Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet ceramic plaque...............

My darling eldest daughter gave me this sweet plaque a few years ago. I just adore it. I love its simplicity. I love its colours. I love its little colored beads. I love its message............but I especially love that SHE gave it to me.

I have a special affinity for tree art. I will definately have to share some of my other tree art pieces in future posts! But there's time. I'm only A WEEK OLD BLOGGER today! I have all sorts of plans to share share share!!!! (Insert happy grin here.)

In the laundry room I have really fun, energetic bright kelly green walls with white cupboards & wainscotting. This sweet plaque is happily situated there. It is in just the perfect spot. Everytime I walk back into the house after being away I walk right past it, and think of her.

I also have some fun chippy laundry boxes above my laundry room cupboards - no one ever sees them, so I thought I would include them to show off in Blogland! I bought them years ago at a fun country flea market, thought they were adorable - more "country" than my tastes, but in this room work just fine! This happy room *almost* makes me enjoy doing laundry.......

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  1. I didn't realize you are a brand-spanking-new blogger! Congratulations. I've had at least 4 starts to blogging. On. Off. On. Off. Meaning. Delete and restart. Sometimes, it can shake a person up a bit. Even with the best advice of "do this for yourself" I struggled with it. What to post, yada yada. Welcome to blogging. It can be rewarding, just sitting back and admiring things you post! Things just look different on a computer screen, don't they? Beautiful plaque and great colors of your laundry room and plaque. My laundry "room" is a closet. Quite literally. My mom has always had laundry "rooms". Love laundry "rooms". Gotta go. Take care and Happy First Week of Blogging! Jenn

  2. Love that plaque! And I'm with Jenn...I love a laundry room! A bright green happy room might energize and motivate me to actually do laundry :)

    Grats on your first week of blogging!


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