Saturday, January 2, 2016

Downton Abbey Gifts and English Tea Win

Oh, my word, do I have a fun post for you today!

Not only did I receive some fun Downton Abbey gifts for Christmas,
but I also just received a package from England -
 an incredible blog giveaway win from Jean at Delightful Repast!

I received the hanging "servants' bell" ornament from my
sister-in-law Jenn, the blackcurrant jam from my MIL.

I received the cookbook and the cloissonne teapot ornament
 from my daughters. 

I can't wait to open the jam - 
going to have some Tregothnan tea
 and make some scones with clotted cream to enjoy
tomorrow evening when the new (final) season of
Downton Abbey is on!

The large Chronicles of Downton Abbey book 
I bought last October when my tea society sisters
and I went to the grand opening of a lovely tea room together.

My giveaway win, coordinated by Jean of the blog
 Delightful Repast
was for a wonderful gift directly from the

(Worth a huge $$$ amount, plus the shipping! WOW!!)

This is a tea company that grows its own tea in England!

It came so nicely packaged - the smaller teapot is
perfect for one, or for a large cuppa for you and a friend.

It has a wonderful firm drop-in fine mesh infuser with a really easy 
one hand thumb-opening lift-lid-
such a convenient and smart design!

I am not one to normally use modern teapots-
not when I have a bajillion antique ones in my collection,
but I will certainly enjoy using this one
 due to its perfect size, design and hardiness.

The metal lid/bits ARE removeable too if one
wants to microwave or dishwash the pot.

The teapot came in a very nice solid box
and four kinds of Tregothnan Tea.

The teas each came in lovely cardboard gift box "tins."

Each tea was airtight sealed for freshness,
and had a nice bit of tea - perfect for a strong pot or two!

I received the following kinds of loose-leaf tea:

Great British Tea
Classic Tea
Afternoon Tea
Earl Grey Tea

I will be sampling these very soon
 and posting the results.

Stay tuned.

The Tregothnan Tea website sells some wonderful goods -

I HIGHLY recommend you pop on over check their website out !

They sell all sorts of gifts, tours, flowers, books -
 all things tea and lovely related items! 

 Through them one can also rent the most beautiful cottages
for the ultimate Cornwall get-away!

Here are a few of the pics of these splendid homes
that I found on their website!


AIRES Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Downton Abbey Season 6

I am sooooooooooooo ready
 for another season!

Are YOU?!? 

And one final share:

For you who not only love all things lovely and tea,
all things Downton Abbey, but also love "The Force,"
this is for you! You will love it - true silliness!

Downton Wars: Episode 1 and 2

As always, thanks for stopping by!




  1. Congratulations on your give-away win, Michelle! It's fabulous, as are your other Downton Abbey gifts. My daughter's coming over to watch the first episode of Season VI with me. We can hardly wait!

  2. You lucky gal, all set for Sunday night with Downton Abbey. That was a generous tea giveaway to win and lots of nice things from Christmas too.
    There will be no blogging tomorrow night for sure!

  3. Dear Michele:
    How perfectly wonderful! ( wrote that with a British accent of course)

  4. Love the ornaments! And I've not heard of that tea before. I, too, am anxious to see Downton tomorrow night!

  5. A wonderful giveaway, Michele, and a lucky winner!!

    Love and happiness to you in 2016!

    Jane x

  6. What a great give-away. Have a wonderful year 2016!
    Hugs Kuni

  7. wow you scored, for sure..

    enjoy it all~~!!

  8. What great gifts and prizes, enjoy!
    I had a Downton Abbey book "The Chronicles" for Christmas and for a moment I thought your's was the same, mine is full of final series spoilers so I was all ready to say "ahhh, don't read it!" but I see I needn't panic! Here in the Uk we have already had the last series and the Christmas special, I won't spoil it for you but will just say it's brilliant - you will not be disappointed! The last series is a roller coaster of emotions though so you may need tissues now and again. The last ever Christmas special episode was absolute perfection. Enjoy with your tea and scones, sounds very dignified - the Dowager Countess would be proud!

  9. Congratulations on a lovely win! I will definitely be visiting the site. I am so looking forward to just relaxing and watching the final (*sniff*) season of Donwton Abbey. I hear there are only a few shocks and mostly all joys. Ahhhh...

    The new ornaments are very charming. Your family knows you well!

  10. What lovely gifts and products! And YAY...Downton Abbey is tonight! We can't wait! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Great gifts and the tea looks tasty!

  12. What nice gifts, Michele! Congratulations on your win! I've not heard of the tea company, but I will check it out. I love tea and I love England more--those cottages make me ache to return.
    Happy New Year! Enjoy Downton Abbey...I'll be glued to the final series as well. ♥

  13. What lovely, lovely gifts that I know you'll enjoy!!
    Mary Alice

  14. Congratulations of your win of such a great package. It is just perfect for you.♥

    Now, about the cottages. I would love any one of them. Charming.

  15. Congrats dear Michelle on your win my firned! Great post. I love all those English teas and the container tins.
    Yep, me too... I'll take any cottage any time!
    Happy new year and many blessings.

  16. Wow! That was quite a haul you got there!
    The teapot would be perfect and all those great teas too.
    Enjoy Downton Abbey!

    Happy New Year!

  17. Congratulations on your win, coordinated by Jean, Michele. I know you will enjoy all the goodies that you were so lucky to win. I am posting tomorrow about what I won from Jean.
    I am ready to watch the final season, starting tonight...something to look forward to.

  18. Congratulations! Tregothnan is one of my most favorite teas...have visited the tea plantation in Cornwall, and have brought home tims in my suitcase every trip to England! They serve it at the Orangery tea room at Kensington Palace too. You will indeed love it all!

  19. Wow, you really were ready last night! It was a great first episode--far better than I imagined it would be. Stirs up ideas of how it all may come to the final episode. You really have a nice collection of DA related things! How fun to have tea and scones during the first episode!

  20. You received some wonderful gifts! I watched Downton last night and really enjoyed it. Sad that this is the last season.

  21. What lovely Downton gifts, We have just watched the last of it here in the UK! and you won't be disappointed enjoy!xxx

  22. Michele, I'm so delighted that you are enjoying the loot! I love doing giveaways, especially when someone who truly appreciates the prize wins it! I'll be watching Downton this evening or tomorrow on streaming.

  23. Happy New Year, Michele! Oh, what a lovely little servants bell. I hope you ring it and somebody comes running! ;) A beautiful gift too that you received. All of those teas! :) Oh, did you enjoy the first episode of DA? Oh, I did so very much. Thank you for your sweet concerns and prayers for my little Carter and for me. I'm taking it slowly but I'll get back to normal one of these days.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Congratulations on winning the wonderful tea package, Michele! The teapot is super cute and the English teas are perfect for sipping while viewing Downton Abbey. I also love the servant's bell ornament and cloisonne teapot ornaments!
    Can't wait for the next DA episode. Hellooooo, Matthew Gooooooooode!

  25. Hello Michelle,
    What a fun post! What great gifts and giveaways! You will be having tea time every day just to taste all the great tea! Yay!
    I am glad you like the ornament and card I sent you. I am wishing for you a lovely wonderful new year.

  26. Congratulations on your fabulous win … couldn't happen to a nicer person, and very fitting since you are so generous with your own giveaways (and sweet encouragement!) to others all year long. Enjoy! And oh, now I can't wait to see the next episode of "Downton Abbey." What SHALL we do once it's over?

  27. Hi Michelle! Wow you have alot of wonderful tea items! It is fun to try the different teas and the Downton Abbey gifts are so special! I shall be thinking of you this sunday when Downton Abby is on televised!

  28. Hi Michelle! Wow you have alot of wonderful tea items! It is fun to try the different teas and the Downton Abbey gifts are so special! I shall be thinking of you this sunday when Downton Abby is on televised!

  29. They know what you love, Michele. Enjoy that hot tea while you watch the show. :)

  30. Well congrats cutie! That gift is just for you. You will savor every sip of those lovely teas. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and say thank you for my lovely Christmas card and tea. Haven't had it yet, but will be enjoying it soon.

  31. How got some wonderful goodies!
    Happy New Year!

  32. Hi Michele,
    Your newest teapot is lovely and yes it is a sweet change from the vintage ones in your collection. What perfect gifts you received! Happy New Year Dear Michele and thank you for suggesting that I sell some pretties on ebay. I have sold 9 items and am enjoying my little job. Blessings, Karen

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  34. Hi Michele, what a lovely blog you have !
    And your New Year has off to a wonderful start with all the goodies Janet has sent you as a gift, lucky you !

    I wish you amost beautiful end of the week

  35. Hi Michele, what a lovely blog you have !
    And your New Year has off to a wonderful start with all the goodies Janet has sent you as a gift, lucky you !

    I wish you amost beautiful end of the week

  36. Congratulations on winning Jean's giveaway! And aren't all those British things fun! I also have the Downton servant's bell and books. I hate to see Downton come to an end, but I sure hope it's a happy ending for everyone. I was hoping for Mary and Tom to get together, but I doubt that will happen. I love the cottages in Cornwall. Holiday cottages are the cheapest stay over there. I get updates from a place in the Yorkshire Dales for cottages there, but I've also wanted to stay in Cornwall. There is simply too much to see and do in England! Lol. Have a wonderful weekend.

  37. OMGosh I just read all about your big win of the Downton Abby servants Bell !!
    I want one for my kitchen?
    What a wonderful giveaway, think i'll look around on the web to see if I can find myself one

  38. What a wonderful haul, Michele. I adore Downton.

  39. Oh Michele we truly are kindred spirits. I love it all! I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your 2015 round up. I had missed a few so it was a nice opportunity to catch up. Have a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up to start another semester of school on Monday. :)

  40. Hello,

    What an exciting collection - so lovely and delicious! blackcurrant jam and scones - oh yum! I am hungry!

    We have a teapot like that. My children and husband drink tea all winter long.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  41. Congratulations on all of your wonderful Downton Abbey gifts.
    I can't believe this year is the last season.

    Happy New Year!
    I am off to read your 2015 roundup.

    White Spray Paint

  42. What an amazing package!! The cottages are lovely!

  43. HI sweet Michele :)

    What lovely gifts! I just started drinking tea again recently, so I'll have to check out those teas.

    I hope you're enjoying the New Year so far :)



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