Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ahoy, Mateys - Nautical/ Pirate Luncheon

I love summer and it is passing much too quickly.

I sure do wish we could slow it down a little bit!

I wanted to share my cousin Kathie's annual 
"Cousins Luncheon" 
and her fun nautical nod to All Things Pirate.

Every year she hosts a wonderful
 ladies cousins luncheon at her lake house.

This year her fun luncheon theme was All Things Pirate.

"Land Ho, Mateys!" says Polly the Parrot!

Gotta love the good 'ole Jolly Roger!

Even some of the food shared in this fun theme!

Cousin Rita's deviled egg boats.

Cousin Mary Ann's roll ups with pirate swords!

Kathie's buffet-style table was so charming
 with all  its nautical touches everywhere!

Kathie's sister, my other first cousin Carol
 gave her that pretty sailboat for the table!

Cute little fishies salt and pepper shakers looked right at home.

Her lake cottage home is all done in awesome nautical style, too.

This corner hutch houses their pretty sail ship collector plates
plus vintage ball jars of Lucky Stones and sea glass
 collected from beautiful Lake Erie.

This schooner replica is proudly displayed 
in their big bay window in front.

Kathie's uncle on her father's side painted this wonderful art:

Sorry for glare on glass.

And our grandfather on our mothers' sides painted this:

Next time I visit there I will have my good camera and
maybe even bring lighting - these phone pics just
haven't done her home and party justice at all.

This painting is absolutely gorgeous in real life.

Some of you may not know about my hometown area,
so at the risk of repeating myself again with all
my Home Town Pride:

We all grew up on or near Catawba Island
on the north coast of the US.

I tried to show where I am from on this little map.
See all the way to the upper left, on the north coast?
Our houses were on the very tip of that little jutting peninsula.
It used to be an island but it was made to be a peninsula
 in the early 1900s I believe.

Last year marked the Bi-Centennial anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie
in the War of 1812.....

Here is some info on in and if you look around that web site
you will find last year's re-enactment ship pics of that battle.

Both my cousin Kathie and her husband Charlie have retired,
but work as garbed re-enactor Docents at Perry's Monument 
on Put-in-Bay, on Middle Bass Island, Ohio - right across from where I grew up. You can see Perry's Monument from our houses.

Here's some GREAT pics on Pinterest of the celebrations.




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  1. What a fun party, and I loved learning more about the area. I hope you had a nice summer. :)

  2. A really fun get together, there is nothing like family getting together. Its nice to know where you are from and learn a little about it. The paintings are a real delight. Have a lovely week.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kathie's fun themed party with us, Michele. The food, the decoration, and the art work are all wonderful. I'm sure it was a fun time for all of you.

  4. Michelle, I've decided all your relatives are very talented! What fun this party must have been! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. You gals really know how to do a pretty theme party!

    I wish we could slow summer down too.


  6. What a fun themed party. Not only your friends, but family too throw the most amazing luncheons and teas.

  7. Looks like a fun party and I'm glad to see all the attention to detail that was used.

    I had no idea about Catawba Island! I would have never imagined its location to be where it is. I bet it was beautiful there!

  8. What a deliciously fun party and great family tradition!

  9. This is my kind of stuff! I have a room that I did with nautical accents. I like her plates and those buckets filled with nautical pieces. Her pirate themed table is cute. Love the artwork- what great treasures to own! Growing up where you did must have been fun! Howdy back neighbor!

  10. That's a lovely place to grow up! Do you also have some Canadian cousins? Your family seems to know how to have fun and it is very nice to stay on touch this way.

  11. ahhh, this is just the cutest thing. I love her Pirate cute and the food looks so good. Sure do thank you for sharing all this with us. Fun party for cousins. :)

  12. This looks like my kind of party! Those eggs look like they could be shark fins, too.
    And how lucky to have grown up on Lake Eerie. I have never visited there but would love to someday.


  13. What an adorable party! How fun. You grew up in a beautiful place. I would love to be able to travel there. I hear is so pretty. Have a great long weekend! Hugs, Maria

  14. The talent for painting in your extended family is amazing. How beautiful those are.

    I love the idea of a cousins luncheon, and I really like the pirate theme. That's so cute. I'm in great need to exercising my creativity muscles. They have become a big atrophied for lack of use. Stuff like this gets my imagination going. I loved it.

    (And my grandmother on my dad's side was from Fredericktown, which is south of Mansfield, I think. I haven't been to Ohio in decades. I remember liking it. I can only imagine how pretty it is out on the little peninsula where you grew up. )

  15. Well, that's a fun table for the end of summer. Thanks for taking the challenge!

  16. So cute! Great theme...

  17. What a fun table and great ideas... Loved the swords in the wraps!

    I need to remember this for my godchildren. They are getting older, but they still love fun tables! We have a pirate cruise here in St. Augustine and a pirate museum. We like our pirates in Florida!



  18. P.S. some of my ancestors were among the founders of Buffalo, so we were on the opposite shore! There are stories of the water freezing and going over to Canada in sleighs covered in fur wraps to visit friends there. This would have been during the early 1800's.

  19. Love your sailing ship plates in the corner hutch! I'll be dreaming about them. Your table is fun and what great treats too. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. What a fun lunch theme! I had just posted a Pirate theme dinner that we did on our houseboat. It is so fun to have someone put in this much effort!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

  21. What a great post filled with so many wonderful things!! I am very much ready for Fall. It is my favorite time of the year!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  22. Love the theme and all the food looks yummy. The painting looks fantastic!...Christine

  23. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum - I like that pirate party idea me matey! What fun to have a cousins luncheon get together. Super fun!! I live in Medina County, we drove up to your neck of the woods last year on the weekend for the Battle of Lake Erie Celebration when the tall ships came in. How lucky we are to have this beautiful natural resource in our back yard.

  24. This looks like such fun!!! What a great idea! Ladies like to dress up a pirates, too!!! LOL!

  25. What a fun get together with all the cousins...great theme, too. I love the painting of the cottage.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Michele.

  26. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me! I am so happy you found me and now I found you! Love your cousins theme! It looks like you all had fun! Thanks for sharing where you grew up! I grew up in Schenectady, NY! We now live in Spring,Texas for a little while longer.
    Blessings My Friend,

  27. Sounds like a very fun time -- love that big parrot! My mother-in-law used to summer just north of there, on the Canadian side. She was from Michigan, but they had a place in Canada. Great idea about a cousins' luncheon.

    Have a great weekend Michelle!

  28. Michele, I love this post, enjoyed learning a bit more about you. What a fun party and I love the pirate theme. A gorgeous house and I love the corner hutch with the blue and while sail ships! What a great way to end the summer!
    Have a great Labor Day weekend............

  29. This is so much fun! It looks like a great party :) The cousin luncheon is such a great idea! The sword rolls are terrific as are the sailboat deviled eggs. Thanks for visiting my blog this week :)

  30. Love those ship plates I bet they are collector pieces and hard to find but boy are they beautiful.great theme Susie

  31. What a fun theme for a farewell to summer! She has some amazing collections and I loved the fun food. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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