Monday, November 6, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange Reveal!

Once again I have the pleasure of sharing yet another
 wonderful experience joining Stephanie's semi annual 
The Enchanting Rose blog TEA CUP EXCHANGE!

Steph has allowed some time before the big reveal day
because swappers from all over the world are involved.

It takes a little time to travel the globe!

So with joy and delight I am happy to reveal
my wonderful exchange experience with you all!

What fun being a part of this exchange is -
 and making a new friend or two in the process
is the very best part!

This time I was blessed being paired with
a Canadian, Kelly Harris-Graham, of the sweet blog

Just look at this lovely teacup she sent to me!
Isn't it absolutely beautiful?!?

Her package to me was loaded with awesomeness!

Inside were beautiful note cards, box of candy, delicious chocolate
Tuile (rolled tender crunchy sticks,) tea, a sweet laminated birdie Bible verse, a birdie notebook, an adorable handmade teacup coaster,
and two absolutely wonderful poured candles
 in tiny vintage baking tins.

Oh Kelly, thank you so much for everything - 
I will treasure it always!
(Except for Smarties, as you know my hubs got a hold of those!)

Isn't that butterfly sticker pretty on the envelope
 of the cute Sunflower card she enclosed?

BTW- Kelly told me she got her tutorial on making the fabric
tea cup coaster from Stephanie's blog right here

I have it in my office and use it several times a day.
It will always remind me of Kelly AND Stephanie! 


A little birdie must've told her how much I love bird things.

I have already been using my sweet notebook!

It's become a permanent part of my purse arsenal now.

Kelly really spoiled me!

These two wee candles are just so adorable!

I just love these teacup exchanges!

If you haven't joined in the fun, I highly recommend it!

Hopefully Stephanie will host a spring swap as well,
but the work load to host it is intense....
I cannot even fathom how much work goes into it!

(She is such a blessing to the blog world!)

I all set for a short respite from the world
using my pretty new teacup, sitting with a favorite magazine
and getting ready to nosh one of these yummy chocolate tuile sticks.

It's the perfect little tea time for one!

I did share some of my chocolate sticks in this tea time
with a friend I blogged about not too long ago.

Playing with PicMonkey in black and white here.

This year I was also blessed being able to send my tea things
 to a sweet blogger, Cindy, from Consider It All Joy blog.

This is the very first swap I remembered to actually take pics
 of what I sent before I boxed everything up. I was happy I did so.
I stuck with an autumn theme for the package I joyfully sent:

Napkins, marmelaide, pumpkin candle, cookies, soap, sachet,
pumpkin decor, a handmade card and a yellow rose teacup.

I tell ya it is just as much fun picking things out
 for our swap mates than it is opening up our
 treasures from another.

I *highly* recommend doing the next swap -
it is SO much fun!

And as I have said before, the best part is making
a new friend or two.

Big thanks goes out to Stephanie who works so hard
 putting these swaps together.

She is a blessing and a dear heart,
 and is so sincerely appreciated!

Please visit her blog and check all the swaps!

****If you missed my home tour feature at 
Poofing the Pillows blog you can  find it here.

As always, thanks for your visit!

Hugs and prayers,



  1. What fun, Michele. It makes me wish I collected tea cups and wasn't trying to downsize-lol. I know I have seen that pattern on the cup you received. I am thinking it is from the 40s or 50s and was one of those that came as a bonus when you bought something (like detergent, etc). Those are quite collectible now.

    Hope you have a fun week. xo Diana

  2. Just love them.. all beautiful goodies..

  3. That is a beautiful teacup. For some reason I thought you weren't blogging much but I see what I've missed. I enjoyed your home tour--your home is lovely. I hope you are feeling better by now!

  4. You really got some wonderful items and I love your tea cup. I would join, but I am trying to down size and have more than enough tea cups.

    You really sent a lovely pacakage with your tea cup.

    Glad your back blogging again as I really enjoy your posts.

    Have a wonderful week.


  5. How exciting to be paired up with Stephanie's aunt! I experienced Kelly's generosity when she sent me a teacup a few years ago. I'm loving the pretty grey and white teacup that she sent you. I always enjoy seeing the variations of Stephanie's teacup coasters. I'm sure that Cindy was thrilled with the autumn-themed package that you sent her.

  6. Lovely gifts, sent and received! Love all the pretties! It's always nice to get a sweet surprise in the mail. Hugs xo Karen

  7. Great treasures!Both teacups are just wonderful,looove them!Such fun!Hugs!

  8. Lovely gifts both given and received! Stephanie is aMaZinG!

  9. Oh, what loveliness!! Both, what you gave and what you received!! It is just delightful to do the mug exchanges! Such a dear blessing to meet other kindred spirits and be able to bless one another this way! So happy for you and all of your goodies!!!

  10. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts you received from Kelly! I know you will enjoy all those treasures. The gifts you sent Cindy were perfect Autumn themed ones! I always forget to take pictures of the gifts I send. I must remember the next time! Yes, our angel friend, Stephanie, is such the lovely hostess, who pours her heart out in her teacup ministry. Enjoy your special gifts, my friend! xx

    1. "teacup Ministry" - how perfectly put, Kitty, because that is exactly what it is - and is exactly how she takes it on. Brilliant term.

  11. Wow what a wonderful way to share gifts and receive lovely gifts. The swap is really a fun idea! Your fall items I’m certain were really appreciated. Hopefully I can tryout this great swapping of tea things. Your photos were so beautiful and glad you shared your experience.
    Tea In Texas

  12. So you, my sweet lady, had the wonderful opportunity of receiving from Kelly, my dear sister-in-law!!
    She certainly packaged up a most beautiful tea cup with some delightful treasures. Oh those smarties...Very much loved here in our home by our grandsons. :-)
    Your tea cup and gift box that you sent off to Cindy is gorgeous!! What a lovely fall theme, so bright and cheery. Cindy must have been in her glory when she opened that.
    God, in His goodness, places others in our lives who He knows will bring joy to our hearts and I'm sure you did just that. :-)
    Happy day to you, sweet lady~

  13. That sounds like a fun exchange. Love your new teacup and I smiled when I saw your journal because I have the same one here beside is my cottage journal.
    Love your autumn themed tea gift you sent as well.
    Take care,

  14. Excuse me but that turquoise and gray teacup belongs in MY house haha!! Wow - that has to be one of the prettiest ones I've seen!

  15. Michelle, I love all the goodies and your teacup is beautiful. I have enjoyed the exchange as well. This is my third one. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. How nice a treat you exchanged! God bless you Michele.

  17. That exchange looks fun! You got some nice things, and I pinned the teacup coaster tutorial, and you gave some nice things, too!

  18. Be still my heart....both tea cups are exquisite! LOVE the one Aunt Kelly sent to you - the color and design is quite unique. And oh, the tea cup you sent to Cindy is breathtaking!

    This post was simply beautiful, my friend, and your gracious words brought tears to my eyes. You are a precious soul, Michele. Thank you for participating and making the exchange extra sweet :)

    MUCH LOVE to you!

  19. What wonderful Teacups and goodies...both coming and going! Very thoughtful packages indeed...perfect for the recipients...think she might know you well! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  20. What pretty items, both sent and received. This exchange is so much fun! :)

  21. I had to miss out on the last swap which is always so fun
    Love what you gave and received also

  22. Michelle, the birdies are definitely YOU! Ha! I love the teacup ... love the teal ... one of my favorite colors. It's always exciting when the box arrives and you wonder what tea goodies are inside!

  23. This exchange is so much fun isn't it? Both teacups coming and going are so pretty.

  24. What a fun exchange! Both the one you exchanged and the one you received are so lovely!

  25. Thank you Michele! I truly LOVE my package and am/have been enjoying the treats as well. You also received a great package full of delightfulness! Blessings to you, Cindy xoxo

  26. Hello Michele, it's been so long since I have stopped by your lovely blog. Your gifts are delightful. I agree, these exchanges are so much fun. It's nice to meet so many who love the things that we love.

  27. Oh, Michele..what a beautiful tea cup Kelly gifted you with! Oh and how sweet she included such delightful gifts... You blessed Cindy with a lovely package...I love how ypu made it a pumpkin and Fall theme!
    This exchange us a true joy!

  28. Michele, I can't decide which I like more - the cup you sent or the cup you received - both beautiful! Stephanie's exchange looks like such fun.

  29. What fun to come and visit with you! You sent and received some lovely things and I agree that the swap is great - bless Stephanie for organizing us all.

  30. How darling! That really is a neat thing to do! I love what you received as well as what you gave. It’s fun to see the various combinations of things chosen for each swap. Enjoy!

  31. So many beautiful gifts given and received, I was blessed to have been the giver to Cindy at Consider it all Joy a couple of exchanges ago...what a sweetie she is! I also have a few of Stephanie's fabric mug coasters..I won them in a giveaway a couple of years ago and I use one of them every morning when I drink my coffee. The teacup was GORGEOUS that sent to her, along with the other lovelies. It just amazes me, the many friendships that had been formed through Stephanie's wonderful ministry. Have a blessed week, my friend! HUGS!

  32. Hi Michele, I absolutely love the items you gifted Cindy with. The tea cup is gorgeous (yellow being my favorite color LOL) and I love the Autumn theme.

  33. The package you sent, and received, are both so beautiful! I have always loved tea cups, so finding an exchange like this with so many wonderful people has been so much fun!


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