Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Giverny - Monet Garden Tea

Oh, how do I describe this incredible tea party luncheon
 my dear friend Sharyn and her lovely Aunt Pat put together
at Sharyn's lovely home?

They really put together the ultimate summertime tea theme!

I was so blesssed and delighted to be invited
 to this amazing Monet-themed tea party!

Sharyn and her Aunt often take world-travel vacations together.
They toured England and France in very early spring,
 and one of their favorite spots they visited was 

Each guest at the table had a mini "Monet" painting
made by Sharyn and Pat in style!

The entire theme of their tea was gardens/ponds/flowers.....

The tablescape was made to look just like a pond -
the tablecloth was "water" and she made lily pads
with cute colorful frogs on them!

They even had relaxing summertime pond sounds
 piped in - frogs and crickets and water.

The entire tea was such a mood!

Just look at these adorable froggie chocolates, too!

Her chandelier was even decorated
 to match the mood of the pond!

Oh, the FOOD - my, oh my!

What a cute way to serve French Fries with catsup - in a glass!

Can you see a bit of her gorgeous colorful floral 
Wedgewood china pattern?

Isn't it just perfect for a garden/pond themed tea?

And filled-to-the-brim tiered trays of savory & sweet delights!

Can you even believe all this incredible food?

But that's not all! 

We were given a fascinating lesson on Monet's Home and Gardens!

They shared their slide show and their books with us
in a totally professional presentation!

Here's beautiful Sharyn in her old-fashioned maid's outfit
telling us about a specific flower.

Just looking at the picture she took of those flowers
certainly looks like Monet, doesn't it?

Here's her pretty Auntie Pat,
 dressed as a maid as well
sharing a book they bought on Claude Monet's art.

(These two gals are way more like sisters.)

This is a huge paper pop-out rendition of the gardens
that was sitting on the buffet table behind us during tea.

Please don't duplicate it or pin it, as I do not have
permission from the original artist to share it
other than admiring it on Sharyn's buffet table.

We were sent home with a lovely bag of themed favors!

Even the gems on the bracelet with the little frog
look like a soft Monet painting!

My fast picture taking while at the party
does no justice to this special day.

I keep the little mini canvas painting made for me 
right here on my work table in my office.

And I think of this special treat-of-a-day
 every time I look at it!

Thank you, Sharyn!
(and Pat!)

And thank all of you for your visit today!




  1. Wow! Amazing. I can just imagine that you felt like you were in Giverny! Chocolate frogs ... who knew???!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  2. Oh my, you go to the best tea parties Michele! Such fun and imagination used to create everything to make everyone feel special. I feel special that you shared all this with us!

  3. WOW and WOW! What an event!!! How special each of the guests must have felt. Very nice. Such impressive food, favors, program and fun I know. Thanks for letting us share in the event. I loved Giverny too. You have talented friends.

  4. What a beautiful setting, and, the food looks delish! I found myself scrolling back to that sweets tray. YUM!

  5. Oh my goodness, now that is a real nice tea party.

  6. A lot of thought went into that delightful tea! It must have made you feel like a very special guest.

  7. Oh my goodness, Michele, what a spectacular tea party! I know you enjoyed every minute and morsel of it. You are blessed to have such lovely friends.

  8. This just may be the most fun Tea Party of the year!

  9. What a wonderful party. I love it all. The french fries in the glass is so clever. I am so glad you got to go and enjoy yourself. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  10. I was trying to remember where I saw something about a Monet Tea Time and I think it was in one of the Elmwood Inn books or Tea Time Magazine a long time back. This was a very impressive tea and these ladies did a wonderful job!

  11. My goodness, that was some affair!
    Beautifully put together, with an attentions to detail.
    So glad that you had such a nice time.


  12. My goodness, that certainly was thought out down to the last detail! What a lovely lovely tea and the food, oh my goodness, I think I gained weight just reading the menu!

  13. Your post really gives a sense of the afternoon. What a lot of effort your friend and her aunt went to - and what a lovely afternoon it must have been.

  14. Michele, this was an incredible tea party! Loved all of the eye candy, and the food; oh my!!

  15. Wow, you certainly attend some amazing tea parties. The food really did look tasty and the setting was a real delight. Have a great week.

  16. What a delightful time you must have had. So much attention paid to detail and blessing their guests. What a sweet delight to be invited to such a generous and thoughtful tea and luncheon.

  17. such a treat! love that you each got your own little painting! and the french fry idea is too cute:) have a great day, michele!

  18. What a beautiful tea,Michele! So well done and thought out. The menu looks so good! How blessed were you!

  19. Oh this is all just too much fun! Being an artist myself I love seeing art brought to the table is so many clever ways. The food is definitely a work of art. So many wonderful ideas and touches, thank you so much for sharing!

  20. What a marvelous tea time, Michele! Your friends went all out creating their Monet tea. I really enjoyed the whimsical frogs, lily pads, and art work. And who would have thought to serve french fries that way? So fun! The plate of sweet teats look very tempting. So happy you shared this with us and joined me for tea. Thank you for your prayers for my uncle too. There are only eight years between us so he is like my big brother. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  21. What a wonderful experience. What a great tea time.

  22. Such a special treat, Michele ~ I'm sure you had a wonderful time. That beautiful plate of delicious treats really caught my eye!

  23. Such a fun, pretty and creative table. Oh and all the yummy food too!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  24. Oh wow, I think this must have been an amazing tea party. All the goodies and treats and the fun of learning about Monet’s house and garden. Lovely setting and I love that pop-up book!
    Hope your summer is going great.

  25. My goodness, what a magnificent theme for a tea party--I absolutely love it! And that mini painting is one of the best tea party favors I've ever seen. Lucky you to get to experience such fun!

  26. Oh my goodness what a beautiful and fun tea party! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  27. Great tea party Michelle! I love the dishes, the frogs, the artwork and the food, all amazing!
    Yes, why don't you start a Rosary prayer with some friends at your home each month and pray for family, friends and for world piece. We also receive prayer requests for sick family and friends. It's such a fulfilling time; we look so forward to getting together.

  28. Wow! This tea party is terrific--and what a great theme! The food looks terrific, and those personal little paintings are such a wonderful touch! This tea is definitely inspirational. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog--especially since I am extremely behind on my blog visiting this week, and I might have missed this wonderful post if you hadn't visited me!

  29. What a wonderful, beautiful tea! So many thoughtful details. and I noticed even frogs' legs on the menu! the ladies sure treated you to a special afternoon.

  30. oh my gosh, i spied some macarons! i bet they were delicious. how neat is that pop up of giverny. we actually went there in april, it was amazing to be there and discover paris and normandy. thanks for bringing those memories back to me.
    happy friday!

  31. So lovely...the Monet items are great.

  32. Lovely idea and so well executed. Love the costumes and the pop up book Be still my heart! Thank you for sharing great inspiration!

  33. Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely glorious!!!


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