Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finch Rest Emporium - Blog Shop

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
 for her BLOG SHOP linky party.

Here are a few things I have for sale in my ebay shop.

You will always find the link on my right side bar ---->

Shop Finch Rest Emporium

For your consideration, may I please present the following:

Poker? Bridge? Euchre? Hearts? Spades? 

Cute snack or candy dishes for card night!

And just in time for your next tea party:

A beautiful melamine red roses tea tray!

And speaking of TEA, um, because that's what we
talk about often here at Finch Rest....

A beautiful red rose teapot!

And last but certainly not least:

A beautiful pedestal black iridescent demitasse teacup!

I shall continue to be adding lots of
 wonderful new goodies
to my store soon - so check back often!

10% off purchase price on anything in store
 until midnight EST 1/28/13
Please write me via ebay (only) and use coupon code


As always, thank you for your visit....
and an especially warm thanks for allowing me to
"show my wares" to you today!

God bless!



  1. Michele, your goodies are all worthy of a Valentine party. ;-)

  2. Michele, Thanks for the heads up! I joined the party with an item from my Etsy shop! How fun!! Very cool party!

  3. Tea talk is common on many blogs - I think that's a good thing!
    Neat items for sale Michele.

  4. The "red" fans should be drooling today, Michele! You have such a great eye for finding pretty things. Love, Madge (ha!)

  5. Hi Michelle, so many pretty things. Tea parties are great...
    The red rose teapot is so pretty.

  6. These are great items, love the tea cup!


  7. Hi Michele, I think this Blog Shop is such a great idea!!


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