Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pink Hydrangeas & Giveaway Winner!

Well all this rain (and watering and feeding)
 has given us some glorious hydrangea blossoms.

I love the Endless variety, as it is fairly hardy.

This was once a potted plant hostess gift 
my sister-in-law Angela gave me.

I used to have 3 hydrangeas but the last couple
nasty dry summers coupled with harsh icy winters
"done 'em in."

We are considering planting more.

 They're so pretty!

This plant used to be bluish purple but my high alkaline soil
 refuses to budge no matter how hard I try to make it more acidic.

I have tried coffee grounds, used tea leaves and mulch it with
spent pine needles. It wants to be pink, so it is staying PINK.

OH- and speaking of DEER and what they MUCH ON:

My peach tropical lily was completely eaten last night.
I got up today knowing how many lovely blossoms were
there to share a pic with you all and just look 
what I found!

ELEVEN big flower blossoms gone. Pouf, finito.

I may have to dig this up in early fall and give to
someone who has no deer problems.

I am still a little shocked they ate every. single. flower.

OK! The time you have all anxiously been waiting for.

Drum roll please........

Announcing the winner of this amazing measuring tea set
 is none other than

Another drum roll please..............

A big thanks to all who entered and for all your sweet comments.
I read every single one and appreciate them and consider them true blessings.

Thank you everyone!!




  1. So so pretty! I am just crazy to not have Hydrangeas! That has got to change! I like the pink :) Is there some sort of flower food with an acidic compound in it to help change the color? Glad to have back BTW :)


  2. Coming over as your neighbor from Pink Saturday! I love PINK hydrangeas! Mine are always blue but now that I live in Florida I can't get them to grow at all! What a day brightener to see your pink ones!

  3. YAY!!! Congrats to BJ. She's a Sweetie!
    VERY PRETTY hydrangeas. I love them in pink!

  4. Too bad about your lily Michele but those big pink hydrangea flowers should cheer you up. I can't grow that kind because the buds don't make it over winter.
    Congrats to BJ, she will love the colourful measuring cups.

  5. These are just beautiful Michelle!!!

  6. Beautiful flowers and congratulations to the happy winner. Have a pretty in pink Saturday!

  7. Michele-Those hydrangeas are just so beautiful. At least you can get pink ones. We plant ours blue or purplish color and the next year they are green or makes them change back for me....darn it.
    Those darn deer. Too bad-it is almost impossible to protect plants from them, too.
    Congrats to bj. She will be just thrilled. She is one of my favorite people! xo Diana

  8. Oh the color is wonderful. I like it better than the blue I do believe. So that's what deer damage can look like. I may have lost a couple of blossoms that very way. Must go out and take a photo to see if they compare. I'm afraid that they do.

    Congrats to BJ! She'll love them.

  9. Your hydrangea is beautiful. I don't have hardly any real pink ones because my soil is very acid. My hydrangeas are planted under and around a overwhelmingly large pine tree which I'm sure has altered the soil. Plus, I dump oak leaves back there in the fall. If you ever want oak leaves to try acidify your soil, just let me know in the fall. We have tons of them. I have one hydrangea that has very petite blooms in all colors of pink and blue and is my favorite one. But them maybe my oak leaf hydrangea is my favorite. Oh well, love them all in any color.

  10. What pretty pink hydrangeas, Michele! How sad about the deer eating your flowers!! We have a bunny problem around our neighborhood. They eat everything they can reach, it seems.
    Hooray for bj winning the darling measuring cup set. She will enjoy them. xo

  11. BWAAAAAAAA.....this is so wonderful, it made me tear up. Thank you sooo much, Michele. I really REALLY wanted to win these. I am just thrilled to death.

  12. OOh, I so love hydrangeas. I use blueing tonic to feed and turn them blue,but they only went a little bit mauve and pink with specs of blue. So this year I'll add a bit more,although having said that,I like them pink too,yours are lovely. :)

  13. Hello Michele! Oh my goodness, those deer! Sorry they gobbled up your flowers. We caught our regular visiting Desert Cottontail climbing into our herb pot to snack on our Italian Parsley. He looked cute but I need that parsley for my cooking- haha! I agree with you that the Hydrangeas are gorgeous. Ours turned fuschia pink and refuse to be any other color. Glad yours are thriving....deer don't like them? Thank you for your sweet visits to my blog. I hope you have a safe and FUN 4th of July.

  14. We have deer here, too! Yikes! Your hydrangea are wonderful, though!

    Have a wonderful Fourth!

  15. so pretty, mmichele:) my hydraengas were blue last year, pink this year--something in the soil must have changed. (love the cute heart sugar cubes below:)

  16. I'm so glad BJ won your giveaway. She's a doll. Your hydrangeas are absolutely amazing! The most perfect color too. It's such a simple thing but the blooms bring such great pleasure don't they? Enjoy your July 4th celebrations!

  17. Oh, your hydrangeas are so gorgeous! I just don't have good luck with them. Congratulations to BJ too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Congrats to BJ! Your hydrangeas are so pretty pink! I got a mix from our local nursery to make the soil more acidic. Maybe you could check out some in your area!!!
    I guess you didn't know you were growing deer food!!!!

  19. Your pink hydrangeas are beautiful. Oh my, you must have the most happy deer in your neck of the woods! Congrats to BJ.

  20. I feel your pain, Michele! I had some great hostas last summer, went out to admire them one morning and all of them had been munched to the ground overnight! I just find it so very *rude* of the deer--and eating lilies is even worse than eating hostas, in my opinion.

  21. MMMMM SO AMAZING pics:) your blog Is really great.

    Check out my new post and have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from


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