Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Greetings, October

It still feels like summer here with the flowers and bees
 and butterflies and birds still making life a joy to behold.

However, the evenings are turning slightly cooler
 and Homecoming is done for the year,  
and football has had us rooting for our favorite teams.............

It has been so very long since I have posted on my lil ole' blog.
Sure hope you haven't forgotten me -
 because I certainly haven't forgotten YOU!

Early October also brings around my birthday, 
so I thought I'd enjoy my tea today in my lovely
that a dear friend gave me some time ago.
It's so beautiful, I love it so much.

I keep it in my special china cabinet all year long. 

And my friends always seem to find
 just the perfect tea-themed birthday cards to send me. ♥

For my teatime today I brewed up some of my special blend tea
that Angela from the blog Tea with Friends sent me.

I think her Waterlogue pic of the rose on the front of the tin
looks a bit like the rose on my quilted runner underneath.

I am also enjoying the best cupcakes EVER,
made by my eldest when she hosted us for an early birthday
gathering on Sunday. (Thanks, Eve!)

She made the very best buttercream frosting
I have ever had in my life.

I hope to get the recipe to share with you soon,
and also share pics of my wonderful presents 
my daughters and their husbands gave me.

(One present was this lovely white tea rose plant!)

Well tomorrow - my actual birthday - 10/4, good buddy - 
I am having lunch with a neighbor friend,
 and tomorrow night have church choir practice. ♫ ♪

Thursday evening my husband said we will officially celebrate
 in style at a favorite restaurant....and then Friday my sister
said she'd take me to lunch.....Saturday we're going out of town
to celebrate our nephew's 6th birthday - so it will be a week long celebration of happy smiling and too much eating for sure!

I am so truly blessed.

It is so nice to be posting again - and hope to do so again very soon.

(Sorry I was away so long.)

Fall is in the air and I have much to share with you,
my beloved readers. 

God's blessings to each one of you!




  1. Happy Birthday, Michele! My birthday is today 10/3!

  2. There you are! I am happy to see you back here and posting!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I love your tea cup and how wonderful that you have so many celebrations going on for your special day!
    Have a great night and a good birthday- xo Diana

    ps. Are you on FB?

  3. Michele, happy birthday girl!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love having a birthday -- scheduling birthday lunches with friends can take months! Ha! I know your birthday teacup is very special ... pretty, too! Keep celebrating!

  5. Happy Birthday, my dear long time Tea friend! I hope you are blessed with lots of love and joy. Enjoy your Special Day!

  6. We'd never forgot you, Michele! Nice to see the October teacup again. Advanced happy birthday! Enjoy your week-long birthday celebrations.

  7. Missed you, Michele! Have a wonderful Birthday Weekend, October is my favorite month of the year! xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday, Michele! Hope you are blessed with a happy, healthy year!

  9. Happy Birthday Michele. Have a wonderful day. Celebrate the special you.

  10. Happy Birthday Michele. Sounds like your going to have lots of fun Birthday luncheons. Beautiful rose teacups.

    Thank you so much for my lovely dish and I will remember you whenever I use it. So glad that your posting again.


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy all the celebrations!

    Charlotte Moore

  12. Happy Birthday Michele! Sounds like a nice week filled with joy! Love the birthday month tea cup. It's very summery up here too- 65 deg. when I woke up which is 20 deg. warmer than normal! Starting to see a color shift so it won't be long before we are in full color!

  13. Happy Birthday Michele have a very blessed day. The birthday teacup is beautiful. Your actually getting almost a whole week of celebration. It is very nice to see you back.

  14. Happy Birthday! Thanks for your sweet comment and God bless you! Pretty outdoor decorations!

  15. Oh my, my friend, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have the best day today. It looks like you've already been celebrating and that it'll continue. I'm so glad that you're back. xxoo

  16. Happy birthday! My husband's is the 10th. I love your OCTOBER tea cup. How beautiful. Everything looks so very nice. Good to see you post. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Sweet friend, we could never ever forget you {{smiles}} It was a joy to visit with you this morning.

    May I wish you many happy birthday wishes! I hope this year is extra spectacular for you.

    Happy October, dear Michele. We had lots of rain over the weekend, rain that turned to snow on Sunday and lasted until Monday. Hugs to you!

  18. Michele! So nice to find you home.🍁 I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful autumnal flowers and the autumnal tea things. Very sweet. Now you have a happy birthday and don’t be away so long next time.

  19. Happy, happy birthday dear friend! I've missed you so much! Have been thinking about you. So happy to see a post from you. Hope you get totally spoiled on your birthday. I will have a cup of tea in my RA October cup in your honor. xo Deborah

  20. happiest birthday week....xo

  21. Happy Birthday, dear Michele! Nice to see you posting. Hope all is well with you.

  22. Hi Michele,

    Happy Birthday to you! It's good to see you posting again. Your October teacup and saucer are just gorgeous; maybe I should look for a September one for me. I just love me some buttercream frosting, and looking at your cupcake makes me hungry. ;) I'll look forward to seeing a recipe for the frosting. It sounds like you're having a wonderful week of celebrations -- enjoy! Thanks so much for your visit and comments on my Waltons post yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed it!



  23. Happy birthday my dear - over and over and over. Quite the celebration - in our family we like to have birthday month - so all of March I get to celebrate. Love your red mums - I don't think I've ever seen that color before - but I sure am going to look for them next year. Those apples are wonderful too - and the cupcake - and the rose - what a lovely post - so glad you are back. Happy rest of your birthday week - loved the 10/4 good buddy - made me smile - bet a lot of younger folks wouldn't even get that.

  24. I am so happy to see you posting! I was going to send you a message to see if you were doing ok. Happy Birthday! I always enjoy looking at your beautiful teacups. xoxo Maria

  25. Beautiful scenes, Michele. I love, love, love your flowers!

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  27. Happy Birthday
    No I haven't forgotten about you
    Love the October tea cup

    I would like to have one of those cup cakes, sure they are all gone

  28. Happy Birthday, Michele! Love all the pretty fall vignettes and all your wonderful tea sets. The cupcake looks amazing! I especially love that little garden bench - so sweet. Enjoy your special day! Hugs xo karen

  29. Happy birthday, Michele. It is nice to see your October post. I just returned last night from a trip with my family for Fall Break and a sweet package was in my mailbox from you. I love the cardinal flag which was part of your recent giveaway. I use those small flags for every season of the year and am thrilled to add the cardinal flag to my collection. Thanks Michele.

  30. Hi Michelle and Happy Birthday! I love the birthday month Teacups. Your gifts show folks know you well! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  31. Happy birthday....sounds like a lot of celebrating...enjoy!
    Nice to have you back again.


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