Thursday, April 25, 2013

Springtime Tablescape

I love this time of year when everything is all about the outdoors!

Even when raining outside we're aware of nature coming to life;
the birds are nesting, the flowers are blooming, the trees are reborn!

Today's tablescape is all about outdoors:


These pretty painted bird china mugs
with all their glorious colour
were my inspiration.

Simply placed right down the middle of the table,
 they act as a part of the centerpiece
till they're needed for tea!

If I set a 4-place table I usually do all 4 sides,
 this one I did a little differently and placed things
 across from one another
 to keep the ends of the table free for easy drink service.

I kinda like it, though I am a big fan of the end chairs' arm rests!

Here's a little closer look of the kitchen table setting.

Green is the colour of springtime!

Sweet eldest daughter & her hubs
 brought me this gorgeous bouquet.

(THEY were actually my inspiration for this table's colorful theme!)

Hint for keeping cut flowers alive longer:
Place them in the fridge before going to bed.

Fresh water, fresh cutting of ends, flower saver all help too
but nothing works quite like the fridge.
 I took these pictures today - yet received them on Easter Sunday three and a half weeks ago and they are still fresh!

Simple floral linen napkins, rattan chargers,
 leaf shaped dinner plates, outdoors-themed salad plates
bring the garden inside for this tablescape.

The napkins were made by my friend and fellow local blogger Cindy from Custom Comforts blog.  She has a wonderful etsy shop.

Ivy winding around the salad plates
 helps bring the outdoors in!

Here's a very close-up pic of the salad plates. 

(Hubs would approve of that "Keep Off the Grass" sign -haha.)

I have 3 little fine china wall plates
 with bees flowers and dragonflies on them.

Here's close-ups of a couple of the bees on the plates!

Linking up to the party over at
  Let's Dish
 for the mem theme
 "Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees!"

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  1. Oh I love that tip for keeping flowers fresh longer. I still have the Easter flowers on the door for that very reason...cold out there. I'm going to remember to put the forsythia out on the deck overnight. Thanks! Beautiful, fresh table. It celebrates spring perfectly.

  2. Wonderful springtime tablescape. Love the mugs!

  3. I love your table setting, it is so spring. Your yellow tulips are pretty! Wish I'd had that tip at Easter, my friend gave me yellow tulips but they only lasted a week. Sould I plant the bulbs now or wait until fall? I never have much luck with tulips.

    1. Much too soon to plant bulbs, wait till fall- dig them up and put them in a brown paper bag and put in your basement and wait till fall!

      You know I GOT these yellow tulips on Easter Sunday and they're still alive - and they are CUT flowers! Every day I trimmed them, gave them fresh water and kept them in the fridge overnight when I went to bed. Who knew they'd ever last this long? It's a freak thing, I tell ya!

  4. I'm loving the green! I can't get enough right now. Pretty green crystal on the table too. I'm gonna try that fridge trick! Happy day, Michele!

  5. So fresh and pretty! I love this table, from the dishes to the mugs.

  6. Love that table setting...everything is so fresh and pretty...what a great meal will be enjoyed there!!Have a great weekend!!

  7. Beautiful! It definitely says Spring to me.

  8. Love your trays as chargers and your adorable plates! I'm amazed at your flowers, I would have never guessed they would have lasted that long!

  9. I like the birds and blooms theme Michele, and of course the bees. Everything came together to make a pretty table.

  10. Thanks for sharing the tip on the flowers. Your table is perfect for Spring.

  11. Your table is so pretty, have just the right pretties on your table. I have to say I love it all. Can't say which I enjoy more. Take that back, the birdy stuff. I'm a bird nut (among other nutty qualities). You have such a lovely home.
    I miss having a dining room and table/chairs. Our mfg. home doesn't have dining area. It's just two of us but I still miss having one. Your table/chairs are very nice.

  12. Oh so pretty, Michele! I love the rattan chargers and then the leaf plates and lastly those adorable garden-themed dishes. Of course your birdies mugs are so pretty and remind me of your nest. That's a great tip for keeping the flowers fresh and what a thoughtful gift from your daughter and son-in-law. xo

  13. What a beautiful table set for spring.....the bouquet is beautiful and I love the napkins and those green glasses. Have a great weekend!


  14. So pretty and springy! The flowers are lovely too! The plates are so cute.
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish and taking the challenge. :)

  15. I think spring has appeared in your home. The light coming in to your dinning room windows is very soft. The precious keep off the grass plates are my favorite. Your children certainly were sweet to bring you this lovely bouquet for the centerpiece. Very Pretty!


  16. Those sweet china plates with the bees I dearly love.. there's something about a bee that charms me so! Lovely setting fitting your theme beautifully! And thanks for tip about the flowers! I am going to remember that one for next time I purchase a bouquet!

  17. Love the bee plate. I just found you via Villabarnes blog and am now following you. Love your blog. Kitty

  18. Such a pretty table setting! I can't believe your flowers are that old. Wow! That's a great tip to know. Will have to remember that one.

  19. Hello, I am delighted with your blog, ideas and caprice.
    Our very beautiful, congratulations and thank you for all these tips. I do not speak english well but I would have you as my blogger friend ok?
    I will always be here, love birds, lavenders and kitchen. A big kiss and a beautiful weekend.

  20. What a pretty table. Thanks for the flower-saving tip. I will give it a try!

  21. What a great spring themed table! And I especially like how you placed the mugs and freed up space at the ends. Awesome!

  22. Very pretty tablescape. I love your leaf chargers and your cute. Susan @

  23. Perfect for Spring.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Beautiful springtime tablescape! So fresh and pretty. I love your chairs too!

  25. Michele, what a perfect tablescape for Spring. Love those rattan chargers. Whenever I do a table for four I leave the ends open also. Your dishes are all so perfect and I love the bird cups. Thanks for that great tip on keeping the flowers fresh. Do you just put them in the frige once or nightly? Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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