Friday, August 8, 2014

Pink Flowers

The lovely color pink fills my life with beauty.

I find it as a gift from God in my garden....

...or on one of my favorite teacups.


On special collection pieces..............

(Even sometimes on a favorite sweet little nieces.)

Yes. Pink indeed makes me happy.

Do you feel the same about pink?

We are so lucky to have all these pretty colors
to please our senses.

What color/s make you happiest?

You love the roses - so do I.
 I wish the sky would rain down roses,
 as they rain f
rom off the shaken bush.

 Why will it not?

Then all the valley would be pink and white
And soft to tread on.
 They would fall as light as feathers,
 smelling sweet: and it would be
As sleeping and yet waking, all at once.

                             ~George Eliot





  1. There is no color that makes me feel as good as PINK does. I LOVE PINK. I do not buy my great grand daughter any clothes if they are not PINK or have PINK on them some where. I had to buy for boys for years and no way am I buying any color but PINK now.

    Love all your PINK.

  2. Yes, I get happy and adore pink! The teapot with flowers is gorgeous and so is that lovely teacup. I've always had girls and sill do with my 2 g'girls, so yep, PINK is the color!
    Your g'niece is lovely Michelle.

  3. Your pictures are all so pretty, Michele. Your post reminded me a lot of my mom. She love for teacups and pigs. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Pink definitely suits you, my friend! How pretty its flowers look in your garden, against the lush green background of grass and trees! I think all colours make me happy, whereas lack of colour makes me sad! Houses outfitted in a hundred shades of white and grey and greige seem so lonely, when reds can play with whites and blues with pinks!

    Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to SMELL those pinks!


  5. Beautiful pinks....nothing loks better in pink that pretty flowers...HPS Michelle

  6. Pretty in pink! So many different shades. Nothing like pink rose or a cute pig!

  7. Pink is my favorite color for flowers. Beautiful flowers and photos, Michele!

  8. I love pink, too, Michele! Yours in this post are so pretty.

  9. Pretty pinks today! I wish I had something happening in my garden. August offers a lot of orange and yellow in these parts. You have some sweet bits of china too! I enjoyed visiting you!

  10. My granddaughter is a very pink lady. I just had to laugh at those cute little piggies. I have always loved pink and now that I am getting older they say pink will make us look younger. I hope. HA! HA!

  11. A bountiful blessing of pretty pinks! Love the garden flowers.

  12. Yes! I love pink! It has a softness and sweetness that is so special and blissful!

    Many blessings, Edie Marie

  13. Next to lavender, I do like pink too Michele. You've shared some lovely pinks, especially the tee shirt clad niece with the pretty smile.

  14. Beautiful pink post, the pictures were beautiful, some lovely flowers and stunning teacups.

  15. What lovely photos!

    My favorite is the green bench with the flowers.

  16. I like pink too. I love pink flowers and pink clothes. I love pink lipstick and fingernail polish. I grew up with a pink and white checked canopy bed too. I've always been into feminine colors and that one doesn't get any more feminine! Too bad I didn't have any girls to spread more pink around!

  17. It has only been recently that I have come to appreciate the delicate pink shades. It was my mother's favorite color and for that reason my attitude has softened. My favorite color is yellow. It never fails to make me smile.

  18. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday Michele.

  19. LOVE pink, esp soft pink. You show so many sweet pink things here Michelle. You niece is adorable with her cute dimple!

  20. Hello Michele, Pink is definitely a happy color - gorgeous photos - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  21. To me Pink is refreshing. And it is uplifting.


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