Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn Tea Time on the Patio

Our weather has truly been perfect this fall -
quite rare and wonderful for us here.

It's the kind of weather that is just ideal
for a nice tea time outdoors...
before the cold damp blustery weather
rolls in for its long stay.

Let's tuck ourselves in a quiet and peaceful
 dappled-light covered patio
 and have a nice chat, shall we?

We'll use my harvest gold tea set. 
Its rich luscious fall colors make me smile.

I have 4 cups and saucers to the set; 
but we'll just use the two for us today.

Pretty ivory leaves-themed tablecloth,
Matching tea cosy and table runner. 
hand painted leaves serving tray,
vintage Woolrich woolen lap blanket,
autumn candles dressed up...
I think we're all set for our nice fall visit!

Tea for Two - has a nice friendly
 ring to it, does it not?

I recently tore apart a hideous arrangement
 (half of which was dirty,  gross and made of mostly cheap plastic)
 that I found at the GW for next-to-nothing.

But tucked in it were these high quality silk flowers
that just needed to be dusted off and used differently.

I also found this heavy green stoneware planter
 at my favorite secondhand store not too long ago, too. 

With very little effort I was able to put together a
lovely autumn arrangement
 using the nice bits & some greenery I already had.

This potted floral is the perfect size and look
for our little tea tray, and the cost was quite minimal.

Sometimes one needs to see
 beyond the ugly
to set free its beauty!

And don't forget to pick up those inexpensive single
 salad or bread plates while you are at the thrift store.

They really make perfect candle holders!

I love Autumn so much,
it's my very favorite season!

Thank you for joining me for tea today!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. So pretty, Michele. I enjoyed my visit very much! I love what you said "Sometimes we have to see beyond the ugly to set free its beauty. " That is so true with a lot of things in life. ♥

  2. It was lovely joining you on the patio for a lovely autumn tea today.
    Hope your beautiful weather continues.

  3. Everything looks so pretty and definitely "fall". We've had way too much heat this October! At least it's cooling down a bit now. We've also had monsoon rains, partly due to Hurricane Patricia. We have many areas that have flooded again and lots of damage. Sad ~

    Have a blessed week!

  4. Your pretty tea setting captured the shades of autumn beautifully, Michele! I'm in complete agreement about seeing beyond the ugly. I love bringing teawares home from the thrift stores/yard sales and cleaning them up so they're pretty again!

  5. Michele, our weather has been absolutely gorgeous as well! When we left for New England for a week I decided to not bother to have anyone water my pots. I expected to come home to them being goners. Instead, I came home to them flourishing. The Bacopa is the prettiest it's been. It's full of tiny white blossoms. Love your pretty tea and your harvest gold teacups and saucers! The faux Ranunculas really do look real. Wonderful to have a tea outside still in October!

  6. This is so cozy Michele I have had some silk flowers get icky and I literally swish them in luke warm soapy water, rinse, shake off the moisture and let them dry. Seems to work well. I'll have to remember the idea about the little bread plates for candles. Good idea!

  7. Autumn tea time...that would be such fun on your lovely porch.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  8. I could well imagine myself in that golden fall setting, sipping tea and chatting for an hour or so in the gentle light. How lovely!

  9. Very inviting,loved the tea set especially the tea cozy. Fall is my favorite time of the year also.

  10. What a lovely tea. It is going to be alittle cool today so I think I will take your lead and sit on my back porch and enjoy a cup of tea while the weather is still nice.

  11. Lovely tea for two. I love the tea cozy.I'm another one who loves fall. It means the summer has finally come to an end and I can say good bye to 100 degree heat!

  12. This looks lovely Michele. You are blessed to have such warm weather still as it's definitely too cold here for outdoor tea unless dressed in a parka, gloves, hat and boots. :) I like the tea cozy and pretty painted tray. Thanks for inviting me for tea. Have a lovely day!

  13. Om my, what a wonderful tea...your photos are great.
    Regarding our greenhouse and pallets, we weren't finished with the inside of the greenhouse at the time I took these photos...stay tuned for a followup post this week sometime. :)

  14. Love your tea time and it is so nice to have cooler weather!

  15. What a beautiful setting for a tea for two! Your teapot cozy is just darling, and I love how you released the ugly, and set forth the beautiful to be free (love that thought!) and came up with a lovely flower arrangement. We have had an amazing fall here as well, sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe today... today the rain and drizzle are here, which is good we need it, but it is so nice to have the lovely fall weather too! Enjoyed the tea party with you :)

  16. Tea time on the patio sounds like a wonderful idea. A little wet here for that but I did enjoy all your images.

  17. Michele:
    You do have such a lovely patio and your tea cozy is really pretty. Love the fabric for fall. Your floral is beautiful and I am so glad you shared!

  18. Your autumn tea party is so lovely! Like you, I also love to look beyond the ugly to find those hidden treasures...your "new" arrangement is just beautiful! I think making a habit of "looking beyond the ugly" would be a wonderful way to view life, in general :) Have a great week!

  19. What a lovely arrangement you made out of the old, Michele. One can often find little treasures if we look hard enough. It must be wonderful to be able to enjoy a cup of tea outside still. It has gotten very cool here on the Island and so I am hunkering down for the winter. Your tea cozy is cute and your tea vignette just looks very inviting. So glad you could share with us.

    Autumn blessings,

  20. Love your Autumn tea set. The basket really sets it off. So glad you can enjoy a nice cup of tea outdoors. We can too.

  21. Yes, hasn't this weather been lovely? Perfect time of year; my favorite, too. Your teatime looks so cozy, esp. with the Woolrich blanket just in case there's a little nip in the air. What a beautiful arrangement you made, and yes, there's some wonderful philosophy there in looking past the ugly . . .

  22. I so enjoyed your patio tea time! I love your tea cozy, so perfect for fall. Hope you continue to have nice weather for awhile! Mine has been cold and rainy. I think there will be no more outdoor teas for me until next spring!

  23. I guess for most of us, Autumn is our very favorite time of the year. You certainly set a pretty tea for two on your patio, Michele. I'd be happy to join you at your lovely spot!

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  25. What a lovely tea for two! I wish I could have joined you!

  26. You've covered all the details. What a lovely way to enjoy the season.

  27. All looks perfect.Have a good chat with beautiful things!

  28. You have set a very pretty tea for two on your patio, Michele, I would love to join you..I enjoy Autumn also with all it's colors. Love your teapot cozy too.
    Have a nice week

  29. Hi Michele,
    I do love your pretty Autumn Tea Time on the Patio. It is so perfect with it's fall colours and lovely china and linens. By the way I did take your advice and start selling on e-bay. I am not doing too well and am having trouble with the expensive postage. I am going to keep trying and not give up. I don't know anyone selling so I am stumbling through it by myself. One item did sell and I was ecstatic. Thank you for encouraging me because I am having fun and learning new things. Thank you also for sharing your beautiful seasonal tea time. Have a wonderful week dear Michele! Karen

  30. Heavenly Michele, tea for two on the patio and such a pretty basket holding the tea things.

  31. Lovely! Such beautiful words to paint the scenery as well. Your arrangement is just perfect for Fall Tea!

  32. Michele,
    I adore the beauty you found in these silk florals and the planter!!!
    The Tea Cozy is perfect in your Tea For Two vignette!!!
    Autumn is my favorite Season of the Year, also!!!
    Thank you for allowing me to linger awhile and enjoy it!!!

  33. Just beautiful - I love the tea set and the way you saved the flowers from destruction. The painted leaves on the tray are amazing. Just lovely - everything.

  34. You weave such a sweet story with your pictures and your beautiful tea arrangements! Can I say I LOVE the pretty basket/tray you have the cups and saucers in (the first photo)? I just love everything and what a gorgeous porch you have.

    We have had much of the same fall...just mild and pretty.

    Thanks for your visit. you make me smile!

    Jane x

  35. I love your flowers! And your basket makes me wanna have it! A lovely way to enjoy the season. Thanks for sharing!

  36. what a lovely setting. just perfect for tea for two to share on a patio on a sunny afternoon. Have a lovely week and thank you so much for stopping by my blog this week.

  37. Hello Michele,
    New reader to you blog, loved your photos and description of your old and new flower arrangement. Looks wonderful. Felt like I was having tea with you!

  38. A lovely tea set and beautiful autumn tea for two. Your photos are wonderful. Love what you did with the GW plant and you are so right about seeing beyond the ugly!

  39. How beautiful!!! I love the painted tray and the autumn leaf tea cosy. Thanks too for the tip about thrifted salad plates or bread plates to hold pillar candles. Lovely idea as those plates sometimes have beautiful rims.

  40. What beautiful decorations for this splendid season. I read your hodgepodge and I'm so curious about your Italian Ren. Gown....and accessories! WOW! I would love to see what you have. Do you have a post in your archives? Sweet hugs, Diane

  41. As you already know, your blog is one of the featured ones this week! Lovely!

  42. I'm so happy you can still enjoy lovely weather for tea out in the yard. I love your tray with the cute Fall leaves and your dishes.
    Have a great weekend.

  43. Beautiful Autumn tea, Michelle - I wish I were having your lovely weather - we're having loads and loads of rain! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  44. Michelle, your tea time tray is very welcoming. Love the soft green tartan throw. I could snuggle up and have a cup of tea right now.

  45. Hi MIchelle!
    Thanks for linking up here at the PH! Your fall tea time setting is so pretty.
    LOVE your plaid throw on the settee. Perfection!
    Nice to cyber meet you~
    Alison :)

  46. So pretty! And you are so right, we have to look past the ugly to find all the pretty hidden gems!!


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