Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine creations.....

I have been having such a ball taking card making classes locally. They are taught by a talented lady named Kay. I have taken two - one was before Christmas (before I blogged so missed out showing you those beauties.) But I am now able to show you my latest creations I made! Everything you see was just plain paper before we made them. I should have thought about bringing my camera to show you the "before!" We made the die-cut outs, we made the raised embossed papers, and we made the plastic embossment kisses, etc.

It is absolutely AMAZING what is out there (machines and such) to make the most amazing things for beautiful paper crafting! My wish-list is getting longer every time I take one of those classes!

Here is my favorite, I cannot even believe how cute that little girl on the stamp is! She reminds me of Sally from our learning to read books way way way back, even before the Tom and Susan readers. Yes, I am dating myself but I remember the school letting us read the old books - and play with them so I remember Sally, does anyone else?

Here is her simple interior message:

Here is one I left blank inside because it would make an excellent wedding or anniversary card:

Here is one that reminds me a little of Mardi Gras due to the harlequin paper. It was by far the most difficult one we made that day. One cannot tell but the little candy Hershey kisses are actually made by stamping a glue, adding dark brown embossing powder, heating up and then cutting out. It actually LOOKS like real chocolate up close! I then wrapped two of them up in thin aluminum I left unwrapped because I was about to gobble it up it looked so yummy! The crimping machine for the heart kraft brown sheet was so neat.

This one used that machine too- I think they called it a Cricket. (Don't quote me though.) Can you see the swirls white embossed paper used on this one? It is amazing to take plain card stock and make such raised paper like that - talk about Metamorphous!!!!

The inside of the above card: same ole same ole but I liked this stamp the best, can ya tell?

And lastly a pretty pink one with a kiss too. I love the delicate pink cut-outs we made on this one!

And here is its interior (just act surprised, haha.)

And no card is complete without saying it was made with love. Here is the generic stamp we used at the class. My wonderful daughter had a rubber stamp made for me with a "Made by (insert my name)on it - a fav Christmas gift this past holiday- that I also stamped the cards with as well. She is SO crafty and knows how much I would love that for my cards! Takes one to know one!

Heading on over to share this with Susan at BNOTP for Met Monday!


  1. These ae lovely and a timely reminder that it is not long to Valentine's day.

  2. You have made some lovely cards-enjoy the class!

  3. A card-making class sounds so fun! My favorite is the card with the partially opened kisses. It seems like such detail was put into it. To answer your question about the pizza, yep that was egg (the photo was taken in Italy). Nel and I actually ordered pizza when we went to Paris and we were surprised to find a nearly raw egg sitting in the middle of the pizza! Strange, but let me tell you it was delicious :-) It makes me want to try egg on pizza at home. I hope you have a lovely week!
    ~Jess at Red Rose Alley


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