Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty Painted Roses On China

Are you decorating for St. Valentine's Day?

Do you do nothing, just the bare minimum or

 go all out?


There's something about red and pink roses, isn't there?

I put together some pretties to inspire myself

 with St. Valentine's Day just around the bend.

The carnations and baby's breath in my old German teapot
 are leftover from the pretty bouquet
 my youngest daughter's new beau
 gave me on Christmas Eve!

 I really can't believe they're still alive!

Here's one of my very favorite red rose

 pictures from an old post.

Nothing says "ahhhh"

 better than using decorative sugar cubes!

Paired with Royal Albert's classic Old English Rose

teacup and saucer really sets the mood!

Do you host a St. Valentine's Day Tea?

Have you ever considered it?

St. Valentine's Day is a perfect time to treat your friends
to an afternoon of fellowship!

It's especially nice to invite those who are hurting,
 possibly having recently lost a loved one.

There are so many lonely hearts that day-
so if you are able, I encourage you to host a ladies tea.

Now's the time to start planning!

Share love, share joy, share smiles, share memories!
Make a difference in someone's life!

This kind of giving is a gift onto itself to YOU.

As always, thank you very much for your visit.

It means so much to me!


Please join me yo wish Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage
a very happy 3rd year celebration
 for hosting her wonderful linky party

 Tea Time Tuesday!


  1. Michelle:

    I love this pattern that you, Angela and Sandi have! I told Sandi (I think it was her) that I saw 8 plates at $10.00 each in Denver at the Brass Armadillo. I find myself thinking of different bloggers when I see things they collect.

  2. Oh Michelle! This is the most romantic and lovable post I encountered so far this week.

    I myself who is so romantic is drooling with all your lovelies. Amazingly, gorgeous. It really is and it come from my heart.

    Enjoy your week ahead.

    Greetings from a freezing Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  3. I don't decorate as much for Valentines as I would like. I say a little. Your thought of sharing a tea with those hurting is so sweet.

  4. Hi Michele
    I knew you were thinking Valentine's day when I saw the red and white on your thumbnail photo at Sandi's.
    I hosted a Valentine's tea a couple of years ago, went all out and it was fun. I'm thinking I might do it again this year - usually we're away somewhere warm during this time.
    Isn't it true what Bernideen has said? I see different china patterns too and translate them to blogging friends.

  5. What a treat to still have the red carnations still alive. Your Royal Albert teacup is perfect for Sandi's party.

  6. That teacup is gorgeous! I love the red and pink roses! I never decorated big for Valentines Day, but blogging is changing that. I actually have a Valentines mantel this year.

  7. Such a beautiful post and lovely photos. So far, I have given the grandchildren a vinyl window cling to decorate the toy room window with, lol...blogland is putting me to shame : Seriously though, I never did decorate much for Valentines Day ...though I do have a quilt block started that has hearts on it! :)

  8. How pretty! THe teacup and roses-are perfect together. I will think about hosting a tea party-it would be such fun!

  9. Very romantic! I don't go all out, but I do have touches of Valentine's that I add here and there. Used to do more, but I find myself doing less and less each year. ;-)

  10. Pretty post, Michelle and really nice to *kick start* thinking about Valentine's day. I have just barely packed all the Christmas decorations away -- the snowmen are still out celebrating winter! Pretty roses and lovely china -- all perfect for Sandi's party. Happy Tea Day!

  11. What a pretty post, Michele! That's what I like about carnations; they last so long. I have the same teacup!
    Your photos are just beautiful and really looks like Valentines Day has come early to your tea table. I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day and how I'm going to celebrate it. I certainly don't go all out like I did when my children were growing up though. I miss those days!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and romantic post with my tea party today. It's always lovely to have you and I appreciate your wonderful friendship. Have a delightful week, my friend.


  12. Michelle, your tea today is so pretty. I love the teacup and the pinks and reds together. Your idea of having friends to a Valentine's tea is a good one. I will be away this year for that date but will have to remember the idea for next year. Blessings, Pamela

  13. Oh my that teacup is just gorgeous!! And I have always thought the little floral covered sugar lumps were so sweet.

  14. Your post is really beautiful. Love the roses, carnations, and your china including the spoon.

  15. Wonderful Michelle...not only the beautiful photographs but the sentiment. Everything was just perfect!

  16. Oh, I love Valentine's (my favorite holiday!) and indeed go all out! I think it started back in my single days. To keep from feeling sorry for myself, I made cookies or a treat for someone else, and miraculously enough it helped me enjoy the day! Then when my hubby and I started courting, he started taking me to a tea room each year as part of my Valentine's gift--and has kept it up for the six years we've been married! I also host a week of giveaways on my blog at Valentine's each year -- I have more fun than readers do, no doubt! LOVE that you're already in the Valentine's spirit, Michele!

  17. Oh let us not even ponder what I do because what you do is so lovely. Your teas must be eagerly looked forward to!

  18. Michele, this is so pretty. Beautiful post. I love those sugar cubes and all the china pretties too!!! I can't believe that bouquet lasted so long! It was holding out for this post!

  19. gorgeous! I think REDs and PinKS are stunning together.
    It's such a cheery combination that makes you smile.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  20. Michele... I love carnations! THey have such a lovely spicy smell and their ruffly blooms last so long!!! Your red and pinks look stunning together in your tea time vignette! Just beautiful... right down to the rose embellished sugar cube!You are right about starting too plan for Valentines day... it will be here soon! I am going to use reds and pinks just like you, you have certainly inspired me!
    Sorry I have not been visiting lately. I was sick and then had knee cap surgery. I was just getting my posts out... but I am now starting to feel like my old self! So glad to see such a pretty post full of flowers... they really cheer me up! xo

  21. Beautiful Michele, as always your post is so inspiring. I do plan a tea for Valentine's Day, I need to get started on the plans.

  22. Dear Michele,
    Your pictures are Sooooo beautiful. I opened my email this morning to see them and let out an oooooh. That is one of my favorite teacups and I am lucky enough to have one too. The teapot behind it is glorious! I can't believe how well it matches. Can it be true those flowers are still with you? Wow. Amazing.
    Love, love, love your post.
    xo Ruthie

  23. One of my very favorite patterns, Old English Rose! Beautiful.

  24. Hello Michele, what a sweet and romantic post! I love the red, white and pink theme! Your tea cup is gorgeous!
    Carnations are amazing for longevity. Yours look lovely in your German tea pot. What a kind young man to give those to you.
    I do decorate a little for Valentine's day. I love to create a romantic dinner for my hubby and I, usually set before our fireplace.

  25. Michelle,

    I LOVE this post! Your photography is stunning! I think my favorite is the spoon with the little cube of sugar!


  26. Hi Michelle,
    Such a Divine post ... I LOVE it!!!

  27. What vibrant beautiful colors. So special for Valentine's Day.

    Jocelyn @

  28. I'm looking at all these romantic Valentines Posts and yours is just so romantic with the red roses and the beautiful RA teacup and saucer. Thank you for coming by, sweet lady. Hugs,

  29. I love your tea cups! I never thought of hosting a tea party for Valentine's, being alone... But maybe, I'm the perfect person to oraginze one!

  30. Beautiful set of teacups! Your photo's are gorgeous, showing the depth of the colors. Perfect for Valentine's day!

  31. Beautiful photos and a lovely tea. Love those pretty sugar cubes!!! Looks like you're ready for a tea party.

  32. Hi: I am a big decorator for Valentine's Day! I just love that tea cup with the large roses. My favorite this week. Have a great week. Blessings, Mrtha

  33. I love Valentine's Day and love your tea setting for the occasion. Beautiful pictures Michele and cute sugar cubes. I would party with you anytime, thanks.

  34. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Linky Party.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

  35. Michele,

    Something tells me that Valentine's Day really is your holiday! Love the photography and that sugar cube with the rose looks darling & delectable!

    :) Linda

  36. Oh Michele, absolutely gorgeous tea. And your pictures are breathtaking! I swear I almost fainted when I saw that red rose. So gorgeous! I am feeling a bit jealous. I have sugar cubes in my Valentine display in the entry. They feel naked with no cute flower like yours. I adore Valentines and have had get togethers with friends and families. Never a tea. I will be starting my "showing a little love" post on Feb. 1st. I will surely feature this sometime between then and Valentines. I will let you know. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. Hi Michele,
    I am featuring you on my "Showing a Little Love" challenge today.

  38. Michele - Beautiful! I love this! I was so excited to see my mom's china pattern! Now . . . you just have to go over to see my Valentine's Day Tablescape post with the SAME china. Many blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew


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