Monday, January 27, 2014

LOVE ♥ Valentines - Finch Rest Emporium

It's been a while since I joined
 The Marketplace and Blog Shop linky parties.

Today I am sharing a few things
 that would be great for your St. Valentine's Day!

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There are 6 of these little tart bakers available - they come in sets of two.
Wouldn't a chicken pot pie, quiche, fruit pie, cake, etc., be CUTE in these?

There are 4 of these  Pfaltzgraff heart-shaped
stoneware trivits available.

It's perfect for your tea pot or as a hostess gift?

It has holes in the back, too-
 so it may be hung on a wall or inside a wreath.

There are 3 of these gorgeous rose-embossed plates available

It's the perfect salad sized plate -
 or fill with petite fours or decorated heart-shaped cookies
 and give as party favors for your small Valentine's Day tea party!

As always, thanks for stopping in for a visit!



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  1. Your heart shaped dishes are so pretty. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I really like the little tart bakers.

  3. Those are all just darling, Michele. I tried to find my Valentine's Day stuff today. It is buried somewhere- xo Diana

  4. I love your heart dishes Michelle. I have two bowls I don't know where they are!

  5. Those are just adorable and anything in them would look, oh so special!

  6. Gee...and my mind went straight to Crème brûlée! LOL

    Yes, they are darling.

  7. Oh, this just reminded me of some heart-shaped casserole dishes that I believe are still hiding in the bottom of my pantry! I need to go pull those out before Valentine's, don't I?

  8. Hi Michele! It's been too long since I have visited - I trust you are doing well :) Your heart-shaped dishes are very pretty and simply perfect for Valentine's Day. Have a lovely evening - hugs!

  9. Pretty Valentine goodies. I found you while visiting Dawn & thought I'd drop by to meet someone new. Stay warm!


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