Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Vignettes

I don't put away all Christmas when it comes time to do so.

I keep out some things that are more "winter" than "Christmas." 

Birch, dried Eucalyptus, vintage white linen,
and old mismatched tarnished silver 
look work well put together in a wintry vignette.

Isn't this an adorable china chickadee?
 My dear MIL gave it to me as a hostess gift at Thanksgiving.

It works together so nicely for winter in a stone tray
 with a candle, freshly cut pine, pine cones and faux pips. 

I really do love winter.

Save for the fresh produce & flowers
I would trade it for a hot and humid summer any day!

Outdoors, things here are simple and wintry.

And serene. And calm.

I found a perfect use for that chippy metal bushel basket I found!

As most of you know most of our nest is
 white, beige, ivory, off-white, taupe, brown and black.

So simple winter whites nestle in comfortably here.

(My home looks like a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow!)

~~And sometimes just as comforting~~

Cherub angels never go out of season.

Or perhaps this one is just early to herald in
St. Valentine's Day next month?

This cherub is holding a new glass mercury letter M,
a gift from my daughter and son-in-law this Christmas.

Our monogram is MMM.

Isn't that a fun one?

I found an old birch-wrapped hand painted with pines and snow
candle holder and the holder part was a little crooked.

 So I created this little wintry bird in nest and
hot glued it all to the top to make it into something different.

It's a terrible picture but I wanted to show it anyway.

I know I sometimes overkill with birdies,
 but what else is the lady of Finch Rest going to do?!?

White poinsietta work winter magic
 tucked over in a blank spot near the fireplace.

One can usually find a season-friendly nesting bird
 cheerfully tucked away
in a little corner somewhere at our nest.

(Even one with a little bit of colour now and then!)

As always, thanks for your visit
 and sweet comments.

Have a wonderful weekend.




  1. Very pretty, Michele! It's always hard for me to figure out what I should leave out {if anything} when I am packing up the Christmas decor. I decided I'm just going to head toward Valentine's Day with some red in different areas. A little more snow on the way I heard. Not much and I'm sure it will all be gone in a few days when it hits 40. We'll think it's positively balmy that day! : )

  2. I love how you describe your home like hot chocolate and marshmallows :) Beautiful touches of winter! I really enjoyed this :)

  3. so pretty!! I love all your winter inspire me!!

  4. Such beautiful photos! Your home must be so lovely.

  5. I took all the Christmas decorations down and now everything looks so bare. I need to fluff a bit and warm things up. I agree with you on the summer heat and humidity. I prefer winter too!

  6. how lovely your little vignettes are. I have taken down all my Christmas decor,because it's around 45c here and not too pleasant. I long for some cool weather. Your snowy pics are lovely. I don't like hot weather either. xx

  7. Beautiful winter vignettes! I have the same white feather tree. Now I wish I hadn't packed it away with the Christmas stuff.

  8. Oh Michelle what beautiful pics. I too have stipped all of Christmas but it is so very hot here we look to less clutter in the summer season. But I love my special Christmas things I could just as easy leave them. It is so lovely to be back reading all your beautiful posts! Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  9. Did you figure out the problem with posting pictures in blogger? I'm having trouble too, so I was wondering if you learned anything.

  10. Oh I like the way you describe your home as hot chocolate with a marshmallow. If that's true of your home, my home is a bag of M&Ms. ;>

    I'm with Gina wondering if you found out anything. So many bloggers are complaining about that issue just now.


  11. Mmm.... I,like the crispness of the air during our Ohio winters. Humidity comes all too soon. I like that yo've kept a touch of red with your writer whites. :-) Sue

    1. iPad changes way too many words.... I really CAN spell! LOL I don't think my fingers are that ginormous.... We are planning a spring get-together for the Buckeye Bloggers, as we laughingly call ourselves. There used to be more of us, but you know how things change. We met in Tipp City one time for a little shopping and we try and visit each other during some central OH barn sales. Stay in touch!! :-)

  12. I like winter as well -- but then I was born in December so perhaps that is why! There is something serene about it and the foods are so comforting. Lovely pictures and yes, not ALL Christmas has to go back in boxes!

  13. Everything looks so pretty.

    It's nice that you embrace Winter, and the beauty of the season :)

    Warm wishes...

  14. Hi Michele, everything looks so fresh and clean in your wintry home! I enjoy winter, too, especially here in Texas. It beats the long, hot summers any day.

  15. Your winter decor is cozy and lovely. The snow is AMAZING ( we don't get that here ). Happy New Year

  16. Love your winter look...especially the birds and the cherub. My sister gave me a M mercury glass letter for Christmas. Great families think alike!! Enjoy the winter!!

  17. I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos today, Michele! I especially liked the birdbath in snow. Winter is a calmer, quieter, more introspective time.

  18. "a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow"--just the thought brings to mind goodness and coziness and comfort and loveliness.... and it is... that's just how your lovely home is...



  19. Hi Michele, oh sweetie I love all of your Wintry Wonders! How cute is your comparison to a cup of hot cocoa with marshmellows. Makes me want to curl up under a cozy quilt and sip some! Your home is lovely and so very inviting!

  20. Lovely post. Your photos are beautiful and I love your silver teapot. Happy New Year.

  21. Very pretty Mihelle! Loved viewing all your pictures. I too keep out a few wintry things.

    Have a great day,

  22. Hehe, i also keep some " winter" decorations out, and candles stay all year :)

  23. Your house, Michelle, must be absolutely beautiful.Love those winter whites. genie

  24. I love all your pretty winter vignettes. One can never have enough birds around the house. Pamela

  25. you were having problems uploading photos, what did you do. I downloaded Google Chrome, but still can't get any from file on my computer. Just from Picasso on my Ipad, which isn't any help I can save and transfer but have over 8000 pictures on a separate hard drive. HELP...
    Love your post, your pictures are so pretty, thank you for sharing...

  26. Lovely winter vignettes. I love the birch and the cute birds. Hot Cocoa and marshmellow sounds wonderful, warm and cozy! Have a happy day!

  27. Love-love-love your winter whites! Something about this palette is so soothing, isn't it? And with that pretty wintery silver collection, and your birds (always welcome), it's just such a calming, centering decor. I can totally see why you go with the colors you do!

  28. Such lovely images, they make me happy~

  29. Very Beautiful Michelle Loved every min.


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