Sunday, January 29, 2012

Country Winter Paintings

How she does it I will never know. My eldest daughter's-mother-in-law-but-also-my-friend Patricia paints the most amazing things. I have countless pieces from her! I will eventually blog about every one of them (most are for Christmas with a holiday theme though) and since I wasn't a blogger yet this past Christmas we shall have to be patient and wait for those.

Today I am sharing a wonderful wooden pillar candle holder she made and then painted with the most wonderful Winter Country scenes. She started with plain wood, and ended up creating an amazing piece of art! To my heart and mind this creates a story in my soul!  Please indulge me and come along for a winter's country ride!

Patricia has somehow managed to magically conjour up the feeling as though we're riding off together through the fields on a horse-drawn sleigh/carriage, happily jostling around in the middle of American somewhere. Can you just hear the snow crunching beneath the blades? Can you hear the owl hooting and the train whistle blowing far far away? Can you see your breath and smell the crisp cold air? I sure can! These paintings just take me away to a winter somewhere else in another more simpler time.

Each side is different, like an entire view of the wide open countryside! Look at this wonderful old-fashioned covered stone bridge! I bet that river is perfectly frozen! Let's go ice skating there tomorrow!

And while we're outdoors we can't forget the precious farm animals safely tucked away in the big red barn! Can you see the straw in the hayloft?

 Let's sneak a closer look- but be really quiet so as not to disturb the chickens in the coop next to us!

Ah! Can you hear that pretty music? It must be the church practicing at church! It looks as though the Pastor has stoked the fire well for the choir to comfortably sing its praises for the Lord!

We're almost home now! Ohhh doesn't the house look so warm and cosy!  I do hope they saved us some scones and hot tea to warm us up! 

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  1. That is really beautiful, Michele! What a talented woman! I love the scene she painted on this lamp.

  2. Wow, she does such a wonderful job! Very talented!!

  3. Lovely paintings! She's very talented, and your photos of it are very good, too! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait till next Christmas now to see her holiday paintings!
    Hugs, Cindy


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