Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Calm Tea Time after Easter

The rush of Easter is now over 
 and it is now time for a nice relaxing tea moment.

The guests have all  is gone and things are finally
getting quiet & back to normal around here.

I hope you all had a wonderful time
 with family and friends
this Holy Easter weekend!

I use a simple-but-sweet
 little whimsical tea set for one.

The butterflies and flowers on it tell me
that soon spring with burst forth
New Life for us all to enjoy once again.

I set up on a little tea table by a favorite chair.....
and very near the back window door
 where Romeo the kitty may be found most typically.

 (He really enjoys to watch the birdies from this spot!)

Taking a much-needed respite from work and duties
 and enjoying a hot cuppa tea
with soft music playing in the background
 is just what I needed for tea time today!

As always, thanks for visiting!

(And for joining me for tea!)




  1. That is very sweet and I hope you will share with Friends Sharing Tea!

  2. What a beautiful tea set. I would love that too. I wish I had more room I would collect so many pretty things. Alas that is not the case and I really do need to get rid of some of it

  3. What a great tea set, Michele! I'm drinking my afternoon hot chocolate as I'm perusing blogs. I am really hoping it warms up here a bit ~ soon!

  4. That is a whimsical set for sure. I do love tea for ones. Such pretty handy things.
    Have a lovely time off.

  5. What a darling tea set for one, Michele! It's nice to enjoy your tea with some wonderful music. xo

  6. Hi Michele,
    What a sweet and whimsical tea set for one. It has Easter written all over it. I am so happy you could share this cute set with us and join me for tea today!

    I tried to send you an email to thank you for the darling card you sent me but they have changed the format on my email acc't and I haven't figured it out yet. You are very sweet to think of me!

    Blessings & hugs,

  7. Hello Michelle, I am a new follower and I want to tell you how much I like your post. The tea set is beautiful and reminds me of Spring. Romeo is a sweetheart - he's on the look out for birdies.
    Hope you will be following me...

    Happy Spring

  8. Your tea set is beautiful! I'm enjoying a nice hot cup of tea right now, although I don't have a pretty tea set like that. Its cold & snowing outside and here I thought it was Spring! Lol Silly me!

  9. What an adorable tea set for one! ♥
    Martha Ellen

  10. That is such a sweet little tea set! Perfect for this time of year
    we're still experiencing more lion than lamb weather here- but a nice tea break makes everything better-
    love Romeo supervising the scene!

  11. Love your little tea set! It is so cute. Thank you for sharing it. With a great big smile, I send blessings your way. Martha

  12. Oh I am so glad that I can leave you a comment tonight! I have been having trouble and I didn't want you to think I had forgotten you or your lovely blog! So darling and nicely done.
    Happy spring.

    1. Linda, you weren't having trouble, I had the last few posts as 'No comments" posts- which I usually do for devotional ones...or for when I share things on sale with you in my shoppe.

      I would have written you directly but you are a no-reply blogger and I couldn't write you. :-(

  13. Such a gorgeous little tea set, love, love it. Glad you got to enjoy the day and your tea set while your cute furry kitty looked on.
    I'm kinda glad Easter is over. It's a few weeks til the next holiday. I wish I could say we'd be going to the lake but the weather here (western CO) is very unpredictable that time of year. It's Memorial weekend here at end of May. Hope you have great weather there. Happy week

  14. Beautiful photos. Your tea set is so cute.

  15. What a sweet tea set. It's relaxing just to view these photos........Sarah

  16. Ahhh...I love your Easter Egg teaset! How cute! So glad you had a nice Easter! I'm sure it made a perfect tea setting!

  17. I like your tea set, Michele! The butterflies perched on top and the matching tray make this combo so charming. What a handsome fellow is Romeo! I can imagine him purring on your lap while you sit and sip. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog,

  18. Michele- What beautiful photos. I love that tea set..and look at that cute Romeo- xo Diana

  19. That is such a cute tea set!


  20. Oh what a gorgeous tea set. Love it. Hugs Marty

  21. What a gorgeous tea set, it just screams spring. Love it!


  22. Michelle, that is the sweetest tea for one set; perfect for Easter and then for summer.

  23. Oh Michelle, I always love a little whimsy and your beautiful tea set is just the whimsy I need today. I been taking care of a sick grandson (the 2 year old) and your post is just what I need; a sweet cup of tea would be perfect right now while he is napping.

  24. Your whimsical tea set is just delightful, and I think this is a fine way to relax and enjoy some "Michele" time. I'm taking some "me time" for the first time in ages tonight and catching up with my sweet blog friends. I must tell you it is good for the soul!

  25. What a beautiful tea set! So pretty!


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