Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Winter's Eve Dinner Tablescape

Every January we have a few friends over
 for a relaxing post-holiday winter eve's dinner.

I always do up the tablescape in silver and white.

And most of the time for these dinner parties
it is snowy white and beautiful outside.

So what's more perfect than giving the dinner a

snowflake theme?

As guests walk up to our door
 they are greeted with a shimmering wreath.

This year it is only six for dining.

I just noticed I forgot to put out the bread plates, oops.

I simply put white metal snowflake scrapbook embellishments
on a shiny silver metallic card stock for the nameplates.

The card stock matches the dinner plate chargers well.

                  My new snowflake plates match my napkins perfectly.

My friend Marcia made my snowflake napkins.
 All I had to do was supply the plain napkins and buy the thread -
her amazing machine-that-does-everything-but-the-dishes
 did the rest! (Thanks, Marsh!)

A old tarnished silver gravy server holds the spoons
for our after-dinner coffee and tea.

Tuck in a fun little snowflake book to carry the theme.

I love the perfect chance to use my silverplate!

Here and there we find snowflake themed items
brightening things up a bit....bringing bling
and glimmer to our winter's evening.....

Fun silver metal drink swizzle sticks keep things festive.

The frosted glass snowflake tealight holders
are scattered all around the table.

It's the perfect look on a cold winter's eve!

This is a new after-holiday sparkly trio candleholder 
centerpiece just perfect for this tablescape!

I added the reindeer to it, have had them for years.

I like the way the tablescape is reflected in the mirror,
 and a portion of the foyer chandy is in the other mirror.

I shut off the lights to show the candle glow,
 but it's still too bright outside 
even with the shutters closed.

Light flickers against crystal,
mercury candle sticks and metallic star garland.

Candlelight creates a mood like no other!

You've seen this recently - I kept it out - 
 it is tucked in the corner on my tea cart near the table
for a wintery look for this special evening.


  1. That's a beautiful table, Michele! I think "A Winter's Eve" is the perfect name for it. All that pretty sparkle...I love it!

  2. Oh so lovely... Nothing like sparkle and shine past the holidays to remind us that it never has to end.

  3. So cozy and wintry,anyone would love to have a candle light dinner in your lovely dining room. I love all the glitter.

  4. Your table sparkles and glistens just like a snowy evening. Beautiful!

  5. I love your snowflake theme, Michele! Those place cards are just perfect with your dishes and napkins. It sounds like it must be a wonderful get together with your friends {and less hectic after the holidays, too!}.

  6. Everything is perfection, Michelle! What a lovely theme. I love the sparkle!


  7. So very pretty. What a lovely tradition.

  8. What a beautiful Winter's Eve tablescape. Love the combination of silver and white. Your candles and assorted snowflakes are the perfect touch! Know your guests will have a wonderful time.

  9. What a beautiful table setting! I love the snowflake theme and your attention to detail is amazing!


  10. What a lovely table, and room! Beautifully done!
    Debbie :)

  11. What a fun party that must be. And it's just the way I like snow!

  12. What a lovely table, what a lovely tradition!! I like the quiet month of January, a fancy dinner with friends is a great way to enjoy it!

  13. Lovely table and lovely tradition. I love snowflakes -- probably because I don't see the *real* thing down here! Everything is so bright and sparkly.

  14. What a sparkly, magical table, Michele. There's nothing like candlelight, you're so right about that. I love your pretty snowflake plates and with those great napkins! I have one of those machines, too, and that was so sweet of your friend. I know everyone enjoyed your wintry party theme.

  15. Very elegant table I love the sparkle and the snowflakes.


  16. So beautiful.
    Sparkly, and frosty looking.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner party :)

  17. Your table looks lovely Michele. What lucky guests you have to sit down to a beautiful table, good company and a great meal.

  18. Happy New Year my lovely friend !
    I have been taking a bloggy break but wanted to pop in and see what you have been up to and say hello.
    I am sure that your dinner guests were thrilled when they walked into your dining room and saw what spectacular scene you had created in their honour. It looks so amazing and I can imagine how the pretty candle flames danced around the room to add to the delight.
    It all looks so beautiful xoxoxo

  19. Such a pretty table. We haven't had guests for dinner in ages. Seems it's just easier to go out but seeing your table is great inspiration for staying in!

  20. What a gorgeous table, and I love all the very many snowflake things you brought into play. VERY impressed with the napkins your friend embroidered--those are amazing! I guess you are just trying to make me jealous with all this talk of snow -- it was 70 degrees in Georgia over the weekend, sigh, so this post may represent all the snowflakes I'll see this winter. Beautiful!!!

  21. So beautiful...I love silver and is so elegant. Everything matches and looks elegant. Thanks for linking up!

  22. What a great idea to have a dinner party after all the holidays are over. Perfect theme, winter can be very dreary, but your table just sparkles!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!

  23. Your table is gorgeous. What a great idea having a dinner in honor of winter. Way to embrace the season!


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