Saturday, June 15, 2013

Those AMAZING Nests!

Miraculous, these nests!

How do birds even make such sturdy structures
 with no hands......or THUMBS?

Last year in this same spot was a smaller nest.

This year my hubs found that it had been
 "upgraded and reworked" into a much larger nest.

(He took some fabulous photos for me to share!)


While he was taking the pics
 someone was making all sorts of racket nearby!

Upon closer inspection we saw WHY!


May God rest theirs souls...........

And to our Michael, Johnny, Pat, Tom, Jeff, John, Paul, Larry, Charlie, Mike, Ben, Scott, John and Rob-  and soon-to-be-next-time Tony and Nick.....and many more much-loved fathers we love-
too numerous to mention.......we pray for you all today and always.

J. Eisnaugle

Sweet baby bird so innocent
So beautiful and wise
The future rests within your sights
Hope fills your tiny eyes

Your body warmed by fluffy down shields your heart from the rain
Rest softly on the leaves of brown
Your life has much to gain.
Sweet baby bird, your mouth of gold

Speaks highly of your worth
And yet, there’s much you’ve not been told
About our Mother Earth
You’ve oh, so much to fear, my friend

And yet, each day is new
Therefore, on faith, you shall depend
For faith shall see you through.
Sweet baby bird, go high and free

Soar where you’re meant to soar
Your life is one of destiny and fortune is at your door
My dear, one day so soon, you’ll grow 
And travel from our tree
But, when you reach each new plateau
I pray you’ll think of me.


"He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains. They give water to all the beasts of the field; the wild donkeys quench their thirst. The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches. He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work. He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate-bringing forth food from the earth." (Psalm 104:10-14

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  1. I enjoyed your nest and little birdy pics. We just noticed a scissortail flycatcher (our Ok state bird) nest made totally out of cotton bolls from the field next door. Although it's been months since it's had any cotton. It just happens to be in a tree where we have a rope swing. In fact on the branch next to it. The mother bird sits there like she hasn't a care in the world. There seems to be a lot of different nests this year. :D

  2. Oh how sweet! It's so exciting to watch birds. We can learn alot from them.

  3. Dear Michele,
    It is a wonder and a beautiful miracle.
    Enjoyed your great pix and poem too.
    Happy Day, Ruthie

  4. Beautiful photos! Looks as if that little bird family is moving on up.

  5. That are amazing little creations, Michele! I sometimes watch the birds here when I'm taking a walk with little bits of dried grass in their beaks. They hop around and collect quite a bit.

  6. Hi Michele
    I have wondered the same thing about nests and have a small one I keep in the kitchen. Every so often I pick it up and think of how perfectly round it is, and that the materials are woven tightly and with precision; it's lined with something soft too.
    Sweet Baby Bird was a delight to read on this rainy Sunday morning.

  7. Nests are amazing, aren't they! Apparently they upgraded, did a little DIY/home improvement. LOVE that!

  8. Very intriguing! I found one that had fallen from a birch tree and when I looked up I could see the remains of this nest hanging from a branch. Those darn jackals! They go and steal eggs, as well as knock over nests.
    There were three blue robin eggs on the ground all broken.....

  9. So fun to find those hidden nests in the garden. I have one that I know of . Mamma bird made and raised babies twice there this spring... Love watching them grow before they leave. Nice photos ! Happy Sunday Michele...
    XO Mary

  10. What wonderful photos! We have a Mr. and Mrs. Purple Finch making a nest on our front porch columns. He sings the prettiest songs while she is making the nest.

  11. Aw, such a sweet post and wonderful photos. I'm with you- I am in awe of nests! Enjoy this day with the men in your life and thanks for sharing the charming poem <3

  12. I love bird nests and I do believe it is miraculous the way they are so lovingly put together. I know you have seen mine which my son gave me, many times. A sweet post, Michele. Enjoy this day with those you love.


  13. A robin built a nest outside on the ledge of our upstairs bathroom. She laid 4 beautiful blue eggs. Everytime we go into the bathroom she "yells" at us. This morning the eggs hatched and now we have a very noisy bathroom! LOL

  14. What a beautiful post! (I'm thinking the upgraded bird's nest is because some bird saw plans for a similar design on the bird version of Pinterest!)

  15. Aren't their nests little works of art? What a sweet post and I loved the poem, Michele! xo

  16. Your nest photos are fabulous and the Sweet Baby Bird poem is sweet.

  17. Hi Michele! What a sweet post! I've always been amazed how birds build their nests too! The little babies are so sweet!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I adore this poem and the nest is something. It amazes me how the birds do that and make so perfect and neat. Great photots.


  19. Great nest shots! Love the wildlife excitement! My grandgirls just rescued a couple of abandoned nestlings. They seem almost big enough to fledge. They are feeding them bugs and worms. But I think they need a LOT. Have you been flitting around the country too? I think I saw a comment from you on that somewhere in blogland. Happy trails!

  20. How sweet. Last year a robin built a nest by our front door but the naughty cat - Max - came and trashed it and the robin would not come back to the eggs. Very bad kitty.

  21. What a beautiful sight, those nests!

  22. Great photos of the nest and the bird in it.

  23. That is some nest! Awesome shots of the nest and the birds.

  24. You got an absolutely delightful capture of the nest.
    Great post for Father's Day!

  25. What a sweet poem. Lovely photos of the nests and birds!

  26. Wonderful series, the nest and the cute bird. Your poem is lovely. Have a happy day!

  27. I bet those sparrows have done an advanced course in basket weaving! Not only sturdy and well built, but such a neat design as well. So glad they have made renovations on their summer cottage and now can 'sit pretty'.

  28. Wonderful and birds nest are really incredible! I saw a wee tiny one once that was made with horse hair interwoven...beautiful~

  29. Beautiful pictures your hubs captured. Birds are often hard to gets goods photos of. I a little slow seeing this post, I was gone then tried to open earlier on my Iphone but couldn't so tonight I was successful. Very nice post Michele.


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