Friday, July 27, 2012

It is Beverly's milestone birthday celebration from
How Sweet the Sound!
She is the delightful host of the weekly blog party

We know how much you love yellow and pink, Bev!



I don't own much yellow china but do have this old
Jason of England one to share.



My husband - a medieval fencing instructor and blacksmith
(both fav hobbies after leaving his corporate office after the work day is done) likes the back on this one and thought I should show you.

He really likes that Old Roman helm stamp on the bottom!
Who knew we could mix pink china teacup and armor-smithing?

My friend Marina's pretty chintz teacup has pink & yellow on it
that I thought you might enjoy today!

Shared a similar pic a little while ago but couldn't resist
 sharing again - just for you!

Who doesn't love lemon cookies with her tea?

And a pink Knock-out Rose china tea mug?

A pretty pink hydrangea arrangement for Pink Saturday!

I have a couple of cute internet images for you!

Again - pink and yellow look so wonderful together!

I accidentally linked this last week - oops- and had to have it deleted.
I was just so excited about Bev's birthday that I got ahead of myself!
I felt like a silly-but-festive pink and yellow troll!

Google image

Joining all the pink and yellow fun today!
Please pop over there join us in wishing Beverly
a very happy birthday.


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  1. Awesome! Perfect for the Pink Saturday's host birthday celebration.

    Come join my Color Connection meme, it is also my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

  2. Such pretty teacups (even with the hidden soldier). :) Those cookies look so delicious right now. Humm. Yum.

  3. I love your teacups! HPS to you! You really know how to party in style! Loved visiting you here! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Anne

  4. Hi Michele,
    Happy Pink & Yellow Saturday! Beautiful teacups and flowers. Your cookies look so delicious. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  5. Just gorgeous! Perfect for Pink Birthday celebration.

    PINK at my page, come and see. Have a great weekend.

  6. such beautiful teacups and other pink/yellow things! happy pink saturday! xo

  7. Very pretty cups and saucers. Dropping by from Color Connection.

  8. Hi Michele! Your post is so beautiful. I love your cups but especially the chintz set. It is so gorgeous. Don't worry about posting early last week. I did the same thing. I just changed the wording on my post but then I had to find more yellow and pink things to post for this week. HPS.

  9. Wonderful PINK POST! (I knew I saw a Pink link just below the latest post on Romeo). Love the stamp on the bottom of the teacup - STRONG china! Or maybe it's like Jason and the Argonauts? Strong, either way. Looks like you're totally enjoying blogging! Yeah! Congrats for sticking with it -looks great!

    See ya next time - Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Happy Pinks, Michele! Love the teacups and hydrangeas! I especially like the chintz teacup and you knew I would. I think I have a Jason in my collection too. Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Kitty Romeo is adorable by the way! Hope your weekend is going well.


  11. That is fascinating about your husband being a medieval fencing instructor! And I can't believe I've never heard of Jason Bone China. I thought I'd seen every backstamp that existed--guess not!

  12. Gorgeous! Thank you for joining last week in Color Connection. The linky is up for this week, if you haven't link up yet. Have a great weekend.


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