Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A beautiful winter's day tea moment...

Woke up to the most beautiful snowfall today. The snow flakes were huge fluffy wonderful white wonders....covering my world outside with such beauty. Somehow towards the end of the day, while still snowing, most of the sky was cloudless and a glorious blue - complete with a bright shining sun! The few clouds were the snow clouds.....an odd yet miraculous combination!

So with all that cold outside - all 18 degrees of it- I decided it was high time I opened up one of my best stocking stuffers.....my favorite imported cookies: Walker's of Scotland Shortbread. Those buttery delights, along with a hot cuppa to enjoy in front of a roaring fire was pretty savory indeed. I am counting my blessings.....one moment at a time.  Please do sit with me and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Heading over to Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday!


  1. I could use a nice cuppa myself. I think I will go make one right now! Love the way the blog is looking =)

  2. Hello Michele and a warm welcome to Tea Time! What a pretty teacup and I love Walker's shortbread! A delightful tea you have shared with us; thank you.
    I love the little chickadee in your header. Chickadees are one of my favourite birdies!

    Thanks so much for joining me for tea and I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New year.


  3. Walker's Shortbread and tea ... perfect for a cold day! Happy Tea Day and Happy New Year!


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