Wednesday, February 4, 2015

French Macaron for Tea Time

Oh, I am so delighted to share something really special
 with you all today for tea time!

It's a long post, so grab yourself a hot cuppa and enjoy!

These beautiful flowers are a gift from my friends Sarah and Janie
who came to dinner in my home last week.

If one changes the water faithfully each day
and puts the vase in the fridge before bed each night
they will last twice as long!

They're in my very favorite old ironstone pitcher.

Today I sipped an inexpensive popular daily strong black tea
 from England called PG Tips.

I really like their new mesh triangle expandable bags-
 allows so much more room for the leaves to expand
to brew properly.

Seriously -  it is such strong tea that one bag 
makes a whole 4-5 cup teapot of tea!

It turns out dark right away too = so dark you can barely see 
the flowers on the inside of the teacup, haha.

For sweets I had two small orange and cranberry scones,
with imported Devon Cream and rose petal jelly,
and two different macaron.

The rose jelly I recently bought on Etsy from a shop called 
from the sweetest gal named Amy Lynn.

She makes so many different things -
 you will be glad that you gave her a try!

She is SO talented and has something for everyone's taste!

(Just click on the name of her shop above to take you there.)

This sweet little linen napkin/hankie with its wonderful lace
 is a gift from my dear friend Dawn.

The china used today is Noritake in the Lavegas pattern.
It's an awfully pretty pattern to sound so much like Las Vegas, don't you agtee? 

I have settings for 8 in this pattern, including
dinner, salad, bread and cake plates and little fruit bowls.

I don't have a teapot, sugar or creamer in it so just use
my white with gold trim with this china when I use it.

But here is my really exciting news!

I also had two different kinds of little yummy macaron
(There is no S on the end of the word to make it plural if one uses the French spelling.)


Two nights ago (this past Monday evening) I took a
 "How to Make a French Meringue Macaron" class
with my dear friend Crystal!

This was such fun, and was our very first time making them! 

Making them has always intimidated me.....but no longer!

For the two kinds we were allowed to make we decided on
Vanilla Butter Creme & Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache.

The pink ones were our first try, but came out a little dry because we had to take them out a couple of times.
But we were just learning so we didn't care.

The second ones - the vanilla - came out perfect!

And I am proud to say all came out looking great,
they even have their little FEET -
 which is supposed to be a determining
factor in how good they're made. /pats self on back.


We took our class from the culinary place

The old house had the most amazing kitchen!

The class was taught by a professionally trained in France
 pastery chef named Michelle Kovak.

 She was a fun and patient instructor.
 I'd love to learn more from her in the near future!

They have a very well done website if you are interested in seeing more of this fabulous space
and learn more about what they have to offer just click the link on their name above.

Our awesome instructor Michelle doing her magic.

Crystal piping out our first ones that we dyed pink.

My piping our vanilla ones.

Done filling the first batch and waiting for second batch to cool.

We each were able to take home a nice tray full of them, 
 here's mine all wrapped and ready to go home.

Colors are all wonky for some reason with these pics from my phone-
the vanilla ones are really beige and the pink ones are not orange!

I am so glad you stopped by today for tea.
Your visits and friendship mean so very much to me!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Hi Michele: I wish I could make those macrons. Love your Noritake, stunning. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am feeling a little stronger since Sunday. Have a wonderful week dear friend. Blessings, Martha

  2. Your macaron are beautiful, Michele. Love your Noritake china!

  3. Well done! The macaron look delicious!

  4. Oh how lovely! what a perfect tea! I would love to take a macaron class- my one attempt at them didn't go well - a melted sugary mess and a burnt cookie tray -

  5. Beautiful post Michele ~ from the flowers to the gorgeous china to the delicious macaron. That is so neat that you took a class on how to make macaron. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Michele, from start to finish, your posting is lovely. The flowers, the teacup, the macaron, all are beautiful! I am always game to make something new but macaron, no. The trouble is I can't get them here either so I have to do without. So I will admire yours and tell you "well done," my friend! I am excited for you and look forward to many tea times with those lovely sweets. Thanks for joining me for tea and enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. You did well with your macarons Michele. I only made them once and the recipe made so many. Now if I want a treat, I buy a couple from a young baker that sells from her home.

  8. Oh my Michele - you are an expert now and we would all love to have you teach us! I have heard that they are difficult in our high altitude but since I haven't tried I don't even know. Anyway, all your photos are wonderful and I can see that was great fun with a friend!

  9. How fabulous, you clever girl! I have only purchased them...too intimidated to try and make them. They look perfect! And your setting is lovely!

  10. What a delight, to go to a class and make macaroon with a French chef, amazing. I would love to have a try, they are one of my favourite treats. Beautiful flowers and beautiful service. Have a lovely week.

  11. How great you took that class now you can make macarons for everyone! They really look so yummy! Love the china and the flowers are so pretty in the pitcher. Have a blessed day.

  12. Wow! You go girl! Homemade macarons. They sure look yummy -- almost too pretty to eat! Love the china and flowers.

  13. I would love to take a class to learn to make the macaroons. We have a few cooking classes in our area but nothing like these. And those flowers were so beautiful. Your post may have seemed long to you. But I loved every bit of it.

  14. Will you bake them again? They are the tastiest little things! Your post is so lovely that it's better than taking a real tea break. =D

  15. Now this was *truly* a sweet post, ha! Love that you took the class and had macaron success right off the bat! That was my experience the first time I made them as well, so I'm not intimidated by them anymore, but instead I simply realize they take a little extra time than, say, chocolate chip cookies.

  16. What a fab post, I love the macaron's they are scary to start with but well worth the effort your's look so yummyxx

  17. That was like a visit to the very loveliest tea room. Thank you for letting me take part in the prettiest little party!

  18. What a delightful post, dear Michele. I did grab a hot drink, but it was coffee and not tea :) I agree with Vee, your post was more enjoyable than taking a tea break.

    Hugs to you, sweet lady!

  19. What an enjoyable post to savor, Michele! You and Crystal did a wonderful job!

  20. HI Michele! Oh, how beautiful your tea setting is! That is the kind of tea my daughter bought when she lived in England. It's a little too strong for me but looks good in your pretty little cup! I'll bet that was fun making the macaroons! Yummy yummy! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. What a lovely post! Thank you for the flower tips. I had never heard that about the fridge and will be sure to try it!!
    Blessings and a cup of tea,
    Heather Elizabeth

  22. I'm a hanky collector and that one you have there is so cute! The flowers, the china, the food..... everything looks wonderful! Now I need to shove some food in my face, because you've made me hungry lol

  23. Your macarons came out so beautifully... especially for a beginner! Flat tops, little feet, all round! I quite like PG tips tea as well, I usually only make a large cup of it. What a nice tea party!

  24. Oh such a pretty tea, Michele...and your macaron are fantastic! I have always been afraid to make them for fear they'd be a disaster. I bet they were delish!

  25. Well aren't you talented? Would love to make macarons like that!! Your flowers are gorgeous and thanks for the refrigerator tip. Never knew that. Your tea looks simply divine Michele! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  26. I bet your macaroons tasted good! Your tea party looked nice too. I love hot tea and sweets. I actually went to a "tea" with a girlfriend many years ago. We got all dressed up and were served tea and little finger sandwiches and other treats. It was so good!

  27. Well, you must have had a grand time taking this class! They look good and they look yummy. I love Etsy and will check out your contact person. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well.

  28. Hi Michele! Your Macaron look terrific! I'm very impressed with your skills :). They are on my list of things to bake--I'll work my way up to them one day. I really like your china in this post and those flowers are so pretty! Thanks for the tips on keeping flowers alive longer.

  29. Wow! This looks like tons of fun! A beautiful post ... & a very pretty blog. I love your header ... super sweet bird & theme.

  30. Oh, those macaron look so professional Michele! How much fun to learn how to make them. They're so pretty, and very chic. The rose petal jelly sounds lovely, like something out of a fairy tale. And those dishes are beautiful. Lovely, lovely tea today, just perfect!

  31. What fun to take a macaron class with your friend, Michele! I am impressed with how well they turned out and I know they must taste fabulous.
    Your china pattern is swoon-worthy...I am sighing over here. It would be a treat to sit and have tea with you.

  32. Love all the pretty pretties!!! Does the cauliflower bites have onion in them? Would like to try and make those.


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