Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Garden Butterfly Tablescape

Ah, how fast the summer is flying by!

We hear the neighborhood children talking about
 school starting not long from now,
and my nephew heads to college for the first time
 in just a couple of short weeks.

However, I am not letting go of summer one stinkin' bit!

There is nice bright SUNSHINE here today!!!!

So, to celebrate summer I am sharing a pretty simple
 summertime tablescape
 with a garden and butterfly theme.

I found these fantastic butterfly plates
 the last time I went thrifting-
and they match my stoneware dinner plates so well
 I just had to add them to my ever-growing collection.

Who knows, I may sell them, I usually do-
 but for now I am enjoying them with you!

They pick up that odd color of green that has a hint of blue to it;
a neat color, but a bit difficult to match up.

 I am beyond thrilled.

Hand painted stemware works well to complement the theme. 

I usually keep two chairs each to the sides and 
one chair on each end of the dining table.

This time I put them all across from one another,
on the sides -  thinking the ends would be a good place
to place my tea/coffee tray on one end
 and another tray of condiments, etc. on the other.

I really like this new chair arrangement.

Isn't it funny how simple changes add so much sometimes?

I usually keep to six chairs out all the time.

We do have two more that we keep stored
 until we have a larger party of folks over.

These days most of my fun dish and glassware sets
 are in numbers of 6 and not 8,
 as I usually keep to entertaining six
as a more frequent number.

I've found the extra room at the table
(especially for afternoon teas)
works so much better.

Tea trays and 3 tiered servers take up so much room.

Thus, I keep to six most of the time now.

Even if it isn't tea I am hosting,
 having the added room has spoiled me.

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued,

 is always just beyond your grasp,

but which, if you will sit down quietly,
 may alight upon you. 
                                                                                    ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Yes, you - my dear friends- are truly welcome at my table.

As always, thank you for your visit.




  1. Hi lady! Such a cheery theme you have going! I find myself sticking to six too. Easy to add on if you have to. Great score on the plates!

  2. How utterly charming and whimsical, my friend. I would love to sit at your table, sweet Michele. Hugs to you!

  3. You know I like anything with butterflies, the table looks very nice Michele. I think you should keep these plates, they're perfect for summer entertaining.

  4. Michele, your new plates are perfect for a summer table. Enjoyed the pretty table and the quotes. ;-)

  5. Beautiful butterflies for a wonderful summertime theme. Like Sarah - I enjoyed all the quotes too!

  6. Beautiful tablescape. Love all your dishes and love those Butterflies!

  7. What a beautiful and inviting summer tablescape! Can't believe you found those gorgeous plates while out thrifting. (Well, yes I can, now that I think about it!) But I love how you have layered them with your other plates. Such a rich, elegant look!

  8. I love how you decorated your table. It seems as I get older time goes by so much faster. When I went to school it started after Labor day, now it starts in two weeks.

  9. I love the simplicity and beauty of a butterfly table! And even though it is hotter than .... here in AZ, I am enjoying summer as well!! Blessings, Cindy

  10. Very pretty Michelle! The plates are an awesome find! Butterflies and birds...perfect for summer! I love the idea of 6 on each side, your table looks very long...and if I remember from other posts...your dining room is quite large...which means you would have quite a bit of room on the ends...leaving the middle part of the table non cluttered. Even if the table was shorter...the idea of putting a separate cart on the end/s would be nice too! Well usual!

  11. Yay for a sunny day? Just about time! Your table setting is so attractive. I, too, like the ends left open. Ever notice tv families often have the table ends open? Where else could the camera go? =D

  12. Oh michele, first of all the settings are so full of life, butterfly's are so gentle and full of grace and a table like yours is layered with just that. I love a long plank table, a favorite look of mine.... I gave up my longe planked table to end up using an older round oak table that use to be on a covered patio taking on age from the elements to then use it here in my smaller kitchen...I kick myself for letting the plank table go now seeing perhaps I could have used it after all with plantlike of space for it. I am now on the hunt for one, of course this time a good deal so if changes take place I won't have to lose much in the purchase.

    It's so much fun setting a spring or summer table, and scaling down to neutrals leaves me with less space for storing plate of colour, seeing your summer setting makes me want to go out and buy some summer settings hmmmmm! Perhaps you will find some tucked in here with me.

    Enjoy all the beauty you create and see you soon.


  13. Oh Michele, your new thrifted dishes look so pretty and perfect for a summery setting! I love the painted stemware that compliment all your decor so well. I'm sure your guest will so enjoy their time at your table.

  14. Hi Michele, what a lovely set table for tea. I love the across seating. Your dishes are so summer pretty and the painted glasses are such a nice compliment. Your guests are going to really enjoy sitting at your table.
    Wishing you a special weekend. Hugs and Blessings, cm

  15. LOVE your new dishes! I'm a little jealous that your table seats 3 to a side. I wish I would have gotten a table that would seat 8 comfortably! You do have plenty of room and all the conversation is back and forth. No one is on the end being left out of what is going on at the other end. Great idea. :)

  16. Oh...those dishes are so pretty. :) You always create such warm and welcoming spaces.

    Happy day friend!

  17. Your table and butterfly theme dishes is very pretty Michele. I like your idea of setting the chairs that way and having the serving dishes at the ends of the table. Enjoy the summer days. Pam

  18. Love the botanical theme, very pretty.

  19. new to your blog. Hi! :) lovely plates, but I think I love the stemware most of all. Nice job!

  20. Another beautiful the butterfly theme.
    You are such a good hostess!
    I refuse to think summer is coming to a close as
    we have only had a bout 2 weeks of summer weather
    so far.


  21. So pretty! I like the new chair arrangement too!

  22. I just read your comment and post about losing Romeo. I'm so so sorry!! Oh my gosh, I sure understand how you feel! Just like your Romeo, Rudy was my shadow. Whatever room of the house I was in - so was Rudy. So sorry to give you such a scare by disappearing like that! I feel bad about that and promise to keep in touch! I'm doing well - other than losing Rudy. Big hugs!!

  23. Your table setting is so pretty using the butterfly dishes. This time of year, it's always fun to watch them outside too. Thanks for joining in the Share Your Style party this week too!

  24. So pretty Michele. Love the hand-painted glasses. We recently had friends over and had two chairs facing two chairs across the table, with dessert and tea set up at the end, like you describe. I really liked doing it that way. It seemed more intimate.
    We got up to 93 today -- hot! Hope it's a little cooler there.

  25. Just beautiful! I love your little bookpage butterfly! Thanks for sharing with Home Sweet Home!

  26. Hi Michele! Great minds definitely think alike :). Those plates were a great find and wow, does the stemware make for a good match!

  27. Michele,
    Love the Butterfly Garden Theme!! The table looks just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


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