Friday, June 27, 2014

A Little Patriotic Planter

The other day my sweet neighbor friend 
had me over for tea and cookies.

As I was brought up never to enter a home as a guest
I made up a little "patriotic" planter basket of ivy for her.

I had the cute basket for awhile,
see I used in a post last year with faux greens on the right?

There was no WAY she was getting a gift of plastic plants, 
so I bought three little containers of ivy
 and simply placed them in the lined basket.

I stuck a new mini American flag inside it.

(Mine from last year are being used elsewhere.)

I made a tea-themed little gift/thanks card
 and attached it with a bright red organza ribbon.

I should have colored in heavier now that I see it in a different setting. Oh well.

I glued two bright red buttons on the stars for added pop of color.

Her tea was simple and sweet, as was her little hostess gift.

It's not the money spent that makes things special -
it's the joy of being together and nurturing friendship.

Sometimes the simple things really are the most treasured.

Speaking of simple, a couple of the neighbor girls came over 
and asked me if I had fun colored nail polish they could borrow.

I am one of the cool ladies around here apparently, haha.

This is what they did and they said I could take a picture.

Is that cute or what?





  1. What a lovely hostess gift, Michele! I love that you gave ivy plants in that pretty little basket. I'm sure your neighbor loved it! LOL - let's go with being the "cool" neighbor as opposed to "whatshername is weird, let's go see if she has some wacky nail polish we can borrow". : ) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes, kathy, guess I don't have a self esteem problem, lol, I think perhaps deep down I am more wacky than cool though lol, keeps 'em guessin'!! : - )

  2. Everything is so patriotic and great, and I love the nails, lol! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful neighbor you are. I'm sure she was so appreciative of your darling gift and you guys had a great time. Love the nails.

  4. You are such a nice neighbor Michelle...maybe you should come over for cookies too!
    I have a giveaway sweet friend it's on my latest patriotic post. Love you to enter!

  5. What a pretty patriotic planter!! I ESPECIALLY love the cute card BECAUSE you coloured it - perfectly! The 'united we stand' nails are a smart idea; love it!


  6. What a pretty basket full of ivy. It looks so good and the card WOW. Love the nails - what a cute idea. We learn so much from blogging don't we.
    Have a great weekend

  7. Love the basket! You did good on the card and the buttons on the stars are perfect.

  8. Love the patriotic planter. So good and simple.

  9. The basket and your nails are terrific.

  10. How sweet your little gift is for your friend. I agree the best parts of friendship are the memories and time spent. Love the cute nails.

  11. Very sweet gift, I am a believer in making simple little things as hostess gifts… they are always appreciated as I'm sure your little ivy basket was. Have a lovely weekend.
    XOXO Mary

  12. Michele you are so sweet. I bet your neighbor really loved her gift. I think it's cute that the girls came over to borrow your nail polish.

  13. I ♥♥♥ the first vignette!

  14. What a thoughtful gesture! The basket of ivy is adorable. And you must be one of the cool ladies if the girls are requesting nail polish. Pretty cute!

  15. Sweet gift! Great to have the reputation as the "cool" neighbor. '-)
    Happy 4th of July.

  16. What a lovely neighborhood! A charming gift, and I think the tea pot is colored in just right. Angels to you!

  17. Thoughtful and sweet gift. Cute nails on the girls.
    Sounds like you have a fun neighborhood too :)

  18. Michele, You are a sweetheart. I know your friend was thrilled. Cute nails- You are way ahead of me.

  19. Michele, you are creative and thoughtful. Love your basket! Vickie

  20. This just makes me think of lovely days gone by -- glad there are still neighbors visiting and having tea together. the bright red buttons were a great touch, I'm sure your gift was appreciated! And congrats on being the cool neighbor to the girls!

  21. What a beautiful gift. You're so creative.

  22. Dear Michele,
    You are a good neighbor! I love what you did especially the addition of the buttons.
    Happy Summer, Ruthie

  23. Love this idea! What a beautiful gift! I wish I had nice neighbors like you. :)

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