Thursday, January 9, 2014

Calm Winter Decor Living Room

Many of you are saying how odd it feels and looks
 after we take down all the festive holiday decorations.

 Things may feel a combination of refreshingly
 clean, open, and some may even feel sad & empty....

but what a great time to get busy making your nests beautiful!

Snuggle into your winter themes and enjoy your spaces.

I absolutely adore the beauty of winter.

 The snowfall is so serene, and brings
 calm to my weary self after the harried holidays.

I try to bring that same sense of peace inside, too...
perhaps even with its frosty bits it brings coziness too.

I love to decorate in a winter theme in my home -
 with sparkle and snowflakes and whites and silvers.

Mixed in with my warmer neutrals,
 they seem to play well together.

Winter is the perfect time to bring out
the old unpolished silver plate and mercury glass collections.

I've used a recently polished silverplate bowl
to hold a special handmade Christmas present from my crafty eldest daughter.

The pic of our two beautiful daughters/bridesmaids
from our wedding looks lovely nestled near
a frosted silver winter bouquet.

Finding this wintery sparkle birdie candle on sale last year
was such a thrill. I couldn't wait to bring it out after Christmas.

Can you see it has a pretty pearly bead for an eye?

I think it just may be a finch, what do you think? 

Snowflake tea light holders lined down a family heirloom cedar chest
(used as our coffee table)
gives a nice simple look without too much fuss and clutter.

Here I show them a different way:

Use an extra large 3 wick candle ring
 and string it up on the top of a mirror
 for a frosty mini wreath.

Tucking a crystal & metal snowflake inside it completes the look.

Even a simple greeting card can help carry a theme
 when you find the perfect one to display!

I'm not much for cute whimsy
 but I have had this snowmen rug for years
 and it always makes me smile.

It's a nice happy to greet friends at the door,
and quickly bring them inside to the warmth.

WHATEVER Your decor,
 I do hope you stay warm and cozy all winter long.

Spring will be around the corner, no doubt quicker than 
we think- time surely flies fast.

As always, thank you for your visit!



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  1. I enjoyed seeing your winter decor and all the lovely winter related items. Especially the snowflake votives lined up on the coffee table. Looks really nice!

  2. Michele, your winter decor looks so good. I always feel a little sad when the decorations come down because everything looks so plain. So I have to get it together and shop in the house. I have the same little snowflake votives in clear glass and I love them.
    Yes, I think your right it does look like a Finch.
    Happy New Year to you and have a terrific 2014.

  3. I love all your pretty winter decor Michele. It looks beautiful. I still like some sparkle in my decor in January. It just makes the winter seem brighter doesn't it? Take care. I look forward to your future posts.

  4. We are kindred spirits Michele, there are snowflakes everywhere in our home too. Well why not, they're a pretty winter decor and glittery ones make up for the twinkling lights we've packed away.
    Yup, the birdie on the candle could be a finch - and a fat one at that!

  5. I admire anyone who can welcome and enjoy winter. There are a few snowflakes blowing about here as well.

  6. You have shared some lovely ideas of making the best of winter and enjoying it all! Beautiful photos too!

  7. Love the winter look in your home, so inviting and cozy!
    Enjoy your day.

  8. Very pretty and simple, Michele! I've been going for simple around the house since I put Christmas stuff away. I actually took things away from vignettes and felt better about it. I put some things away that I can bring out in a few months if I want to change up those vignettes. Right now, I'm liking simple and uncluttered.

  9. All your 'winter whites' look so pretty!!

  10. Your winter theme is so pretty and I love your votives! Sparkle and cheery whites are so perfect for the winter months. I love to look at the time after Christmas as a fresh opportunity to change things up a bit - to keep it simple and enjoy the calm.

    Have a great weekend,

  11. You're right! We do have the same idea when it comes to decorating for winter. :) I just LOVE that big armoire piece in your home - it's gorgeous! (and I love a good bird-themed blog ;) too)

  12. it is odd and empty
    once the Christmas garnishes
    are removed and boxed away

    i love all your sparkle
    and vintage charm

    perfect for sweeping away
    the post holiday blues

    Fridays Unfolded is back
    and i would love for you
    to stop by and join in!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

  13. Your home is very charming. I love all of your winter touches! I haven't put that many around yet. I have had the children and hubs home from the snowstorm and there is lots more cooking! I will get to it though! ha
    I have been following you too for awhile! Thanks for joining me. Have a great weekend!

  14. Michele, your wintery home decor is really nice to have around after Christmas. You still have some sparkle out to enjoy and that's always nice! I think that just might be a finch on your candle. *smiles* He's cute anyway. I am getting finches at my feeder this winter for the first time and I am positively thrilled! Thank you for stopping by and sharing at my HOME. Happy New Year, my friend!


  15. All your wintry decor looks so pretty, Michele. It seems to suit your home so well. Happy weekend to you.

  16. Yes, I agree with everyone your winter decor is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home. Have a wonderful weekend. Julie

  17. Beautiful decor. Love your living room. The brown wall just makes the room so cozy! Lovely!

  18. You've given me lots of great ideas. I feel the same way, happy that the Christmas decor is put away but also a little sad. I use whites and silvers for my January decorating too!

  19. Your winter nest is just beautiful.....and, yes, I do believe that is a Finch....:))

  20. Love your wintery touches, your home is so pretty!

  21. Michele, I am loving your Winter décor! I too have really enjoyed mine. I agree that mercury glass is perfect for a winter touch. Love all of your sparkle and the snowflake coasters are wonderful! I was thinking I'd hi-lite mine before I pull out the Valentines. I would love if you shared this with SYC.

  22. Adorable winter home decorations. Decorations give peace and calmness to mind and can set the mood . Your decorations are really very nice and pleasing too.

  23. I love winter too and your home looks like the perfect place to snuggle in! We went fro having a lot of stormy or cold weather to a dash of spring lately but of course there is lots of winter left to enjoy yet. Hoping our pond is good for skating when this thaw is over.
    Take care,

  24. Oh, how absolutely beautiful! I just love your winter palette -- love how you use unpolished silver, the sparkly/wintry items, your snowman rug, the tea lights on the coffee table -- so, so many great (and cozy) ideas here! Thanks!

  25. Your welcomed to Winter is stunning dear Michelle! Love all the silver, blues and glitter to it, like the ice and snow, simply lovely! The dishes are gorgeous, your glasswear and pretty much everything else is too!

  26. I love winter too, but we haven't snow here yet...
    Michelle your home is very beautifull, and that old wood closet is stunning!!
    Wish you a marvelous new year

  27. You have a lovely room and winter many pretty little winter-y things :)

    And then that large wood closet...just gorgeous!

  28. Love all of your winter decor. I love winter, too. Happy to find your blog. blessings..


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