Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shabby Garden Room

A few of you have written asking to see more
 of our covered patio outdoor garden room
after my last post about the little garden breakfast tea
I hosted recently for my niece. 

The garden room is my very own girlie space,
 my favorite get-away spot;
a shady cool area to spend in the morning
 and then again in late afternoon
 after the sun sinks below the tall tree-lined backyard facing west.

It's a beautiful spot to watch the sun settling behind the trees.

That is when the sun is shining, which has been RARE lately!

My husband and his friend built this structure for me as a surprise,
 and it was really intended to be just a temporary "porch"until we could afford decided what kind of large
screened-in porch to have built onto the house.

Yet,  all these years later it still stands.
(Probably because they put roofing shingles on it.) 

One of these days we will finally splurge and "upgrade,"
 but for now it really soothes my soul; and gives me respite....

I am so happy to share it & a bit of our garden with you today!

My husband also built the deck here in pic below.

Yes, keeping it real: we need new deck chair cushions,
I should've opened the umbrella for this shot and 
perhaps could have swept a bit.

Blame it on the broken foot, aye?

BTW- we keep the half umbrella up (2nd pic)
 because that side of the room faces the full afternoon sun. 
The umbrella helps to keep the space much cooler for longer.

It's difficult to tell but the room is deeper than it looks
 so the umbrella isn't really in the way, if that makes sense.
Depth perception is a bit off in the pic to be able to tell.


Every year I seem to change up this space a little bit;-
this year it has a pretty feminine pastel floral decor.

My garden in-ground hydrangea bushes are deep pink,
 because our soil is so high in alkaline.

To get the blue/purple ones I have to buy them like that
 and keep them in pots....and constantly add acid amendments
 to keep them that way.

(Used coffee grounds and tea leaves make good acidic amends to soil.)

I love both colors, so it works for me.  

You will almost always find some birdhouses 
~real and decorative~  around Finch Rest!

Have been resting out panoramic pic taking -
 way too small and skinny but I liked the pic so including it.

This is the first time I've ever shown a pic at an angle
 good enough to see my white candle chandy.

I used our shabby shutters in place of my metal room divider -
which is now in our master bedroom.

I kept it simple because it just won't stop raining.
I haven't even bothered with my decorative pillows this year.

In the last 16 days it's rained 14 of them,
has rained all day today and supposed to rain for 9 more days.

Which is why we haven't been able to paint the wicker.
Which is why we haven't been able to do much of anything!

It's kept my violets alive though - usually they're long gone
with the hot sunny days - it's been super hot
 but not at all sunny, so they're holding on for dear life!

So there's my garden room tour-
the perfect place for tea sipping, visiting, 
reading, bird gazing, praying, resting......

So glad you came along for my little tour!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Yes, pansies and johnny-jump-ups love it cooler and rainy. Mine are very happy, too. We have had a ton of rain, but not as bad as you folks. Oh my! That's crazy wet weather. Your outdoor room is so lovely. Do you go out and enjoy it even when it is rainy?

  2. Michele, I know you must really enjoy your lovely outdoor space. We've had more rain than I can ever remember in June, and July is looking to be the same. We have the dreaded humidity right now, so it's not as pleasant to enjoy our patio these days. Hope your foot is all healed now! ♥

  3. Your porch looks so wonderful to me. We don't really get to enjoy the backyard much in the summer, except to use the pool or if it's about to rain, but your space seems like the ideal place to spend a summer afternoon. :)

  4. well Michele, I'm in love with your "temporary" porch, I'd love to have one just like it! I hear you on the rain. It's been one of the rainiest we've had in years.

  5. A wonderful tour, such a beautiful place for contemplation. The pastels are so soothing and I love the bird houses, you are certainly blessed.

  6. Love it! I love all your wicker furniture.
    Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  7. HI Michele! Oh, your garden room is so pretty. I can see why you would enjoy it so. Love your wicker and all your beautiful flowers surrounding it! Hope your week is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh Michele, I love your little girlie room. Great place to sit, read and sip your tea. Everything looks great. I sure wish we could have some of your rain - I would dance down the street in my nightgown for a little rain. LOL. I meant to comment on the lovely tea party you had for your niece. I have a little niece, but have never met her as they live in SFO.
    Have a wonderful weekend and take care of that goot.

  9. Sorry missed spelled foot. To early here. LOL

  10. I LOVE your serene, girlie outdoor room, Michele. What an enjoyable spot for you all built with your hubby's loving hands. You have decorated it perfectly!
    We have had an unusual amount of rain here in the Dallas area. I talk to my Mom and Sister everyday and I get your weather update. You haven't had much of a summer, have you?
    Take care, my friend, and I hope your foot is getting better each day. Hugs! ❤️

  11. Beautiful garden room, Michele, I love the scenery in the background. The rain has certainly helped all the trees, plants and grass this year. We have been having a lot this year in the south also.

  12. Dearest Michele, everything is so beautiful! Can I come over and simply sit in your garden among your pretty roses? And then we could have tea on your pretty patio :)

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Love and hugs!

  13. Gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty and inviting.

  14. Michele - What a beautiful spot to enjoy!


  15. Very lovely ,nice garden for this wonderfull season,greeting from Belgium

  16. I just love that space and the White furnitures. Wish I could find some here but they seem to be rare.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love Elzie

  17. It's beautiful out there, Michele! I love all the wicker and cottagey touches.

  18. Have you ever submitted photos of your home to a magazine? Honestly, Michele, your photos and groupings are SO MUCH BETTER than lots of what I see in print these days. This is just lovely, lovely, lovely!

  19. Just beautiful! I love the wicker! Perfect!

  20. Your covered patio is so lovely! I love the wicker and peacefulness you've created there. And, for this California girl, I'm loving that your rain has kept everything so green and your flowers are so abundant. We're on such severe water rationing because of the drought my flowers are mostly gone and my roses are beginning to rebel, and my lawn is more brown than green. Your post was the perfect respite for me!

  21. such a lovely spot to rest and relax. and yes, what's with this rain?!
    I had to laugh about how your husband "bit" the deck. I'm sure it was a typo, but I had to re-read it a couple times to make sure!
    Hope you are healing nicely. xo Deborah

    1. Oops, now fixed. LOL. Thanks, Deb!

      He DID rebuild the deck when he fell through it in the back part where water didn't run off well and rotted. So he did actually "bite it" haha. My brain must have been thinking it when I typed it so it was Freudian to be sure.

  22. p.s. I was looking for the picture where he had bit the deck; I thought he would be keeled over on it, haha. But one injury in the family is enough!

  23. This room belongs in a magazine, Michele, stunning.

  24. Hi Michele,
    Your patio is amazing. I love your special space. Thank you for your beautiful comment. I have a reply and I want you to know you touched my heart. Thanks again
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  25. Lovely blog and spot~! thanks for sharing...

  26. Michelle, Your yard and porch are wonderful. Love the wicker furniture and the pretty table.

  27. Michele, I love your pretty garden room! I have always loved white wicker. It has the most wonderful cottage feel! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  28. Love, love your outdoor space. The room is gorgeous! What a great spot to sit and enjoy Summer. xxx Maria


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