Friday, October 27, 2017

Tea for Two Easy as 1 -2 -3!

It's getting close to tea time.

You have a few sweets on hand.

How easy it would be to just call

 a friend/neighbor/co-worker/relative

 to enjoy tea time with you.

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea

Yes, I know......the house isn't perfectly clean......
the laundry needs to be done.... the bills need to be paid.....
you need to think about fixing dinner.....

There are infinite really good excuses in our heads.
But that's all they really are: excuses. 

In the meantime, you still want some tea.

And you still have a few sweets on hand
that you may have baked recently.

And you still plan on heating up your kettle....


It needn't require getting out fancy linens, fine china,
 or even loose-leaf tea. (gasp!)

 Save all that for another time, maybe a special afternoon tea.

But for now a simple hot cuppa in a mug, a nosh or two
 and a friend is all that is required for tea-for-two! 

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea
[google image]

TEA FOR TWO - AS EASY AS  1 - 2 - 3

1.) Call up a friend and invite

2.) Brew some tea

3.) Grab some sweets

You cannot know what joy that simple gesture of friendship
 may bring to someone who may be feeling lonely or blue.

Or perhaps it is YOU who may be feeling those things.

Trust me, I understand!

 I have also learned that enjoying an hour visit
 can make the biggest difference.

Image result for artworks images of friends having tea
[google image]

By the way  if you haven't tried this super cheap
French Vanilla Bigelow decaff - it's really good tasting tea!

I seldom use tea bags but this is one I highly recommend
when a simple cuppa needs to be just that:  plain easy.

Disclaimer: first graphic art pic from google images
Disclaimer: Bigelow tea doesn't know me.

BEST banana bread recipe
 I have ever made: here

BEST fluffy sugar cookie recipe
 I ever made: here

The above sweets I made the other day that I had on hand -
along with some yummy chocolate sticks
that I recently received as a gift.
 And yes, you may have noticed that one of those chocolate sticks
is missing in my pics.... because I ATE it
 while waiting for my neighbor friend Dee to come to tea.

As always, thanks for your visit!




  1. I really should do that...Thanks for your tip!

  2. LOL- Michele-NO WAY---you ate the chocolate before your neighbor got there?! lol

    I don't know why I don't do that with friends more often. When I was working and had kids at home I managed to have coffee with friends..and now that I am retired. I don't have the time? lol

    Hope your visit was wonderful. xo Diana

  3. I love this and wish we were sitting down for tea.

  4. Great motivation-we all yearn for a chat or two in the cold winter months. Now---if everyone were free....

    Love your pretty tea things, and I'm going to look for the French Vanilla. Thank you, Michele!

    Jane x

  5. Perfectionism, which is such an oxymoron to begin with, prevents me from doing this kind of thing. I really must make peace with it. This is a lovely post with a lovely idea; I want to! At least, you have allowed me to join you for a few minutes.

  6. Such a wonderful idea, I should do it more often.

  7. Great idea - love this post. I'll have to try that new tea too. Happy weekend - happy tea.

  8. Got my attention, Michele. May need to do that soon.

  9. How fun for you and Dee! If I lived closer, I'd love to come for tea for two. I haven't tried the Bigelow French Vanilla tea, but thanks for your recommendation. I'm one that doesn't mind teabags. xx

  10. Sure wish I could sit down with a fellow Ohion. A cup of tea and good conversation would be wonderful. I often remember and think about my years in Ohio. Now I yearn for a cold winter instead of all this beautiful sunny hot weather. Seeing the leaves change - oh how wonderful. these are the things I would talk about.

    So my friend, have a wonderful cup of tea and enjoy yourself.


  11. I'm in complete agreement, Michele! I tried the Bigelow vanilla tea before and quite enjoyed it! I usually use teabags at work because they're more convenient.

  12. So true! We put such pressure on ourselves don't we? I actually was thinking of inviting a friend over next week for tea to catch up! P.S. How about those Buckeyes???!! What a win!

  13. Awem great post Michelle and a wonderful reminder that we do not need anything fancy to have tea with a friend! Love this. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. i'm a coffee drinker but the sentiment works for those of us of that persuasion as well ...thank you for the nudge!!

  15. What a nice thought, Michele. Tea for two with something sweet is such a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I'll have to try the French Vanilla Tea - sounds yummy! Sending hugs xo Karen


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