Monday, July 16, 2012

Patio Wicker Furniture Makeover

Today I'm sharing our "new to us" patio
 Craiglist vintage wicker furniture.

We bought a love seat & two matching chairs.

They were a great price, but needed some love!


Here it is "staged" because it had been too humid & hot to paint.
We waited for a break in weather before fixing.....
yet wanted needed had to use it!

So here it is in all its befugly glory!
"Befugly" is my new made up word.
It means ugly, before it is made beautiful.

~~~Befugly and Afteriful~~~

Ya stayin' with me so far, gang?


OK, we were discussing furniture, yes?

I have absolutely no idea why I put that piece of old driftwood inside the table like that.
Please just ignore it when I do crazy things like that. Just pretend you don't notice.

Kinda like when you pretend you don't notice that there is a confusion in stripes in pillows going on in my little zen world?

Behold: a better way to spray paint!

Use an air compressor!

Gives a powerful, cleaner and much more controlled spray.
One may use liquid paint of any kind- giving one a frugal custom painting ability for a fraction of the cost of spray paint!

(Not even taking into account how much using those aerosal cans hurt fingers, paint getting all over the place and giving you little coverage for a spending a whole lotta dough.....then there's the Oxzone thing, and well the list is long enough to get my point here.)

Bright purple sprayer For The Win!

Here is my wonderful and DH managing
the spraying process around here.

He never complains when asked to spray paint
and it seems as though I always have something
I wish to have painted.

Thanks, hon!

(He's a keeper, this one.)

First coat: the primer.

No rolling of the eyes or giggling or feeling bad for us
 because our garage is so messy.

It gets used.
A lot.

(It is what it is.)
And it is gonna stay messy as long as we live. Here.

Here they are (below) all finished up- clean & fresh!

This is the room in "normal" fashion
when tea isn't in session.

On the left is a bit of the white sheer curtain pulled back
"framing" the pic. I should have stood somewhere else
to avoid it in the shot - but wanted to get the full shebang.

The potting bench we've had for years and it really gets used for gardening....
One of these days I will fill it with eye candy
 and give it its own pretty staged blog post.
But not till it cools off, it's too danged hot.


The new round rug is indoor/outdoor, spray washable and very soft.

The two wicker tables I've had from earlier thrifting!
I have shared them before.


Sunbrella pillows.

Definately worth the extra cost!


And here is one of the wicker chairs
all dressed up for a girlie tea!


Laura Ashley cushions x 4 - GW scored treasures! WHOO HOO!

Had them purchased, washed, dried and put out
 in the zen room fastern' you could say

 "Put the kettle on!"





  1. Your wicker is just lovely now and your yard makes a fabulous backdrop for it. I need one of those paint sprayers to go with our air compressor. What a great job it does and I love your cushions.

  2. Wow! You really got lucky finding those nice chairs! I've done several paint jobs where a sprayer would have been a big help but I don't have one. Might need to invest in one, though. Your patio looks pretty and Gretchen is right about your yard. I can imagine that being a wonderful place to have tea with a friend or aquiet place to read (when the weather is cooler)! Have a nice day, Michele! ----------- PS still hoping you will do a guest post. Let me know when you get ready. --------- Shannon

  3. They look brand new, Michele! What a refresher that paint was for them! Great set and I know you will get much enjoyment from it. Love your Laura Ashley cushions, too. Is that "your" chair then? : )

    1. Have two of them exactly the same, so keepin' the sharin' equal lol.

  4. What a beautiful set, Michele! Your whole backyard setting is so pretty and provides a nice backdrop for this set. I can just imagine tea time here! Perfect!

  5. Love wicker, they aren't easy to paint so that's a great tip.

  6. Oh I just love the nest outdoors! That's quite a project. I bet you'll sure enjoy it. Good job


  7. Wonderful job on those wicker chairs, spray guns sure come in handy.I couldn't help but notice your cup on the little potting bench. Such a lovely spot, and yard to sit and drink tea and read or visit with a friend.

  8. Your wicker set is charming. It looks like a lot of work, but so worth it! There's nothing like a nice, peaceful place to rest and enjoy the outdoors. Love the pictures!

  9. it looks great! Your patio looks like a charming place to have tea and a chat.

    Take care,


  10. Very nice makeover Michele! Amazing what a coat of paint and change of colour can do. Thanks for the tip about using the sprayer, I've used many, many cans of Krylon over the years. What kind of paint was used over the primer? And, do you have to wear a mask using the sprayer? I'm getting excited here. :-)
    What a nice setting for tea you've created, wish I could come over.

  11. Beautiful furniture Michele and they look so perfect with the green background of your lovely yard. Wicker is such a pain to paint and your husband must truly be a saint to do it for you. Too bad it's too hot to sit outside, but cooler days have to come eventually.

  12. Wow...amazing what a little spray paint can do - looks fabulous!!

  13. Wow, Michele! You did a great job on them! Also, you have a beautiful backyard! That's quite a transformation. I need to look on craigslist more often...I never think about it. Stay's suppose to be very HOT again tomorrow!
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Love, love it Michele. I have always loved wicker. Hubby is definately a keeper. The outdoor rug and pillows add such a nice touch.

  15. Great makeover I love it. The pillows and accessories add so much.


  16. What a face lift to your furniture. They are fresh and beautiful.
    That wicker-painting man is a keeper for sure. Does he hire out?

  17. Love the white wicker....great job.

  18. Great Job! Just found your blog through the link party @ Stone Gable....Love how your project turned out.
    Patty @ creative ideas

  19. Just beautiful! We bought a $10. wicker love seat and I love it.....

  20. Just gorgeous! Michele, you have such a lovely outdoor room! Your new-to-you wicker furniture is a stunning set! I would love to sit and have a glass of ice tea with you!
    You have a good eye for a treasure!~ Thanks for sharing this great DYI with us at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  21. What a beautiful job! I picked a wicker table and 1 chair out of someone's garbage a few years ago. It was a dark green, and I spray painted it white. You also got a great deal at GW on the beautiful cushions!! Well done!

  22. What a fabulous job! And what a great way to spray paint!

  23. Beautiful! Do u mind sharing where u find the indoor/outdoor spray able rugs? Thank you so much!


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