Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Giveaway Winner - BIG Spinach + Das Boot

The winner of my giveaway was Cindy from the blog

Thanks to everyone who participated.

We have had the greatest harvest of spinach recently!

Our youngest daughter is a big time gardener and had extra startings
she gave us this year - and wow did it ever take off!

The spinach really took a shine to our big vegetable garden.

(I call it the "Back 40" as they do down at the Ranch in Gunsmoke.)


You really cannot tell how large these spinach leaves are
but to give you an idea:
this sink is extra large and extra deep

and it is plumb full of spinach!   

I just grabbed one of the medium leaves fast and had a yogurt*
I was about to eat and sat it down on the leaf so you could see
how huge each leaf was!

*Which, incidentally is my all-time favorite brand of yogurt.
It's all natural and mmmmmm good. Try it!

And no I am not compensated, just opinionated.

I had such high hopes to actually doing foodie post showing
my delicious chicken and spinach dish I made a little later that day
but, well, you know I never remember the foodie stuff.

We cook, eat, clean up - business done.

Then I recall my intentions and get that "Ah crap" moment
 when one says to oneself
"I get an A for sincerity and and an epic fail for foodie pics.


For those who didn't know, I am not wearing one of those
really ugly Big Black Boot things due to some small stress fractures
in my foot, advanced tendonitis and arthritis for the cherry on top.

I started my physical therapy for it yesterday;
3x a week for a month, then we'll see how it's healing up.

I've been trying to weed around the garden in this thing-
not getting good at maneuvering yet - yikes.

(Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down!)

I am not happy about any of this, but want to float gracefully
down the aisle in August when our youngest daughter 
gets married - so praying for fast healing.

Just got word my sister's health needs some prayer-
for her privacy I won't delve details 
but it is becoming much more serious.

Also my sister's sister-in-law is in ICU and needs prayer.

So - a giveaway winner, some huge spinach
 and some prayer requests is what I am all about today.

What fun weekend plans do you all have coming up?
Whatever you do, may you enjoy peace and safety!

As always, thank you for your visit!



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  1. Congratulations to the lovely giveaway winner :) Thanks again for having such a sweet giveaway, dear Michele!

    You remain in my prayers, dear one. Have a Happy 4th of July! Hugs!

  2. You are in my prayers, wishing you all good health.

  3. Wow, that is some awesome spinach!! What a blessing right from the garden. :-) Hope your foot heals quickly and keeping your family in prayer. Have a lovely day!


  4. Promise, you're going to get that food post up? The spinach and chicken sounds yum!
    Sorry about your foot, praying for a speedy recovery. Happy 4th!

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  6. Oh dear . . . that thing looks pretty cumbersome! Be careful with the weeding!! I will keep you in my prayers, as well as your sister and sister-in-law.
    And I'm very sorry about your friend you mentioned in a previous post. Sending hugs. xo

  7. Thank you for hosting the giveaway, I'm so excited! Keep resting your foot so you can take that thing off for awhile at the wedding! Love that beautiful spinach!!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  8. You are not wearing it? What does that mean? That what you're wearing is not a big, ugly boot? It doesn't look too bad...much better than a cast. I am sorry that you are dealing with this so close to a very important wedding. Praying for many good results from your intense therapy.

    Those spinach leaves look great! Are you making wraps with them?

    Congrats to your winner!

  9. PRAYING for all needs.

  10. prayers for sure... and sorry it's part of your summer !
    every Best Wish for that upcoming celebration :)
    I posted a Canada Day TeaTime celebration I'd luv to share with you - Welcome...

  11. Oh dear me, Michele, on your poor foot. I hope it heals for the wedding. You and your SIL will be in my prayers.
    Yea for the winner of your giveaway! Happy 4th to you!!


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