Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tea Cup Watercolor

I have been wanting to get this app for my phone for ages!

You know the one - makes an ordinary phone pic

It takes a regular picture and can turn it into
 a truly life-like watercolor painting!

My grandfather was an amazing artist
 who painted the most beautiful watercolors.

I didn't inherit that gene,
 so this is as close as I can get to creating masterpieces!

And if one adds just a bit of graphics to it too? Voila!

I can't lie, I totally nabbed the waterlogue teacup idea from my friend
 Angela from over at Tea With Friends. 

I wish each and every one of you a truly fabulous day!

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit!



  1. Beautiful! I love manipulating my photographs. I never know what they will look like next!

  2. That is an amazing app, the teacup looks stunning.

  3. Just beautiful! I love the teacup theme and it's simply lovely, as I love watercolors; there's something about this art form, is so sweet and dainty.
    Enjoy your weekend dear Michelle.

  4. Hi Michele! Oh, this looks wonderful. Do you have some of your grandfather's paintings? I'd love to see one. I couldn't wait to get the Waterlogue app and worked and worked and then realized it only worked with Apple products. So what did I do? Go get a new Iphone! :) I took snaps of my house and turned it into a water color and it's so pretty! Have a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Michele, I love your teacup picture. You are clever enough to make it work thru waterlogue. Wish you could post some photos of your grandfather's art. I would love to own anything that had been my grandparents. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  6. I've had great fun with that app! I used it on all my flag photos last year. Would love to find a source for having them printed on watercolor paper as a bound book. ;-)

  7. Michelle, That is beautiful! I have wanted to get that app so badly, but I have an Android...and the last I checked they don't make an app that will work with it. Your's turned out fabulous!!

  8. I do a lot of these Waterlogue pics, I took pics of my kids homes and framed them for Christmas presents last year. So pretty!

    Jane x

  9. Your pictures are quite beautiful, my friend :) Have a delightful Sunday! Love and hugs to you!

  10. Looks like a fun app, Michele.

  11. I have heard about this app too and have been waiting to try it-maybe I will now!

  12. Good morning, Michele :)

    The water color is really pretty!

    I'm in love with your garden room. It looks so serene and I can just imagine having tea out there with you. I can see why you enjoy it so much :)


  13. I've long admired that app, too, Michele. It really enhances a picture with such a romantic feel, doesn't it? We all need a sweet, little beauty in our lives. I need to go check out that app for myself.

  14. Wow Michele, this is very impressive. That is just incredible. Nicely done. I have to look into this app.

    Thanks for sharing and happy Sunday,


  15. The water color app made such a beautiful photo of your teacup! I'm sure you'll have fun creating, Michele!
    Thank you for your visit and your very lovely comments!
    Mary Alice

  16. Fun Michele! I have seen others use this app and thought I need to get it. Love the teacup!

  17. That's such a fun app to play with. It gives gorgeous effects.
    I do hope you are healing well, and won't be hobbling around too much longer. Praying for you, my friend. xo

  18. Very fun that app! I have a little surprise for you today after my big surprise on Saturday. Thank you, Michele! You're a sweetheart and a dear blogging buddy.

  19. I have heard about does sound fun! Great example!

  20. That is such a great looking picture. I've heard of that app but don't have it.

  21. Hi Michele...visiting via Vee's blog. I have wanted that Waterlogue app for a while but here's the problem...I still have a dumb phone :( Beautiful rendition and lovely blog!

  22. I jumped over from Vees blog! Your photos are beautiful!

  23. Hey Michele... I have to get one of those 'Waterlogue" apps..Love what you can create on them...Thanks for the idea...Enjoy your teatime...Hugs

  24. I have thought about getting that app but I try to limit the amount of apps I have to a choice few. It really makes the teacup photo look like a piece of fine art. So pretty!

  25. Hi Michele,
    What a pretty coloured teacup with your new phone app. I was looking at your previous wicker furniture on your lovely deck pics and I love them all! The chandelier is beautiful too! Everything is just my taste and my sister's - such beauty! She was looking at your blog and really loves it too. I do hope your rain stops dear friend. Happy Tea Day! Karen

  26. Hi Michele,
    That is such a pretty image of your teacup. I was hoping to get the app myself but they wanted me to pay for it. I already pay for hosting my tea party every week and that is as far as I go paying for internet services. I hope your rain slows down soon. Summer is way too short to have so much rainy weather. This week has been rainy for us too so no getting to the beach. Take care.


  27. This is so lovely Michele! I love this app, although I don't have it on my phone yet. But after seeing this pretty photo I may just have to.
    I hope you are having a great week my dear!

  28. How pretty! I use Waterlogue and love it...maybe that's what this is. I haven't done as much lately. I should play with some pics! Hugs, Diane

  29. Hi Michele! The watercolor app is really cool--it does look like a masterpiece! And it is something new to play with :). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  30. Okay, and you know that *I* nabbed the idea from Judith at Lavender Cottage Gardening, right? I really owe her a huge debt for my Teatime Tales, because without this wonderful app, I don't think I'd have done them. I can see you're already having fun with it! Now, I wonder who all will be inspired to get this app because of you? :)


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