Monday, March 27, 2017


Recently I purchased two
 new wonderful throw pillows for our love seat.

desperatly need two more, and I just can't find them!

I am hoping if whenever one of you may be at a Home Goods store
 you'd take a look for me?

The sooner the better I find them, or they'll be totally all gone.

I am in a real pickle!!!!

They're mushroom/ taupe with a touch of green-grey.

They're stuffed with feathers.

They're $16.99 each.

The sku is 049807.

I really really REALLY need two more.

I love, love, love them; they're so perfect.

I will reward you for your kindness if you happen to find them for me.

Because HG is a discount store they have nothing in place
to specifically locate an item by the sku number in inventory.

They did say they own Marshall's too -
 and sometimes the same throw pillows can be found there.

I really appreciate your eyes out there, my friends.

Thank you so very much.

Because of my broken toe it isn't easy as it was getting around.

As always, your visits mean the world to me. 


  1. I will check tomorrow when I am out, Michele. Did you try the Home Goods store online and/or Amazon? Good luck- I will let you know if they have any here. xo Diana

  2. I will look too. Email me your cell you text? I could text you to see if you already have them.

  3. The inventory up here is different, but I'll keep an eye out, just in case! Hope you find 2 more pillows and that your broken toe heals quickly.

  4. Hope you find your pillows Michele, can't order them on-line?
    Take care of that toe - ouch, sounds like a painful ordeal.

  5. I was able to get something I wanted from HG when they called stores around the area. Not sure if this helps. Beautiful pillows. Good luck!

    Thanks so much for your very sweet comment today, Michele!

    Jane x

  6. Hope that you find them! Also hope that you don't get a slew of them. 😉 If I lived 40 miles closer to the HG store, I'd certainly go have a look. They certainly do have some wonderful of my favorite stores...

  7. I will keep an eye open as I am out and about. Hope you find two more of those beautiful pillows. Hope you toe heals soon!

  8. Oh gosh, I was just in there recently, Michele. If I get back, I will certainly look for them. They sure are pretty!

  9. We have a Marshall's nearby, but I don't go to that town often but will keep an eye open if I do, how soon do you need them, Michele.

  10. Oh no - you did break your toe! So sorry, Michele. I'll keep my eyes open for the pillows....they really are perfect for your decor! xx Karen

  11. Sorry about your toe. T J Max is owned by them too, and I noticed that the housewares are sometimes repeats. I will keep my eye out. xoxo Su

  12. Your pillows look so soft and cushy, perfect for snoozing on and they're pretty too. Sorry we don't have Home Goods or a Marshalls in Grand Junction. This area is always bit behind everywhere else. Hope somebody finds them for you.
    Ouch, awful to break a toe, hard to walk and wear shoes or even socks for quite a while, been there few times. Must have missed post about you breaking toe.
    Take care of your tootsie. Enjoy rest of week

  13. Hi Michele,
    I wanted to stop by to tell you how much I appreciate your prayers for my surgery last Monday. Diana posted a prayer request on her blog and I am full of gratitude! I am slowly recovering but wanted you to know how very much I appreciate you thinking of me. :-) Hope your toe heals quickly, I've been through that and it is no fun! Have a great week


  14. I don't think we have either one of those stores near me. I hope you get your two pillows though!

    Michele, your grand baby is absolutely adorable and reminds me so much of Annie when she was little. I love those chubby little cheeks!

    I hope things are better, my friend.



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