Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beautiful Irish Tea Set Gift!

I received this amazing gift
 from my dear friend Patricia for Christmas......

A Royal Tara Brootch of Ireland tea set!

There are no words to describe how I feel about this extraordinary gift.

I haven't quite found the words to properly thank her.


I feel Patricia as truly part of my family,
 consider her to be  a "sister," 
as her son and my daughter
 were married three years ago.

Patricia and her husband John were both 
born and reared in England but have lived in the states
over 30 years.

Some of you may remember that I
 have Irish blood on both of my sides.

She understands my love of my heritage.

Just look what's on the bottom! 

I was thrilled!

I told you a while ago that when Patricia
 comes to my tea parties
 she prefers strong black coffee to tea!

That's why it is even more special to me that she
 gave me this amazing tea set. 

It came with lidded teapot, wide sugar bowl and a tall milk jug.

This delicate, plain & simple gilded teacup
 is from an old  set of Noritake teacups I have.

So today for my tea time I enjoyed using 
my beautiful new tea set.

I also enjoy nibbling on my VERY favorite cookies,
 Russian Tea Cookies.

(I made them with pecans, though, not walnuts.)


Another amazing and perfect gift I received 
this Christmas was the first two seasons CDs of

My husband signed it "From Santa," but
I think I know who it's from!

I haven't started re-watching it yet, but am looking so
forward to it!

The Dowager Countess taking her tea.

Downton Abbey | Photo Courtesy of PBS Masterpiece

   Credit: Sheridan Road Magazine

How many of you watched first episode of Season 3 yesterday?

My friend Pam from Indianapolis had a Season 3 premier
costume party yesterday - how I would have loved to
have been free and able to attend!

ALSO - a beautiful historic hotel downtown
 here in my city hosted a formal Edwardian
costume party and Afternoon Tea, and then showed a special engagement screening of Season 3 Episode 1 on Saturday!

By the time I heard about it it was all sold out.
 I seriously pouty about missing it -
 then thought of how many people were able to take
 a proper Afternoon Tea because of it, and then I felt better.

The more people enjoying and loving a proper tea
 the better chance of local tea houses staying in business!

(That thought made me really stop pouting.)

I am so truly thankful for my "Santa," and for Patricia & John
for making this tea-loving-history-obsessed gal so happy
this Christmas - and actually all year long!


Thank YOU for your visit!



  1. WHappy New Year, Michelle. What a wonderful gift! How very special! Something to treasure indeed. Watched Downton last night...and was not disappointed. Marvelous!

  2. Michelle,what a beautiful gift. We are still waiting for Season 2 here in Australia :( I am going through agony reading all the USA blogs that have started watching season 3 We are so slow here,it makes me mad. Enjoy your new tea set,nothing like tea from a nice china tea set. xx

  3. What a beautiful gift! And -- just in time for the new season of Downton Abbey! Perfect!

  4. What fabulous Christmas presents, Michelle! Your new tea set is exquisite, and how special that "Santa" brought you the DVD's for Season I & II of Downton Abbey. I have a b-day coming up and that's what I'm asking my hubby for. I watched the first episode of Season III Sunday night. I love the idea of a costume party and Afternoon tea to kick-off the season premier. I didn't hear of any tearoom or hotel that did a special event in my area.

  5. What a special tea set. I bet that tea pot pours beautifully. Yes, I certainly did watch Downton Abbey. I have also read all spoilers. One might think that this would ruin it for me, but it doesn't. It, in fact, makes me more eager to see it. I bought the first two seasons for my daughter-in-law as we are the two in the family who love Downton Abbey best. I hope that she enjoys watching on some snowy weekend when the guys are out playing in the snow. A costume party? Be still my heart. You would have totally rocked a costume. Perhaps you can give one, instead.

  6. What thoughtful gifts, Michele!! The tea set is a treasure for sure. How sweet fo your dear hubby for playing Santa and gifting you the DVD set of Downton Abbey. I love the series and look forward to watching it every Sunday evening. Have a wonderful day, dear friend. XO

  7. Of course we watched Downton Abbey!!!! We have been waiting for way too long...and the wait was finally over!

    Your new tea set is gorgeous! What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

  8. Now that is an awesome tea set! Your friend was indeed generous and kind in her choice of gifts. She certainly knows what you like! It is a beautiful set, and wonderful to have in your collection.
    I have watched the season three episode one two times already! I will likely watch it again this week too : ) I adore this series and am excited as to where the story lines are going to go.
    Happy New Year!

  9. What an incredible tea set, and I *love* the story of Patricia giving it to you. I've seen a number of Jubilee wares but nothing like this -- how very beautiful and special! (And don't faint, but ... I have never seen Downton Abbey! I keep being told I should watch, but having missed the first two seasons, well, I like to start at the beginning. Definitely on my wish list now, though, especially with your firm endorsement!)

  10. Wow! So fun you got two seasons for Christmas. I'm such a fan that I bought the third season in the UK format right after it finished in the fall in the UK. I saw the whole season long before Christmas. But that didn't stop me from tuning in again! Love your new tea set! What a wonderful gift!

  11. Oh- Thank you for finding me and commenting on my blog-now I found you back. I love your tea set-what a wonderful gift from a "sister" (in law)...lol...but NOT a sister-in-law. Don't you love our funny English phrases?
    I love Downton Abbey and was glued to the set Sun night. I just pre-ordered Season 3 from Barnes&Noble- member discount and free shipping...whooo hooooo~ I will have it by Feb 1st.

    I hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  12. What a treasure you have received! Very lovely indeed, Michele! Don't you just love it when someone special gifts you with an extraordinary gift? I sure do.
    I was given something very special for my birthday and I'm hoping to iron out this blog issue I'm having so I can share it with everyone.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely tea things and thank you for coming to tea. Happy New Year, my friend!


  13. That is a beautiful teaset! How sweet of Patricia to give you this treasure!

    I love Downton Abbey. Are you hooked yet?

  14. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
    I'm sure she knows just how special you think she is, and how much you love the tea set.

    I have heard that lots of folks love those shows, but have never seen one myself.
    Now, I need to check them out :)

  15. Hi Michele,
    What a beautiful tea collection from your friend! Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Wishing you all the best in 2013!

  16. Such a beautiful tea set Michele! And what a special friendship you and Patricia have :-) Thank you for sharing this at my party this week! I'm featuring it on my Facebook page too :-)

  17. Michele, That's such a thoughtful touching gift! What a pretty set. I have Irish heritage as well and can appreciate how special that is. I would have been pouty too...that party sounded amazing. I would love to see season 1 and 2 again! What a great gift from you hubby....I mean Santa ;)

  18. Wow!! How special! The tea set is exquisite! and the Downton cd's, I did watch the new season episode, just love it,

  19. That is a beautiful tea set! I love Downton Abby and have watched them over & over again.


  20. Wonderful set Michele! It was really a very special gift.
    Have a happy 2013!
    Besos, Silvina

  21. Dear Michele,
    I am so happy for you. What a precious gift to receive!!!! It is absolutely a gorgeous one too and given with love. Perfect gift for you. I remember your Irish roots. I bet we get to see this again in March.
    You betcha we watched Downton. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Loved Shirely McClaine and the role she played. Good foil for the Dowager. What a hoot.
    I would have loved to go to that tea as well. Boohoo for you. Perhaps you could host one???
    So excited for your teaser!!! Going to see if I can look it up and dream about having one too.
    xox Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  22. Micehel, what a thoughtful and beautiful gift from your friend. And Downtown Abbey, yup I love it! I own season one but haven't bought 2 yet. Hubby and I watch both 1 and 2 during the holidays. I was excited for season 3 to start. But oh, did you see that dark side of Bates? My kids gave me a gift set of Larkrise to Candlefor and I watched the entire thing again. Let's just say I've watched more T.V. in the last while than I have in a long time. I saw Nann tonight and told her 'hi' from you and that we MUST come visit some day. She said, "I would love to" Thanks for sharing your great gifts with Share Your Cup.


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