Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrifty Blue Mosaic Monday

I have truly hit the Mother Lode
 in thrifting lately!

So I put together some of the pretty blues
that I've found to celebrate the day!

I am probably going to list everything for sale
 in my ebay shoppe.

I just adore these rich & luscious hues of blue.

You can probably just guess what my favorites may be
 that I should wish to keep for myself!

It's very difficult to ever let such pretty things go!

Perfect Hammersley and Rosina..................ah...............

Kitty Romeo says "bah" to me for those girlie teacups.

A boy kitty has HIS favorites TOO, thank you very much!

I am still having tons of fun playing with Pic Monkey!


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  1. I do love all the blue and white, soo fun and love adding it to all the white I have in my house, what a bright cheery look...

  2. These varied blue designs are simply wonderful!

  3. Wow! You did hit the thrifting jackpot! Love the kitty and, of course, the teacups.

  4. What treasure, a beautiful collection of blue and white.

  5. The teacups are my favorite too. I just got a Hammersley teacup and love it. Love your blue collection.

  6. Very pretty, Michele! I love the one with the blue flowers.

  7. Yes you did hit the mother lode here Michele and there are some nice things I'm sure you'll keep for yourself.

  8. I'd have a hard time listing any of them on eBay.

    Those pieces are blue-tiful!

    Happy Blue Monday, Michele.

  9. Don't they all look beautiful together! I have the forget-me-not tea cup and I do love it.

  10. Great Blues and great thriftiness. Love your captions and frames great job. My Blues are a little diffent come by and see me.
    Thanks for linking. It was nice meeting you.
    Have a wonderful week,

  11. Beautiful blues! I love the teacups and would have an awful time parting with them too!

  12. Lovely, Michele. My favorite is the teacup with the forget-me-nots, and I also adore the kitty vase!

  13. Adorable blues. I always wanted to collect an assortment like that. My blues, if you have a chance, are here

  14. Great finds! Catching up with Blue Monday.

    My BLUE, come and see.

    Your comment is always appreciated.

  15. How beautifully everything goes together! I see so many pretty blue wares here in tea blog land, I do believe I'm becoming quite a fan myself! Lovely!


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