiful blog. I find January a tough month for decorating, but you did it perfectly. You've given me some great ideas!

  12. I missed this last year! You have a beautiful home and I love all these wintry touches. Has it been very snowy and cold or has it been mild or has it been a combination?

  13. Your living room is so peaceful, I also like that you have just enough decorations out to make it look so pulled together. I feel sometimes you really can have to much out and about to make a room too busy, where I really felt relaxed looking at yours.

  14. Very nice indeed. Everything looks so refreshing.

    Charlotte Moore

  15. Your living room exudes a very calm, peaceful vibe, Michele. I love that slipper chair by the fireplace, along with all your special touches. You know how much I love pinecones, too! That little putz house is adorable! Thanks for sharing your wintry decor.

  16. Looks so pretty. Glad you kept out some sparkle from the holidays Michele. All your sweet touches make your home cozy and comfy.
    Happy Friday.

  17. Just lovely! I love the white and silver and pine. So pretty for winter. Your home looks so cozy and beautiful. xo

  18. Your winter whites are all so beautiful.
    You have a lovely home that speaks of comfort and joy.

    Have a blessed weekend~

  19. Your winter whites are all so beautiful.
    You have a lovely home that speaks of comfort and joy.

    Have a blessed weekend~

  20. Although winter is not my favourite season, I respect it as much as the others, and my favourite (spring), and so I love that you haven't put away all your whimsical, wintry pretties and have displayed them so beautifully in your living room, and especially the display on your antique farmhouse hutch!

    Yes, love, hope and peace are words with so much meaning, aren't they? May we all be blessed with such serenity of the soul.

    Wishing you a lovely, wintry weekend, Michele and a very Happy 2017!


  21. HI Michele, don't you just love all that winter inspirers? And the beauty I'm accenting with whites.

    Beautiful here in the sharing your your beautiful home.
    A relaxed and inspiring winter to you my dear.


  22. Everything looks lovely!! Congrats on your new Grand baby! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!!

  23. Your living room looks so pretty with its winter touches. That silver bird nest with eggs is really pretty! I love the texture of the pinecones too.

  24. Lovely, lovely, lovely--so enjoyed seeing all the frosty wintertime touches! Your home always looks so spotless yet cozy, warm, and inviting. Not quite sure how you manage to pull that off, but you do!


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