Friday, January 24, 2014

Front Door Transom Window - Before and After

Here is my new leaded glass transom window
 that my DH put in during his Christmas holiday vacation.

We had this window custom made a while back
to blend nicely with the front door's side windows,
as well as the office windows.

We wanted everything to be as cohesive as possible.

I had a heckuva time trying to get a decent shot
of this part of the foyer area but with all the back lighting, along with the shaded areas - let's just say I tried.

(The important thing here was to share.)

BTW, this chandy is clean, but it is made of bubble glass -
 so with all the reflections and the bubbles it looks dusty!
 But it isn't...least not as much as it looks!


I took this shot standing on the stairs to get as close as possible.
The chandelier getting in the way was unavoidable. Sorry.

At least you get to see that too. 
It's a real day of sharing, isn't it?

Here is an old bleh before shot looking in from outside.
(It's the only one I could find in the arsenal to show a before.)

This plain  window kept whispering to me:

"Please, please, please
turn me into one of those AFTER beauties!"

(And you know how we aim to please!)

All  our windows in this foyer area now have 
smooth bevelled, bubbled, and/or water-glass pieces.

It's not a huge change, but does it ever make a difference
in the morning with this East-facing window-
especially when walking down the stairs.

I think we came through for her.

She may now think of herself
 as an "AFTER beauty" don't you?

As always, thanks for your visit!



  1. It's beautiful, Michele! It does make a difference. Some of the condos in our area have transoms over their front door. The ones without a sunroom. I wish they had done them on all the condos.

  2. I really like your new transom window, Michele. Seeing it made me realize this might be the way to go with our front entry as we would like to replace the whole door and sidelights this year. The only thing is that we don't have a window over the door right now and our carpenter said the sash over it might have to be moved which is expensive and extra work. I like the diamond and bevelled glass that lets in light but you can't see through it. Yours entry way looks really beautiful with the new transom. Much better than the plain one. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  3. That is really beautiful Michelle - great job!

  4. Oh for sure, that leaded glass is a huge improvement and looks great!

  5. It's beautiful, really makes a difference!

  6. What a difference! All of that leaded glass is gorgeous! Your house is just beautiful!


  7. Oh that is so is all about the details.

  8. That is a wonderful transformation … and pretty!

  9. Michele,
    It is a beautiful transformation. Just gorgeous how the light comes in there now. Very pretty.

  10. Michele- That looks absolutely wonderful. I love it and it really adds a lot to the front of your house. You have excellent taste- I have that same chandy but in a nickel finish! lol Great minds, huh? xo Diana

  11. Love both the chandelier ant the glass...
    (I am a lamp freak)

  12. Beautifull! What a difference it made.

  13. I love it and it looks beautiful.

  14. Wonderful transformation!! Happy I found your wonderfufl blog, I'll be back!

  15. Looks beautiful!!

  16. I love it!! It Looks beautiful.


  17. Just beautiful Michelle! Love the transformation. I can see why you are so pleased with it - I would be too.
    Hope you're enjoying the snow and staying warm.

  18. Very nice Michele! Our home had plain full length side lights and transom at the front door which we replaced several years ago - along with a new door.
    Good thing your hubby could save the labour of having it installed.

  19. I love your new window. It is so beautiful and it makes such a difference. Great job. Keep warm my friend. Another snowy day....I don't know how much more of this snow I can take.



  20. I love leaded glass. Your new windows are so pretty!

  21. O, I love love love it, makes a huge difference. You have such a lovely home.
    (and such an adorable personality)...:)

  22. I love your handsome transom transformation! It looks like it was installed right along with the side windows, and I can't imagine a more perfect match. I am a big fan of the light, so I know I would just love seeing the pretty light coming in, filtered by your new window. Congrats on a beautiful design job!

  23. Your were so right! That transom needed a makeover. You did a great job coordinating the newest window with the other ones. It looks gorgeous! Now every time you walk past you will smile : )

  24. Your new transom window really does make a big difference--I think it's beautiful together with your light fixture!

  25. Wow how nice! That looks great and so custom! I bet it looks great with light refractions coming off of the glass pieces!

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