Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Tea with Pink Peonies

Please join me for a lovely respite from your busy day
and take tea with me in the garden.


Slow down a bit
and enjoy a cup of Lady Grey
with a nice slice of orange pudding cake.

These two go so very well together.

The darker pink peonies and roses are in full bloom.

The perfume in the air is truly a sensory delight!

I love this old hand painted Nippon china trio
 teacup and dessert plate set.

There is nothing quite like taking tea in a garden

on a beautiful summer's day!

The beading on the gold fork matches the beading
on the edge of the plate.

Don't you just LOVE this delicate artwork?

Tip #1:

If you soak peonies (immerse the entire flower, the ants like to go into the INSIDE of peonies) in cold water it will rid you of any ants that may have attached themselves to your flowers.

For some odd reason we never get ants with ours, but always soak them just in case.

Reminder Tip #2:

Don't forget to put any of your cut flowers in your fridge before going to bed - they will last twice as long that way(think florist coolers.) Just take them out in the morning to enjoy all day long.


As always, thanks for your visit!


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  1. Oh I'd love to join you for tea! It's such a pretty setting. My peonies are almost in bloom. I can't wait. Enjoy your summer's day and please sent it this way when you're done. lol Rain, chill & gloom is all we've had lately!

  2. Gorgeous! The peonies, the china, the photo (love that graphic you chose!) -- just everything! Isn't it amazing how much beauty we can find in mere teacups and plates? Yet I'm so grateful that one time, at least, care was taken with such things! (And I've already got that measuring set you're offering, but I just wanted to say that is a very generous giveaway! If you're like me, it's the *postage* that is really the gift when I do most giveaways!)

  3. Oh yes, tea in the garden...the perfect place to have it and your table looks lovely Michele. I do like how the edge of the fork matches the edge of the plate. The bouquet of peonies just finishes off the vignette you created.

  4. Michele- My belle- I would love to take tea with you. What a beautiful post. The china is gorgeous and so are the flowers and that cake looks wonderful! xo Diana

  5. Beautiful, Michele! I would be lingering over that table all afternoon. : )

  6. What a beautiful post - love those peonies. By the way - peonies is pronounced many different ways - depending on where you are from!!!

  7. Oh I wish I could grow peonies, they are so beautiful. They just don't like our hot days and nights. Good tips on keeping flowers fresh, Kathy

  8. What a totally beautiful post Michelle! Those are gorgeous peonies. And your delicate tea cups looks so lovely! I do love those details, and how your cutlery mimic the rim of the plates and cup. They look very good together. Thank you for the great tips! I never thought of putting my flowers in the fridge. You are so helpful!

  9. Oh Michelle you Americans are torturing me with all of those beautiful Peonies in bloom. They are my FAV flower EVER but it is too hot to grow them here. I have this 1 month window of opportunity each year to buy them at ridiculous prices so that I can enjoy them. If only I could pick a nice bunch from the garden like you can !
    Thanks so much for sharing them, if only I could stick my head through the computer screen to smell xoxo

  10. beautiful! and thanks for the tips about flowers, I didn't know

  11. Hi Michele,
    I absolutely love your Nippon Trio. The gold is gorgeous! I also love your container for your beautiful peonies. Those peonies are delightful. Pink is my favourite colour of flower. Your pictures are amazing.
    Thank you so much for brightening my day!

  12. Hi Michele, just beautiful pix! I can't seem to grow peonies and I love them. Such a lovely post ...would adore tea time with you.
    Have a good week,

  13. Great tips...I brought in peonies for a bouquet and there were plenty of ants. Forgot to put them in the fridge overnight...will try to remember tonight!

  14. just gorgeous, michele! i've had a peony for 3 yrs, not one bloom, just i can't grow them:( they are beautiful--tfs the tips!

  15. This is such a beautiful post and the peonies are gorgeous! What a great tip for making them last longer, it makes such sense and never thought about doing that with flowers. the tea set is so beautiful, love the colors.


  16. What a lovely post. Your pictures are simply gorgeous. Peonies are my all time favorite flower and yours are spectacular. I love the setting you created to display their beauty. I also appreciate the tips. Especially the one about the ants. I did have some on my peonies and they were hard to get rid off. Now I will now what to do. The Nippon tea cup is very pretty. Thanks for coming to visit me also. I do enjoy your kind words.

  17. What a beautiful setting. I can almost smell those peonies. I love them and how wonderful they smell. Your Nippon tea cup and plate are just beautiful.
    I would love to come to tea there.
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  18. Oh! I also contemplate peonies around the blogs but there's not easy to find here and they are gorgeous...
    Your china trio is lovely!
    Besos, Silvina

  19. Hi: I am so delighted with your table setting today. I love Nippon tea cups, your is stunning. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Martha

  20. What a lovely Nippon trio for sure, Michele! Your peonies look so pretty as the centerpiece in your beautiful setting. xo

  21. Michelle:
    Please come link this to "Tea In The Garden"!

  22. So beautiful, love love your Nippon trio and your gold flatware is a perfect match with the same beading. I adore the gorgeous pink peonies. I would sharing tea and cake with you at your table.

  23. Michelle, How beautiful, the flowers the china and yum the orange cake looks delish!

    Art by Karena
    Giveaway from Splendid Sass

  24. Hi Michelle, I love peonies to pieces. Your pink ones are spectacular. I also love Lady Gray. Isn't it just the most fragrant tea? A lovely treat for the afternoon. You know, I'd love to have a florist's cooler in the kitchen. Wouldn't that be something? Oh well, next life...sigh. :)

  25. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can't tell you how wonderful that tea and cake looks to me right now. What a beautiful post ~ I love peonies and old tea cups and yours are just lovely. I don't know why, but it has never occurred to me to put my cut flowers in the fridge at night - what a good idea!

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Pink Home to visit. Hope you have a lovely week. :)

  26. Yes, I love that delicate artwork on that teacup! Beautiful! Your orange cake looks delicious! Nice presentation of your tea party.

  27. Michelle,
    Stopping by from Susan's Tablescape Thursday!!!
    What a lovely Tea Time with those gorgeous pink peonies!!!
    Thank you for such a delightful visit in your Garden and for the tips on freshening our florals!!!
    Have a marvelous day!!!

  28. Your photos are stunning! Such gorgeous peonies and your china divine. I can't grow peonies and wish I could.

    I am so glad to meet you. Your comment made my day. Thank you so much.

    I don't know about you but I enjoy my blogging friends so much and there is never enough time to visit all of them! Glad to make a new Texas friend. My son will be living in Texas again soon.

  29. So funny, we were following each other at the same time! I can't wait to have time to read some of your back posts. Got to run now.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. Your flowers, cake and tea cup....all just beautiful.
    Over from Home and Garden.

  31. ,

    Soak the blooms in cold water or put the stems in cold water?

    1. Put the whole thing in water - blooms is wherre those pesky ants hide! : - )

  32. What a lovely tea in the garden! And I adore your dishes!

  33. So very lovely. Thank you for the great flower tips too!

  34. What a beautiful setting and an equally lovely tea set! The orange pudding cake is right up my alley. Do you share the recipe. My peonies are spent so I'm so happy to enjoy yours!

  35. Simple and so, so sweet! Peonies are my favorites with their layers of lacy petals. Great tips you've given... thanks for that! And my afternoon in the garden with tea and cake was delightful! Thanks for inviting me!!! Let's do this again... my place next time???

  36. This is just gorgeous - your flowers and the tea setting! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shleia ;)

  37. I should remember that flowers in the fridge thing! Your china is so very pretty!! And the cake looks yummy. I can tell you are in the swing of things. Hope you're loving summer! I am!

  38. I am visiting from A Haven for Vee. That orange cake looks so yummy! Thanks for the flower tips!

  39. Beautiful Garden Tea!

    Beauty, romance to love.


  40. Gorgeous, Michelle, from your china to the entire garden setting! Thank you for the tips; I have never heard before about the fridge preservation; makes sense!

  41. Hello, hello! Michele, this is such a serene and lovely post! My goodness you are so lucky to be able to grow peonies. Wow, they are gorgeous! Thanks for the tip about ants- I may try it with the Hydrangea blooms I like to bring inside as they often hide spiders. Your 3 piece set is elegant and I enjoy little details like the raised beading. You inspired me to take my teatime outdoors today- I just came back in and now have some photos to edit for a future blog post. I appreciate your visits and always come away from your blog with a smile. :)

  42. My Peonies have long passed - your tea is so lovely and so refreshing. I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  43. Gorgeous, deep pink Peonies - beautifully accent your lovely tea - the dishes are incredible and love that the silverware match the teacup! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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