Thursday, June 27, 2013

July 4th Tablescape

Oh, the glorious Red, White and Blue!

Here is inspiration for this fun
& special holiday
in a super easy, non-fussing casual style.

Go ahead and plan to invite a couple of friends 
you know enjjoy more of an intimate & quiet holiday.

(As we do.  We avoid crowds like the plague.)

Heat up your grill for simple burgers and dogs -
 add some macaroni salad and corn on the cob to your menu and voila!

Instant party:

A wonderful, relaxing laid-back quiet kind of celebration at home.

OUR kind of holiday.

Or if you are lucky to have perfectly wonderful weather:


Whatever you do, wherever you go,
whatever you eat, wherever you dine
An invitation is always a welcome gift to friends.

The Flag

by M. Selby

Red for the blood shed in the name of Freedom, 
for which we fought, united;

Blue for the oceans of time we have crossed, 
remaining the land of the free

White for the peace we wish to share, 
all men created equal.

Stars to remember those who fought throughout the night,
bravely for our land.

Stripes to remind us of the lashings taken by the Prisoners of War
With a seal,  In God We Trust.

We each are one of many, in which we stand united in Brotherhood
A symbol of Pride.......a salute to those who died.

A blanket to cover us in times of need
Waving high to show we are still here, undefeated

With honor you are presented to the world

Havehappy & safe holiday!




  1. Michele, this is a perfect post as a tribute to patriotic dining. Love those blue sponged dishes. Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th of July. ~ Sarah

  2. So nice Michele... the red white and blue makes me smile, and I know that summer is here! Have a good day.

  3. Great tribute to the old red, white, and blue. Love the tablescape.

  4. Love your sponge ware dishes- they are Americana all the way! Great looking tables- both of them!

  5. I love your table! Pinned in my americana board! New follow too. Follow back at

  6. Two very patriotic table, I'll take dining outdoor anytime, weather permitting. Love the dishes, sure didn't know they were called sponge ware, thanks Liz. Don't think I have seen any before! Sure hope you enjoy a relaxing Fourth with friends and family.

  7. So fitting and perfect for our July 4th celebration! I love how festive and colorful your settings are. Have a blessed holiday to you and yours Michele


  8. Beautiful!!! Michele, thank you for stopping by to visit & the sweet comments about the wedding post & my sweet Mandy.

    I LOVE PATRIOTIC & you did it so well. Nothing like the red white & blue! Enjoy!

  9. Very inspiring tabletop! New follower...

  10. Hi Michele
    A couple of charming patriotic tables set for your small gathering. We'll be celebrating July 1 but of course we're only red and white.

  11. Hi Michele, loving your casual beautiful style. The patriotic table setting is so very pretty. Love love the bird house, happy 4th.

  12. Boy, some lifestyle magazine up there truly needs to hire you, because that first photo would make a terrific opener for a magazine spread, and the others would be gorgeous inside! Love your red, white and blues!

  13. There's just something about that red, white, & blue. Love it! The speckled dishes are so cute. We will do our 4th of July breakfast but keeping it small this year. Happy 4th to you my sweet friend!

  14. What a darling table - perfect for the 4th of July!!!

  15. The blue and white spongeware is perfect for Independence Day! Love your festive table!

  16. I really love red, white and blue!!! Your spongeware makes me swoon!

  17. Michele- What a cute ,patriotic post. We will probably have all the kids over and a couple of sets of friends...which will give us a full house- We'll swim in the bay and some will boat and ski and I will cook...and cook.....and cook......and I love it! xo Diana

  18. Your tables are beautiful! Inside and out!. Love the bird house.

  19. I love both of your tables and all your Patriotic displays Michele!

  20. Looks like you're all set! Love the spongeware dishes. I like a lazy quiet 4th celebration too! Have fun dearie!

  21. So very pretty what a lovely way to celebrate our GREAT holiday!


  22. Since I have no plans, and you are going all out for this special day, I will try to drop by.

  23. This is a lovely post and your table setting is so fun and festive. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  24. A beautiful poem in tribute to our flag and the freedom we enjoy.


  25. Beautiful tables.
    Happy 4th!

  26. This is a wonderful post. Lovely tablescape and Poetry.

  27. Great post. I love the poem, so perfect. Your tablescapes are all fabulous too. It is 116 here, so we will be inside, but that is fine, still a great time to celebrate our wonderful country. Thanks for the visit and thanks for the prayers for DH. Hugs, Marty

  28. Love this. The speckled dishes are just perfect to an Americana look. I am just like you! The idea of going to our local high school football field for fireworks just makes me cringe! I should give in thought while the kids are little. I'd much rather join you for a little get together!!!

  29. Lovely and colorful.
    Have a good 4th.

  30. What a lovely table! I'll enjoy your beautiful outside setting...Here in Central Texas we can have breakfast on the patio, brunch is starting to be a challenge as the temperatures climb! Lunch or dinner is our of the question. We live on the banks of the Guadalupe River and it is at least 10 degrees cooler down by the water, but when we hit 105, it's still too hot for a picnic. I'll just enjoy your wonderful table and live vicariously. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a Pink week.


  31. Simple elegant fun and a festive tablescape.Nice poem too...Thank you...:):):)

  32. Love the settings, Michele, both indoors and out. The sponge dinnerware is the versatile and pretty, casual, but can be dressed up. xo

  33. The bird house is adorable! I love your blue and white dishes, such a festive setting either place!

  34. Your outdoor setting looks fantastic!! Perfect for the 4th!! Hope the weather cooperates so you can enjoy the 4th outside!!


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