Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mary's Tea for Karen

My sweet tea friend Mary hosted a lovely Afternoon Tea for her/our dear friend Karen on her birthday. We tea "sisters" have been friends a long time. Mary and Karen have been the greatest of friends forever! They are neighbors, but I live in a different state - but when we get together for tea it is completely magical!

Unfortunately this tea I had to miss - but we're lucky because Mary is inviting us to ALL to come along and enjoy her tea tablescape and incredible menu! She REALLY knows how to host a fine party - and hosts them what seems like once a month often!

You will see Mary has a real flair for styling - and she does it on a very  thrifty budget with her amazing talent. She is the QUEEN of "the look for less," and is one of my FAVORITE "Good Will Hunting" buddies! She has a talented and shrewd hawk eye for sure!

Warning: heavy photo post!!!

Amazing centerpiece!

She did up a garden-themed tablescape and spared no details. Hummingbirds, bird teapots, fruit, flowers, bunnies (Karen's fav) all grace this beautiful table!

OK. Seriously? I am completly covetting these bird teapots. They belong at Finch Rest, just sayin. 

Love her clever use for nameplate holders -and the color works so well with the gardenesque painted plates and gorgeous green chargers! Bits of green throughout the table makes it all so springy and fresh!

She collects vintage ladies head vases. Isn't this one amazing? I love the floral arrangement she chose for it, too!

OK! Time to post about her beautiful food!
Be sure to scroll down to see the pics! YUM!

First course:

Asparagus Melody mixed green salad - a colorful mixure of asparagus, cranberries, sunflower
sunflower seeds, mixed chopped peppers, onions and tomato, with a sweet cider vinegarette dressing


Honey Sage Pork Crostini with Tomato and Olive bruschetta
Chicken Salad on croissants
Turkey tea sandwich with Cranberry relish
Cucumber sandwhich with garlic herb cheese (Laughing cow kind)
Devilled Eggs
Shrimp Spring Rolls with sweet thai chili dipping sauce

Pecan Fudge Brownies
Fruit Trifles Parfait
Lemon Ginger bliss in teacups
Vanilla cupcakes
Cream Scones with white chips and cranberries

Teas Served: 

HS Paris Tea, Pineapple Chai, and Darjeeling  

Look at how everything is so beautifully displayed!

Even tucked out of the way brownies -such flair!

I love her French garden prints and metal sconce as the backdrop for these matching awesome fruit parfaits................with a beautiful eye candy book about entertaining on the table tying it all in together.

Well, that was quite an Afternoon Tea, I would say!

Thanks for sharing your pics, Mary!


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  1. I love her table set-up, Michele! Thrilled to see the chef bunny ~ I had one at one time and can't find it now. I'm thinking it might have been yard saled a few years ago and I'm hating myself. I've got to find another one {usually you see the pigs}. Everything looks so pretty. I think I saw that one teapot at either Home Goods or Christmas Tree Shop with the bird on the lid.

  2. What a fabulous tea! I am so sorry you had to miss it...but at least was able to share via photos. She knows how to put on a great tea!

  3. Hi Michele, What a beautiful table and the food sounds wonderful! She really knows how to host a tea. Hugs, Sherry

  4. Hello Michele, Thankyou for dropping in to French Blue and Peachy Pink to say hi and join the giveaway ! Lovely to meet you.
    I am sitting here having toast and tea and wishing I was sitting at this table in your photographs eating high tea fare instead ! What a beautiful selection.......pass me a plate

  5. LOVE the bird topped teapots! Right up your alley too.

  6. What a beautiful tea. Love all the details. The food was gorgeous. And I know it tasted as good as it looked. Am so sorry to hear you couldn't go. Michele you are missing all of these parties including my grand Parisienne one because you are in the wrong state. Well maybe you live in a right state but I just can't understand why you can't drop everything and fly to everyones soirees. It would just be so much fun. And I'd have even picked you up at the airport. Oh well I can only wish that you could do that sort of thing. Wouldn't that be fun!!! Hope your dh is on the mend. Keep me posted.



  7. Oh my goodness!! I just love this tablescape, those dishes are so pretty and I am also coveting those teapots! ;) What a beautiful centerpiece as well. Thank You so much for sharing and have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  8. The tea is so nicely done! What a gift of friendship. I loved how your friend used the egg cups for place card holders. Thanks for sharing...I love LOTS of pix.

  9. what a lovely time this must have been! love the little "par-tea" pot!

  10. Oh Michele! What an absolutely gorgeous post. That bright green charger is a to die for color and what a great idea for the place tags. I love it all.

  11. What a delightful tea! I love the little par-tea sign! So sweet. Beautiful dishes and teapots.

  12. Looks SO lovely! What a wonderful time you must have had. Thanks for sharing such beautiful times~:) chris

  13. How beautiful! From the centerpiece to the table settings to the menu -- perfection! I host Victorian teas several times a year -- loved looking at her menu as I'm always 'tweaking' mine!

  14. completely amazing! I loved all the photos and sharing you wonderful experience!

  15. Hello,

    WoW, she absolutely out did herself! I would have to agree about the finch die for. We are very partial to Finch since we feed them year round with our window hanging thistle sac. American Gold and House Finch. What a VERY special party and friend.

    Nice to meet you.

  16. What a celebration! I love the centerpiece, the plates, and the lady's head vase. Stunning, stunning, stunning!

  17. Your friend sure knows how to entertain Michele. What lovely presentation and delicious food, too bad you missed this gathering.
    I finally found a teapot with a bird on the lid but the spout was chipped, I'll keep looking.

  18. Michele, what a splendid tea! Mary didn't miss a thing. It's delightful! From the china to the food, it's a pretty presentation! I love the birdie teapots too! Thanks for sharing with us.


  19. Hi Michele! I found you at Sandi's tea party. Those are darling bird tea pots. Everything looks so pretty. Tell your friend thanks for sharing! Denise


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