Friday, March 3, 2017

Random Ramblins

Hi, folks!

Happy Weekend to you all!

I am sharing some random ramblins with you today
just to let you know I am alive and I have not forgotten you!

My son-in-law is a world traveller who just recently
 returned from a visit to Peru.
(He really loved Machu Pichu.)

He brought back this cute knitted hat
that he bought off a sweet little old lady who makes them
to give to baby Vivian-the-niece.

  Here she is modeling it, and showing off her first 2 teeth
(and her cute chubby cheeks!)

Five minutes after they put it on her head
 she bit those cute wee pom poms off the ties. 

We had some 70 degree weather recently
 that brought the crocus into bloom....and
many buds on the trees start to show......
and I just got SO excited about it
 and brought out some transitional spring decor...

HOWEVER, this IS Ohio and I KNOW I cannot go too crazy
 with the early spring decor because

 I took this snap this morning.

HOWEVER, I am not letting that little bit of snow
stop me from dreaming of spring's arrival!

I got the pretty glass tray below in the last teacup exchange

I was in - from a dear lady named Margaret.

Here is my post about it, in case you missed it.

Be sure to check my sidebar for the current teacup exchange -
and I posted something about it on my last post.

I bought tulips this week for myself to pacify my need for springtime!

And yes, for here it's much too soon for pussy willows,
but I brought them out anyway!

I wonder if it will ever be warm enough 
 to get out our nests, bunnies, baskets and eggs!!?

(Soon, but not too soon.)

But Lent has begun and it is all just a matter of time, right?

This wee fella from my friend Karen stays out all year.

I had such a busy, whirlwind week!

One of the best things that happened was on Tuesday!
 I met a dear fellow blogging friend;
 Deborah from The Beautiful Matters!

She posted all about our meeting in detail here

I invited my friend Melinda for coffee on Thursday (she hates tea,)
and my friend Dee for teatime today.

(So, yes, I technically had three tea parties this week.)

Mel and Dee knew they were only getting leftovers sweets,
but they acted as though the humble offerings were fit for royalty.

I like the way the teacups have the floral inside.

As always, thank you for visiting!




  1. I love ramblings like this, Michele! Aren't we all waiting impatiently for spring? And then comes the snow!

    I enjoyed the pics that little one--oh, those pretty eyes... and then your lovely teacups. I bought white tulips last week, too! I wish I knew a way of keeping them around longer. :(

    Love and hugs,

    Jane x

  2. Oh, Michele, thank you so very much for visiting and linking up with us on our Friday Foto Friends. What an adorable baby girl. Love sweet grand babies! The weather has been totally out of character this winter. We have so many things blooming and budding and it's 21°as I'm writing this. Hope you'll join us again next week. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Michelle! Everything looks so beautiful and springy...and that adorable baby girl and that hat...what a cutie pie. Nothing says spring like a pitcher of white tulips! We have had a hard freeze here but the temps are on the rise again...sure hope our blooming trees have survived the cold snap! I loved hearing about (and seeing) your visit with's obvious your visit together was just wonderful and you certainly made her feel more than welcome. I wonder who she will be meeting up with in NC? Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Michele, I love hearing all about your teatimes (and coffee catch ups!). You take such good care of your friends, preparing a cozy atmosphere and tasty treats and chit chat must be laced with giggles, too. Sigh...

    Vivian is an adorable baby and that Peruvian hat looks so cute on her!

    As you know, spring in the Med has slowly been making its arrival, tiptoeing in and around various parts. Your tulips are a pretty welcoming of the season, enjoy them!

    Happy weekend, to you sweetie~


  5. Two things, no three—Vivian bit off the pom-poms? They were so cute, too! I put out pussy willows as well yesterday because the birch and red berries may have been responsible for the return to freezing cold winter weather around here. You met Deborah? You blessed gals! I must go read all about it! Have a sweet weekend...(okay, that was four, but who's counting?)

  6. I love that you are inviting friends over for coffee and tea. I need to do that much more often. Your cups are so pretty!

    Definitely get tulips at the store any time they are there. It's one of the treats of this time of year.

    Don't you love to meet blogging friends? I've met quite a few now and this week I had lunch with several Instagram friends who live right in this area. It's fun to make new friends.

    I am participating in the tea cup/mug exchange this time. First for me!! :)

  7. ooohhhhhhhh pretty teacup and color.
    all kinds of bulbs springing up in our yard
    and i can't remember what flower - have to
    wait for the blooms. i always forget so it's
    a new surprise every year. wink.

  8. oh and ... that darling babe with the sweet cheeks. too cute.

  9. Michelle, gorgeous photos. I love that that sweet girl bit the pompoms off her new hat! But I hope you can sew them back on? I'm going to check out the blog you linked to now.

    1. Her mamma will sew them back on once they aren't choking hazzards I think.
      This baby puts everything single thing in her mouth to chew for sure. :-)

  10. I enjoyed reading about Deborah's wonderful visit at the Finch Rest. Your hospitality is exceptional, Michele! I'm also loving your beautiful aqua tea set. I'm switching my Valentine decor with my spring/Easter decor this weekend. Another sign that spring is around the corner: Stephanie's teacup exchange. Hooray!

  11. You had nice tea parties this week...and snow! How interesting! I decorated for Spring this week and still have things to arrange or rearrange. I'm off to see your pics at Deborah's! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  12. I read about your visit with Deborah! What an exceptional hostess you are, sweet lady, and I know Deborah appreciated all your special touches for her overnight visit. Hopefully, one day when I visit Ohio, I'll be able to get away for a few hours from my mom and sister, to meet up with you.
    Your little granddaughter is just the most precious baby! I just want to kiss her to pieces!

  13. Love all your ramblings Michele. We are having similar weather here outside of Chicago. Crazy!
    Happy Weekend.

  14. How wonderful you had three tea parties in one week! Your tea with Deborah was beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  15. WOW, three tea parties in one week, how fun!
    That beautiful baby is just so darn pretty, love the hat on her. I know that grandma loves her.

    We had some 80 degree weather this week and I loved it. Sat out on the patio and it felt so good.

    Have a wonderful weekend end my friend.


  16. The hat is so cute.. the adorable baby looking so beautiful n that hat..

  17. Spring dreaming and ramblings are very good things. Especially with that darling little beauty in your life.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Michele.♥

  18. oh my she looks cute and so pretty in the hat that brought your son in law.
    world travelling is so exciting .
    In Asia weather is changing smoothly and spring is knocking the door delicately ,hope it arrive soon in your beautiful land too dear!

  19. Deborah's account of your meeting was nice Michele, and you treated her royally. :-)
    I've seen babes who sucked on the pompoms but never one to bite them off - get that girl a steak. lol

  20. Oh I know all about the tricks spring has up her sleeve, lol! We got three inches of snow here last night, and more to come! But, it is melting still, and I know with the longer days it just can't hang around much longer :) I loved hearing Deborah tell about your tea party, and how lovely that you got to share the blessings of the sweets with other friends, instead of trying to eat them all yourself {smiles} I do love that gorgeous green tea cup, it is so beautiful! What a doll the baby Vivian is, love that toothy smile, and too funny about the pom-poms! Hope you have a nice slower relaxing week this week, and that your crocuses continue to bloom :)

  21. You are such a popular lady! Such a wonderful hostess. Your baby is adorable! I had to chuckle out loud about the pom poms. Spring is never smooth sailing is it? Thank you for liking my bouillon cups! They are staying in the family for now. :0)

  22. Hi Michele: I have missed your beautiful posts. Thank you so much for your visit. It made my heart glad. I look forward to catching up. Sending hugs your way! Martha

  23. Hi Michele
    I too had at one time a collection of tea cups and saucers that didn't end. Many baby showers for friends once upon a time. So wish I knew you then I would have packed a box full and sent them off to you. I gave away, sold some in my shop and donated to who ever would take them off my hands.
    Now seeing your tea party cup I know you would have loved some of mine, and it makes me long for the days I so indulged in a tea party regularly.

    I hope spring surprises you with lots of beauty and inspiration. As for your bunny they can stay out all year long, who can't resist a sweet winter bunny then spring bunnies.
    Thank you for your visit and your beautiful comment.

    Enjoy your Sunday, and days of lent.


  24. I wouldn't quite call them humble offerings -- I know for a fact those offerings were delicious! Tea time with friends is such a happy thing; fortifies us for the storms of life. Or snow, in this case. I woke up to three inches of it this morning!
    Vivian is just the cutest! And how could she resist those pom-poms?!
    I bought tulips, too, and have brought out the bunnies. February teased us into thinking spring was right around the corner.
    Our meeting will always be a special memory, dear friend.
    xo Deborah

  25. That darling baby and her sweet hat. Glad you got a picture of the poms while they lasted. I received your sweet thank you note. You are a GEM!

  26. You have been a busy lady… Must say I loved seeing a new photo of sweet Vivian, and it made me smile to read that she munched the pom-poms! (By the way, we had some weeks of seventy-degree temps here in Georgia too, but today it is in the low forties and I am freezing!)


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