Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daffodils Have Bloomed!

OK. It's official now. It's truly SPRING TIME!

The Daffodils have finally bloomed in the front garden.

I am so excited I can barely stand it.

(They weren't out yesterday!)

I have the windows open- kitty Romeo is in glory on the sill.

It sure is nice outside today!

I even weeded!
(Ok, for about two seconds. I can't lie to you!)

That's as far as I got
 because as soon as I was walking back and saw these daffodils
 I knew I had to grab my camera.

I knew I wanted to share this discovery with you!

Last night we had our last regular
 civic women's club meeting of the year.
I am an officer in this club and also a group leader
 for one of the many interest groups we have.

All the interest group leaders were given
 the cutest little gift
from the Interest Group Chair Person -
 look what she planted for us!

She even gave us a kiss on the cheek -
 you know - "Plant One On Me!?"

Too fun!!

That's it. I am just happy
 and wanted to spread the sunshine
 these flowers bring to my soul.

Have a wonderful spring day, my friends!



  1. As Ohio goes... is my fond wish! I'd really love to see some; however, I'm very happy to see these. Such a cheery little flower...

  2. Oh you lucky girl! Out daffodils have just started to poke out of the ground. Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. These are really great pictures! I'm glad you had fun.


  4. Beautiful daffodils Michele, spring has finally come to Georgia too!

  5. It has to be Spring when the daffodils bloom! YeeHaw!!!

  6. How wonderful Michele!!!

    That's what Spring does for one - we go all weak at the knees upon seeing the beauty of these delicate little gifts popping their sweet heads up to say hello!!!

    Where I am, on the other side of the world it is Autumn, beautiful in a different way, slowly unfolding as the leaves turn yellow and gold and then fall to the ground!

    Shane ♥

  7. Michele- What a cute gift to get...and how wonderful that you have flowers blooming. I am still waiting for it to quit snowing here- xo Diana

  8. My daffodils have bloomed out, now I’m enjoying yours, they are beautiful!

    The French Hutch

  9. It's finally Spring here too, the daffodils have bloomed. I'm going to post some tonight. So pretty, Michele.

  10. Right now our Spring took a vacation for few days, it's about 18 degrees where we live. A very unwelcome Winter storm arrived yesterday. Boohiss.
    I am glad it's so pretty where you are and your daffs have bloomed. They're so pretty. I miss my daffs and tulips that would come up every year in KY, our forsythia bushes also. We do have purple hyacinths that came up so hope this cold doesn't kill them. Isn't it great what a pretty day will do for our feelings? Happy days.

  11. I'm happy you shared your daffodils Michelle, they are gorgeous. Right now we're having April showers for our May flowers.

  12. Great gift! Daffodils are my favorite, we are in the 70's today but then the nest few day cool and rain. Enjoy your day.


  13. Yea for Spring and daffodils. I love your sweet gift that you received, Michele. It's chilly here in Texas today...feels like winter. Brrrrr! XO

  14. When you're happy, I'm happy. Yup, happiness is contagious! I am right along with you girl; daffodils are bloomin and that makes me bloomin happy at my house too! Next comes roses, AWWWWWWW!

  15. Still waiting on my daffodils to bloom--lucky you! Enjoy!!!!!!

  16. They are gorgeous!!! I'm happy spring has made it to your little corner :o)


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