Monday, August 11, 2014

Faerie House Container Garden (Before/After)

Well at least I imagine a pretty fairy living in this tiny little house,
 but to know me is to know it is a bird.

At least for now anyway.

Where a little bit of imagination may lead us............
....I believe.

And as the seasons come and go, here's something you might like to know. 
There are fairies everywhere: under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day.

 So listen, touch, and look around — in the air and on the ground. 
And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wings!
                                                                                           ~Author Unknown

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  1. So cute Michele. Looks wonderful. Have a great week.

  2. Well, leave it to you to come up with the magnificent idea of a fairy container garden! I love this! For some reason the idea of a large fairy garden spot in a real garden is intimidating to me, but a container, not so much. Thanks for, once again, getting us to think outside the box! (Or the container, I guess?)

  3. Maybe it'll be a fairy bird that will nest there? Heehee. It's beautiful, Michele!

  4. Very pretty Michele! I neglected my little fairy garden pot this year. I will have to make it a priority next year. I shouldn't have an issue either since that nursery I found (and posted about) has fairy garden supplies and plants.

  5. Oh you know I LOVE this. Beep does too.

  6. There's a fairy in there..she just hides sometimes :)

  7. That looks so pretty Michele… Enjoy the day…
    XO Mary

  8. So cute! That would be great indoors or outside.

  9. Hi Michele! Great job on your fairy container pretty. Maybe the fairy and bird are roommates?

  10. Love your fairy container garden! Such a cute idea and a great conversation piece for young and old.

  11. So charming, Michele! Adds such whimsy to your patio. So, you rise fruit in vinegar water? Hmm, may have to google that and give it a try! Have a great week :)

  12. I love fairy gardens, Michele, and your little birdie looks perfectly happy right there!

  13. Michele you have a wonderful gift for making beautiful containers!


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