Saturday, August 30, 2014

Farewell to Summer Nautical Tablescape

Labor Day last "hurrah"
 before summer is just a pleasant & distant memory.

Regardless of it being super hot still....
school is back in session, the football games are starting
 and the days are beginning to get shorter and shorter. 

I don't decorate heavily for fall until the corn stalks are brown,
 so I still have some summer left in me
to join in the fun over at Cuisine Kathleen's 
end of summer tablescape challenge.

My centerpiece is a simple one:
I used a tall heavy glass & metal chippy cloche
 with a few shells and starfish tucked inside.

I ♥ these heavy stoneware scalloped shell plates.

The burlap is supposed to represent the ocean's sand.

The blue goblets are used to represent ocean.

Use your imagination that they are light blue and better matching.
(Please and thank you.)

My simple but trusty plain white vintage English teacups come in handy 
in their effortlessness to match about anything I conjure up.

While growing up in a summer vacationland on the lake
 it always meant  Labor Day weekend always signified
 the end of the BEST fun.

All the cute visiting city boys had to return home,
 and all the cute local boys had to go back to college.

The Eagle's song  "Boys of Summer"
 written by Don Henley nailed it best:

Nobody on the road
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air
The summer's out of reach.
Empty lake, empty streets
The sun goes down alone.
I'm driving by your house
Though I know you're not home.......

But for the time being the lake is still full of boats
 and jetters and floaters.

The beaches are still full of sun bathers and swimmers.
(And lots of volley-ball players and frisbee throwers!)

The pubs are still filled with fun and laughter and music.

It all sure makes me wish I were 20 something again
 and dancing every night like it all would never end.

But as the Bible tells us, there's a time for every season.

All things have their season,
 and in their times all things pass under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

My summer season is much quieter now, consisting of more
 watching hummingbirds than sun bathing,
doing more garden weeding than dancing
and more reading than partying..............
and that is as it should be.

I am quite content and full of peace,
 happy with my special memories
and hopeful with my possible future ones.

Dance with the Sea

Walks on the beach

Days in the sun
Swims in the ocean...
Come on every one!

You know you enjoy it
Whether you’re younger or older
So have a good time
Before the weather gets colder.

Splash in the ocean
Dive with the sea
Don’t hide from the fun
Come here and you’ll see.

The sun is burning
It’s 90 degrees
There’s lots to discover
You just wait and see!

We’re splashing
We’re tanning
We’re laughing
We’re fanning
We’re having so much fun
We can hardly breathe.

The ocean is calling
The waves are all falling
So come and be happy
And dance with the sea.


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  1. Very pretty, Michele! I just love "The Boys of Summer"! Whenever it comes on, I always sing along, and enjoy watching my kids squirm. You summed it up perfectly! :)

  2. I also have summer left in me. Love your tablescape. The bible verse is one that crosses my mind occassionally.

  3. A masterpiece, a truly beautiful setting. I too am full of peace and content, hope you have a wonderful Labor weekend, bank holiday was last weekend over here.

  4. Very nice Michelle, and I love your plates (both the shells and the ones with coral veins). Now it's Indian Summer! Have a great weekend.

  5. Very pretty, Michele! Love the shell chargers and that little cloche!

  6. It's a lovely table. We still have a bit of summer left in Missouri.

  7. Your scape is lovely.. That silver ware is stunning and adds the perfect element to all your other pretties.

  8. This is just beautiful to me, both in design and in the narration that went along with it. I guess since I'm not that much of a summer girl, I forget that there is a bit of a loneliness that comes for the beach (etc) when the summer season ends.

    Everything is so beautiful on that table. Did you link to Cuisine Kathleen too? The whole post is just so perfect for that party.

    Happiest of Labor Day weekends to you!

  9. Hello Michele! Will are stuck with heat until Halloween- but since Fall is my fav I may start putting little touches of it inside. With all our palm trees and evergreens we don't get much color here in So California. Love the burlap you used on the table. Have a nice weekend :)

  10. Love your last Hurrah to summer Michele! The plates are just gorgeous. It really gives a wonderful summer time feel. Have a fun holiday! I too will not be dancing or drinking the night away. lol!

  11. A lovely faretheewell to the joys of summer. I am listening to PBS and the sounds of the 60s...plenty of beach songs...perfect backdrop for this post and your charming tablescape...blues and browns are a very pleasing color combination.

  12. You set a lovely table Michele, love those blue goblets!

  13. A tasteful nautical tablescape Michele. Goodbye summer, the leaves have already started to turn and the weather is cooler. Therefore, I have begun my fall decor as I see the Christmas things coming out in the stores. They're rushing it, not me. :-)

  14. OMG, your table is gorgeous Michelle and you met Kathleen's challenge like a pro!
    The dishes are lovely and so is the centerpiece. I love all the pretty elements you've used for this end of summer creation.
    Have a blessed week, my friend.

  15. Lovely Bible Verse too. I'm keeping it. Thank you.

  16. Love the scalloped shell dishes Michelle, and your burlap "sand." Now I have The Boys of Summer running through my head! :) It sure is hot here isn't it? Doesn't have me in the mood for fall decorating yet.

  17. Michele, your end of summer tribute table is charming. Your beach theme dishes are lovely. Happy Weekend!

  18. So pretty! Great cloche with the shells and the scallop shell and scalloped edge dishes are perfect. Happy Labor Day.

  19. Everything looks just so lovely. With the scalloped shell dishes and your centerpiece cloche. A wonderful tablescape to enjoy for the Labor Day holiday. Have Fun!!

  20. I love this post, both your photos and your beautiful words. Miss you!


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