Monday, July 23, 2012

La Belle Cloche


 What is it about them we love so much?

Is it the mystery behind the container?

The intrigue of the "you can look, but don't touch?"

Whatever the reason - cloches make
the perfect display case.

Designing with one can be as simple as housing a potted plant
on burlap, inside an old shabby copper tray.

La belle cloche.......the beautiful bell

With humble beginnings....made of heavy glass
in a dome shape - used to protect seedlings....

Has become one of the best design elements in
our beautifully designed world.

It comes in many sizes and materials and has many uses.

(But my favorite is still the original use of simply housing a plant.)

Vive la cloche!

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  1. Your wire cloche makes such a pretty vignette!
    Mary Alice

  2. Adore your cloche vignette and the French history of the cloche!

  3. The wire cloche is pretty. It is cool to put an actual plant in them.

  4. Oh I love it. I love that plant, and the copper is beautiful. I agree, a plant is always such a beautiful display. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Michele!
    I love your cloche with the fresh green plant. They do look very nice with greenery.

  6. Hi Michelle! Your wire cloche is darling!!! :) I love it with the copper... very French Country! :)


  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  8. Such a simply beautiful cloche, Michele! I love it used the way it's meant to.

  9. I love your wire cloche Michele and you said it like it is. I love cloches for almost everything, but a simple plant is beautiful. Of course the burlap is wonderful also.

  10. Hi Michele: Love what you did with the wire cloche. I will have to try that. Thank you so much for sending hugs my way. I think I needed them today. Blessings, Martha

  11. Good Morning Mich,

    Your cloché is one of a kind. I been spotting one of this but I didn't find the right one.

    Clever idea to put in the burlap. Perfect combination.

    Hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of your blissful week.

    Hugs from Latvia's capital city Riga, where I am having an R&R

  12. Hello my lovely friend, I adore your cloche it is just lovely.
    I have missed reading your blog on my blog free break but now I am back and have sooo much reading to catch up on.I look forward to sitting here now and catching up on all of your doings ! I hope you and yours are all well x

  13. Your cloche vignette is just charming! I had always thought of cloches as in glass but this wire one with the burlap is just delightful...Love it. As usual my dah...ling you make faaa buu lus things :)

  14. Sometimes I forget what the original intent was for cloches. I've wanted one for some time, though I settle for a cheese dome and some apothecary jars. ☺

  15. oh, i just LOVE your sweet cloche...but, i've never seen one i didn't want to bring home with me! still--i LOVE it:)

  16. I absolutely love your wire cloche. I will now be on the lookout for one. All I have are some glass ones.

  17. Your cloche is unique, who would have thought to use a copper piece with burlap, add a plant and wire cloche. Then done in a instance, love it so cute and creative.

  18. Hi Michele,
    I like your cloche housing your plant. Is it a baby's tears? The copper tray is nice too. I am featuring some of my cloches below my tea party post if you would like to have a peek. Hope you're having a lovely week.


  19. Oh my goodness, you are a very creative lady, dear friend. I love your interpretation of a decorated cloche. I bought a copper pot recently at an antique store and am beginning to love copper pieces. You did an amazing job using your copper tray and the other elements. ---------Shannon

  20. What a pretty cloche...I love the simplicity! Beautiful job with this post.

  21. Hi Michele,
    thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. Really like your wire cloche and looks so pretty with the burlap, copper and plant. Cloches are so neat really.
    they do come in quite an array that I never realized until I started blogging.
    Also loved the pics of the sky from yesterday............God paints some awesome skies doesn't He?? Always breathtakingly beautiful!!
    Very lovely blog you have here hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  22. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I love your wire cloche and plant. It is one of the prettiest wire ones I have ever seen! I love the versatility of cloches and the different textures that you have achieved with burlap and metal. So many wire cloches are a mesh style and you can't see what is inside, I really like the openness of yours. I am a new blogger and follower. Diane

  23. THanks for the kind comment and I truly enjoyed your post on our amazing cloches... I learned something I didn't know... ~a beautiful bell!

  24. What a darling wire cloche! Love the simplicity of the plant and burlap. Thank you for visiting me...I am your latest follower. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  25. Your wire cloche is lovely! You're so right- "the beautiful bell!" I'm fascinated with them. I love your vignette! I'm now following. I can'y wait to see more wonderful ideas.

  26. Hi Michelle, I am amazed. I learn something new from blogging all the time. I must admit i have never hert of the word cloche. Intriguing story.
    Yours is beautiful .. I have a bird cage and have put flowers in that and through the bars.. its not a real bird cage but for decoration. I must look out for a cloche.. i like them.
    thank you Michelle..
    happy wednesday

  27. Oh how I enjoyed seeing your photographs. The vibrancy of the green plant under the wire is so striking. And sitting on the copper tray with that little bit of burlap is perfect. Thank you for the joy I found in your beauty.

  28. Hi Michelle!
    I love your cloche, you decorated it so pretty, the wire ones are so special, wish I could find one around here, but I haven't seen them. I love the information on them too, although I knew they originated in France, I know Spaniards always used them with saints and Virgin Marrys under them, even Jesus in the cross! I've seen them in old peoples homes. You're right, I love "the beautiful glass bells" and I can't stop buying them, the two bigger ones were a gift from each my daughters. Thanks for your lovely visit.

  29. Michelle, that so little can make a big difference. I think the glass clocks are so decorative! They fit so well with flowers, and they are just fine alone in the middle of greenery in the garden too. Like the little piece of coarse woven linen too. I hope you had a sunny day, thank you also for fantastic feedback on my previous post !! :)) I have collected another few cucumbers recent days.

    ~ Aina ~

  30. Hi Michele, Your metal/wire cloche is delightful covering the plant and sitting in that copper tray! Sometimes, simplicity is best. :-) Sue

  31. What a wonderful tribute to the beautiful cloche! I love how the potted plant looks under the pretty wire cloche. What kind of plant is it? Beautiful use of color and texture in your pretty how you displayed it on the copper tray with the burlap:)Thanks for letting us take a peek and for your sweet comment. Happy Sunday!~Poppy


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