Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thankful for Friends Tea Party

It's funny, but I am just noticing how many tea parties
 and extra special occasions
 that I haven't ever shared on my blog.

 One of them includes a 
Thankful for Friends Tea
 I hosted for my very bestie best tea-sister friends last year.

So, yes, it's an old party but it's never been shared on my blog!

(Glad I noticed it.)

I do wish I had noticed earlier in the season. Oh well.
Better late than never, I suppose!

I hand-made my napkin holders from thrift-store
 wooden napkin rings wrapped in burlap
 and hot-glue gunned silk flowers I already had in my stash
from a practically free end of season sale earlier.

The menu graphics matched the name label graphics.

I used my little clay pumpkin card holders too.

The table runner I used, and my teapot cozy match.

I didn't have a pick of the teapot from the party
so I am sharing where I have it stashed this year.

Top shelf to the right is where you will find it.

Add cheese and a sprinkle of pepper or paprika or curry
on your soups for a nice look and extra bit of flavor!

I think this is gruyere I used here.

What autumn salad is complete
without some seasonal apples and pears?

Nature provided the simple centerpiece, 
keeping it low so everyone could see one another well
from across the table.

Everything for this tea was easy
 so dishes could go in the dishwasher after.

When hosting a slumber party weekend
the teas have to be low-maintenance clean up!

At least on weekends when my wonderful hubs
isn't around to help.

Because he is a God-send most tea parties -
invaluable help for me to be able to put them on in style.

I remember last year he had plans, so that's why I used
stoneware and glass dishes!

Most of you know I'd always prefer to use
 my pretty china for tea parties. ♥

I *adore* decorated sugar cubes.

The source I used stopped making them.

I think it's time I learned how to make my own now -
 I spent a small fortune on them for years!

I found a pic of the favors I gave away, but I can't really 
remember what I filled inside of them anymore.

I know there was a cute decoupaged birdie ornament
and some Thanksgiving napkins, and knowing me probably
a Yankee candle and perhaps a sachet.....

These favor gift baskets were so much prettier in person!

Yep, not the best lighting for these last minute pics.
No time, fuss, tripod or special tricks - just fast shots.

Good friends, good food, good fellowship...
(and a calm and happy hostess)
 make for the successful and memorable party!

That, for sure, is what we had that day.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Hugs and prayers!




  1. Such a beautiful elaborate tea party.. love it..

  2. So sweet for you to put on this special event! I think ladies really do appreciate the effort that goes into a tea. They're a "throwback" to a very special and more sophisticated social time in our history. You thought of a lot of details that made it extra inviting and personal!

  3. Your tea parties are always so lovely, Michele. I'm sure your friends felt very special. I need to do an afternoon tea for my neighbors. Seeing each other in our gardens is not the same as in our homes. Thanks for reminding me to get busy. ♥

  4. Michele, Your tea party looks like it would have been a joy to attend. You said you kept it on the low key side is certainly doesn't look it. The soup looks amazing, everything is so pretty.

  5. Oh, Michele! What a beautiful tea party! Everything is just perfect! I can only imagine how blessed your guests were and how welcome and comfortable they felt in your lovely home, gathered around your table! I am so happy you remembered to share with us. It was just so pleasant and uplifting to visit with you tonight! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  6. What a lovely tea party. Every little detail is so special. I love the table runner and tea cozy - I have napkins that I made from the very same fabric. Your menu sounds divine and the decorations are simply wonderful - I'm sure all your friends enjoyed it so much. I'm glad you shared it with us.

  7. It looks very nice. Lucky ladies who got to share this.

    Charlotte Moore

  8. Michele, you most certainly are the hostess with the mostess...what a lovely tea party you prepared for your friends. Your decorations and pretty dishes were just perfect...and the food looked amazing! No doubt, everyone had a wonderful time. I am still in disbelief that it's almost Thanksgiving, aren't you? I hope yours is blessed! HUGS!

  9. It must be handy to have some posts tucked back! 🤗 It was a wonderful tea and I can imagine the laughter and chatter around the table. I paid no attention to china or lack thereof and saw only a beautiful table set with lovely things and attention to detail. You are a wonderful hostess!

  10. Dear Michele:
    What a lovely tea and I would love to hear you play that piano! The sugar cubes are darling and I know how expensive they are as I used to sell them in my shop. I think your table looks amazing and the centerpiece - lovely! What a lovely event and delicious food! I know they loved it all! You could play the song "Autumn Leaves" - an old favorite!

  11. You make everyone feel your home and here on your blog. What a beautiful centerpiece with lots of natural elements! I love it! Hugs!

  12. Maybe one day, I'll be lucky enough to come to your beautiful home for a tea party. Stoneware would be fine with me, and just a cup of tea! You're bestie tea sister friends, I'm sure, feel so especially loved by you.

  13. What a beautiful tea, Michele! I'm sure your friends felt very special and pampered. The menu sounds delicious and love all the pretty autumn details. xo Karen

  14. Hi Michele,
    I bet your friend feel really special when you put on this friendship tea party. Everything looks so pretty and yummy.

  15. All your teas are so special....I am sure everyone enjoyed joining in!


  16. I always enjoy seeing your tea parties! Always so beautiful! I am like you and forget to do a post of my parties at the cottages or at a tea room! Life gets busier every day!

  17. Such a beautiful idea for girlfriend's get-together! I love sipping tea, so something like this is right up my alley!

  18. What a lovely tea party for your friends! And I know from first-hand experience how beautiful everything must have been and how delicious the food was! You make everyone feel so special Michele, with your generous and loving heart. xo Deborah

  19. Michele... Where do I sign up to become one of your friends? OMG.. what a lovely idea and such a wonderful idea getting your besties together!! You absolutely spoiled them rotten!! The food looked delish and your table was stunning. I am so glad I found your blog and I can't wait to become your friend!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm now going to forward your link to my buds with the words "HINT! HINT!" in the subject line.

  20. Michele, your tea party looks lovely ... love all of the attention to detail. I bet it was fun and delicious...XOXO Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Your attention to detail is impeccable, Michele. I'm sure that your besties were thankful to you for hosting such a wonderful tea party. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. It looks so nice, Michele! Friends and tea are a perfect combination!

  23. How special to host such a pretty tea party for your friends. I know they must have had a lovely time such special friends and special treats.


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