Saturday, July 28, 2012

ROMEO - Camera Critter Cat

ROMEO - Camera Critter Cat
~~Shadow Metamorphasis~~
 as the sun moves during the day.

Start with one very-much loved adorable kitty
sitting in his favorite sunny spot just chillaxin'.......

Then the combination of the bright warm sun
and a happy full tummy makes him kinda sleepy.

Doesn't he have that "What, Mom? Sheesh,  can't you just please leave me be and quit your blog pic takin' for half a second so a kitty can be lazy for a while uninterrupted??!!??"

He's closing his eyes, oh boy, look out, he's gonna be out all day!

Like this!

He is a seriously sound napper

who can and will sleep for hours upon hours
and roll about, trying to keep up with the
changing moving sunbeam.

Yes I have used this pic before but it is just perfect for this post.

Hey Romeo, you silly!
Half of you is out of your sunbeam, my friend!

And now you're out of ROLL room, goofy kitty!

He is the sweetest rescue kitty boy in the history of EVER.

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  1. Romeo is very handsome. I have some sun followers at my house, too. Teddy loves the pose on the back ... all splayed out ... sleeping...!! Happy Critter Day!

  2. Ahh, what a sweetie! I've always wanted a fluffy cat like yours. They're so photogenic. As much as I love my cat, she is a little skinny minny. :p


  3. Romeo is a gorgeous cat...he sure has the art of relaxing down to a sciencce! and aren't they amazing the way they follow the sunny spots around the house! dogs do the same thing....Perfect photos of your baby.....

  4. Great post. Love the pictures. I miss my kitty.

  5. Love your vocab mixups ... I'll have to try to remember chillaxin and in the history of EVER". Love it. And, the photos ... adorable - great catch of the sun and shadows . . . beautiful Romeo!

    Happy Pink Saturday - I stopped by here w/o picking a link - I think the pink link is your other post, I'll go check. Later!

  6. How cute!

    Visiting from Camera critters.

    Our CRITTERS, your comment will be greatly appreciated. Have a great Saturday!

  7. Wonderful, sweet shots of you handsome kitty!

  8. Such a pretty kitty! They do like the sun, don't they?

  9. Romeo is such a cutie! We do love our fur babies.
    You must be a proud Mama. He's adorable!

  10. No wonder his name is Romeo! What a heart breaker! He is adorable!

  11. sooooo cute. Hopping by from camera critters.

    Some Cardinal shots, come and see.

  12. He is the sweetest kitty.
    What a charmer!

    Smiles :)

  13. Coming back for Shadow shots.

    Diamond shape shadows.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  14. Love, love, love him! He is so cute. Those little cuties sure do capture our heart, don't they?! I have quite a number of them and seriously can't imagine my life without them!

    Thanks for sharing Romeo!

  15. So cute! You want to caddle up with him and rub his soft fluffy hair..pets are the best in life. Thank you for your sweet and kind comments my dear friend. Enjoy your Sunday.

  16. Awwww...Romeo! You are such a handsome kitty! Our Mom has been bad - not let us on the computer for a long time. We have to be more bossy so she let us write a blog post! Take care, Romeo...our Mom say she would like to kiss you!
    Your friends,
    Buster, Rudy and Sam

  17. This is a very pretty kitty. He looks so soft!

  18. How sweet is he! One I our cats sleeps just like that!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  19. He's a sweet looking kitty Michele and is lucky to have you for his forever Mom.

  20. What a georgous cat! He is quite elegant, even when he sleeps. Isn't it amazing how they rule the roost.

  21. Looks like you picked a good critter alright! Why does this post just make me sleepy? Meeeyaaaawn! :o)

  22. I love cats, and yours is definitely a sweetie.

  23. Michele,

    What a precious kitty! He is so adorable. I just love watching them roll around in a sunbeam!

  24. Hi Michele,
    he would never sleep like this in my house! Because I would always ALWAYS AAALLLLWAYS cuddle him because he is sooooo sweet.
    He can be lucky to live with you and your camera.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  25. This reminds me of my mother's recent quip that even though she doesn't believe in reincarnation, if she did, she would want to come back as a dog or a cat! Ha!


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