Friday, October 30, 2015

Annual Pumpkin-Carving Party

This year our daughter Katie
 and her new husband Jeff
 hosted our family's annual 
at their adorable cottage home!


They had the house all decked out in whimsical holiday fun!

The food was amazing, too - they grilled:

* Grilled pork ribs and chicken kabobs
* Grilled veggies

*Jeff's mom made a delish sweet potato/squash dish.

* My younger sister made a yummy Italian pasta salad.

* I made Crispy Italian Basil Bites.
(used my potted fresh basil)

* Our eldest daughter Evelyn made chocolate/red velvet brownies.
(to die-for good)

* My older sister brought awesome asst. baked goods.


After visiting, dining and waiting for it to get
 "spooky dark" outside
we all then went outside to a nice toasty roaring bonfire
and carved our pumpkins!

Here they are taken on my cell- blurry, so sorry:

From top left down:

Hubs (Cool spiders)
Reagan - my niece
Delaney (A Block O) - my niece
 for Ohio State the #1 ranked football team in the country!
Darien - my eldest niece

Middle top down:

Jeff - son-in-law
Katie - daughter

From top right down:

Teresa - my younger sister
Evelyn - eldest daughter
Jeff's mom
Daniel - son-in-law
Jeff's brother Darren
Mary Beth - older sister

I thought I'd feature my husband's this time, 
since it isn't easily seen 
in the far-away group shots.

He carved both sides:

I wonder if this is a motherling spider
and her little brood of baby spidies?

Katie and Jeff grew red popcorn this year in their new garden,
and harvested some and put in mini ball jars as parting favors.

For some odd reason my phone pics won't let me send
the pic I have of it.

 I will add if I get it figured out.

Anyway, the party was lots of fun.

Tonight was both my daughter's Trick or Treating.
They said they had lots of beggars and had fun.

Ours is usually on the actual Halloween, October 31st.

(Really had fun with Pic Monkey with first and last graphics.)

As always, thank you for your visit!

Please be extra safe this weekend!




  1. What a fun tradition! Great carvers in your family. '-)
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh--so fun! What a great idea for a family get-together. Love your hubby's contribution but they are all great! xo Diana

  3. Such an adorable Halloween it...and I know, first hand, how much fun you had 'cause we do the same every year...will publish early Halloween morn. :)
    fun time of the year.....

  4. What a fun party - looks like there are a lot of clever carvers in your family - love the spiders too. The food sounds delicious. Our grandson is going trick or treating tonight too.

  5. What a fun tradition! Happy Halloween, Michele!

  6. What a great tradition and it sounds like you all had a fun time, carving, and eating all those wonderful foods, yumyum. Your husband did a great job on his pumpkin.
    Happy Halloween and I sure hope your foot is much better.

  7. Family traditions are the best! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Michele! Oh, this sounds like it was so much fun! The food, the family and the carvings! Those are some pretty cute jack 'o lanterns! I haven't carved one since my kids were little ones. Thanks for popping in and Happy Halloween.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. How awesome! I wouldn't know who to give the prize to....they are all unique and fun! And I think I'll play with one of my moon photos on pickmonkey tonight too! Happy Halloween hugs, Diane

  10. Oh my, what a wonderful family-fun party! I adore your husband's whimsical contribution :) and I love the idea of red popcorn as party favors. Happy Halloween! Thanks so much for your visit and for your lovely wishes. much appreciated~warm hugs, Poppy

  11. Yours is the best! Haha! Seriously, you do this evey year? I am so impressed! What memories you are making. What family wouldn't love this? Makes me happy just to think about it! Happy November dearie!

  12. Yours is the best! Haha! Seriously, you do this evey year? I am so impressed! What memories you are making. What family wouldn't love this? Makes me happy just to think about it! Happy November dearie!

  13. What a fun time! Happy November, my friend :)


  14. What a fun annual event for your family, Michele! Everyone did a great job!!
    Also, I read your devotional for All Saints Day...beautiful! And now today we have All Souls Day to remember our dearly beloved departed. Hugs and blessings are sent to you.


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