Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amazing Storm Clouds!

We had an incredible spring storm yesterday
 which has left us much cooler, grey and soggy.

We had lots of warning it was coming
 with very loud and rumbling thunder!

But storms are totally expected this time of year -
 just not any more SNOW STORMS please!

The winds blew so hard and the clouds came rolling in!

I was lucky enough to have just enough time
 to catch a few formations
 to share with you all before the rain came.

It was in the middle of the day, yet look how dark it became!

It was so still prior that I honestly thought it could have been 
a tornado with all that wind blowing!

(This big dark cloud almost looks funnel-like, doesn't it?)

Well the big storm passed quickly enough,
 and all this pretty new life needed the rain.

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  1. It certainly looks like an angry sky! I'm sure that it was a bit unnerving for a while. Excellent photos!

  2. Very dark clouds indeed. When we get to late April, early May, this is when tornados travel our parts. Glad your storm didn't form a funnel.

  3. Looks like a scene from the movie "Independence Day"! We had a huge thunderstorm last night. Temps dropped, today it is gray, mid 60's. xo

  4. Wow! Look how dark it got my you, Michele! We never got it down this way. I thought it might, but then the sun came out again.

  5. We had the same thing here, Michele. I am so sick of it all. We had an ice storm with 2 or 3" of snow on top of it yesterday. Schools were closed/delayed. What a mess. You got some REALLY great pictures though- wow- ominous- xo Diana

  6. The Spring weather sure has been playing naughty games with alot of us, depending on where everybody lives. We live in Western CO west of Grand Junction, CO and it has really been weird here, one day we have 70+ the next it's freezing with frozen rain or light snow showers. We had a bad storm go thru but Denver/area really got it bad. Glad we don't live on that side of Rocky MTns.
    I can see why the storm you got would be quite alarming as dark as it got and those clouds are scarey looking.
    We lived in KY and got hit with tornadoes close by. Had pieces of neighbors barn roof flying all over among other things. Our swing and umbrella went flying over our house. It had to stay there. My son called to tell me to stay inside or go hide in our half bath. My hubs was on the road, (trucker) so I was on my own except for son looking out for me. We had french doors on back of house and I was quite concerned about something flying thru them as we had old trees in back. Mother Nature playing games with all of us. Happy Days Michelle

  7. Wow, gorgeous clouds! We rarely get rain clouds like that, and if we did I'd run out and take photos too! Perfect timing, 'April Showers' you know~ haha :)

  8. I'm glad that wasn't a tornado! Those are quite amazing sky shots.

  9. Great photos!! I'm glad it was rain and now snow. I wish the rain would come our way. All we have right now is wind and dirt! Thanks for posting!

  10. Great photos but a little scary.....we are having alot of wind and rain in NJ toay and it is till cold. TIRED of it!!!


  11. Michelle,
    You have captured the flurry of the storm
    in your cloud photos, dear friend!!!
    Fabulous sky photos!!!

  12. We had some bad weather here too. We were lucky this time and no tornados touched down. One did touch down near where my father and brother are buried. Thanks for coming by blog today:)


  13. Oh, wow! That was some storm. You captured the mood perfectly.

  14. Wow, that storm was super scary looking--and something I'd expect to see here in the South, not up your way!


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