Monday, June 23, 2014

Light White Natural Foyer

Happy summer 2014, everyone!
I can't even believe the first day of summer was this past weekend!

Summer's warmth finds me busy lightening up our nest.

(Seems all of Blogland is doing a bit of that lately!)


My eldest daughter ordered this "Bless our Nest" ceramic tag
 from an Etsy shop for me for Mother's Day. ♥♥♥

I tied it on a wicker candle holder that sits on the foyer hall table
to welcome all who enter.

The pineapple has long been associated
 with hospitality and welcome~
what better than an
 angel's pineapple welcome
in the foyer?

(Here is a little history on the symbolism of the pineapple.)

Simple  *  Light  *  Bright 

Have you perhaps noticed in the mirror's reflection the new colour of our home office?
It's now grey - more details to come in the future.
Now that is a true lightening up, huh?

Some other lightness around the house:

Old ironstone.....that huge antique platter
 is one of my very favorite ironstone pieces.

I bought it in early spring when shopping with my sister
at our favorite local antique mall here in my little town.

I don't think I have ever walked out of that place
empty handed. (So I try not to go too often!)

I love the detail and its grey-brown on it!

There is something summery about ships in the harbour...

Here is that vignette on top of our chippy farmhouse
 kitchen hutch as it currently looks at the moment....

....which is apt to change at any given moment.

It changes all too often. 

In fact, it's actually changed since I took this pic, haha.

I am forever tweaking. I know you all can relate!

I am kinda/sorta/maybe thinking of painting
 that old dough bowl.

Sage green? Old white? Grey? 
I am considering even just raw lightened wood like driftwood.

What is your opinion?

I ♥ my new-to-me ceramic knobbed copper topped  
vintage kitchen canisters.

I'll share more "light and bright summer" decor with you soon -
but for now I shall just wish you a delightful summertime!

As always, thank you for your visit!



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  1. Hi Michele! You have such a beautiful home. I love all of your lovely decor.

  2. How pretty! Love your Summer touches!

  3. Everything looks great. Love the ceramic piece your daughter got for you- it's perfect. I like the dough bowl the way it is. It offers contrast and doesn't look too 'matchy' but if I was going to change it I would make it look like salty-weathered old boardwalk! Have a great week :)

  4. Your hutch looks lovely Michelle! Especially love your brown transferware, which is a weakness of mine. You must have found that up in Powel in one of those sweet shops. Like the lighter look as brighter rooms always make me happy. Have a nice week!

  5. You have lightened and looks fresh and summery! Oh no! I have learned not to give an opinion. =D

  6. I love light and bright for summer! Nothing better than pulling out the whites to create so much loveliness! Everything looks so pretty in your home.
    Mary Alice

  7. Oh, I thoroughly love your light and bright decor! Just to go ahead and put this on your calendar ... I have decided that when I win the lottery (which I don't play)/my ship comes in/my novel becomes a bestseller, I want to hire YOU to come down to Georgia and style my home for me. OK? :)

  8. A white/cream/gray/brown palette is so soothing and restful. Everything looks lovely Michele.

  9. Lovely arrangements, Michelle. Definitely creates a tranquil feeling. I like the natural color of your dough bowl, but do think that lightening it will make it less the odd-man-out....I'm thinking a pale, even washed out, version of robin's egg blue. Be sure to share a photo if you do change it! -Vickie

  10. I love the new lighter colors you're using! The ironstone you found is wonderful. Regarding whether or not to paint that dough bowl, I wouldn't paint it. I liked your idea of sanding it down to a raw wood though.

  11. I like your light summer touches and vintage finds, Michele. I would leave he dough bowl as is or more natural rather than paint it. Raw woods go with whites so well, I think.

  12. Beautiful! Love your light summer changes. I know what you mean about constant tweaking, too. :) You should join our link party on Thursdays at Revisionary Life! It's all about treasures found at thrift stores, flea markets, curbside, etc. Love your style!

  13. I love your summery lightness, Michele! I have that same pineapple angel that a sweet friend gave me years ago. As for the dough bowl, I like it the way it is. xo

  14. Your home is gorgeous - I bet like you.

  15. Oh my I love the way you have dressed the hutch! That platter is deeelicious! The dough bowl works for me. It gives a nice contrast. Darling teapot! I love this look for summer. And yes, my things move constantly too. You are the best cheerleader for me! You left me the most wonderful comment on my post. I think if I ever did a book it would have to be dedicated to you, and be titled "pretty little snippets" as you called them.

  16. What an eye for detail you have! I adore your transferware. I too collect it. Thank you so very much for your visit to my blog and your kind comment.

  17. Love your pretty and bright! And I also love what you have collected in your hutch! I have what appears to be the same dough bowl and love it dearly since it was my grandmother's. I have eaten many a biscuit that came from it. And I would not paint it since I love it as is! An authentic dough bowl is not easy to find nowadays. So may of them are reproductions. Thanks for sharing at the Scoop!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Hi Michele: I just love your foyer the mirror is perfect. My favorite is the brown transfer ware. You have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  19. Your vignettes are all so pretty, Michele! I love the lightness and white for Summer.

  20. So many pretty things, Michele! Your hutch is totally adorable ~ perfect cottage style. The ceramic sign from your daughter is very sweet too ~ she knows you well!!

  21. Oh I love everything. Your entry table is so pretty and definitely is a welcoming display and the hutch is fabulous. I adore your transferware too, so pretty.

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  23. Everything looks very quiet and serene. Nice job.

    I'd paint the bowl a green color. Perhaps it's just me, but green colors always feel calming, and also green always feels like a little bit of the outdoors, brought indoors.

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  26. So pretty! I may have told you before but I love the scalloped edges on your hutch.

  27. Michele, love your new light and bright look! I love your platter, pitchers, teapot, and canisters. Just love it all! I actually like the natural wood of the dough bowl. Nice pop with the whites! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. Oh Michelle, you have lovely things. I was drooling as I scrolled down your post. Everything is so pretty.
    I would not paint the dough bowl. An old dough bowl is a treasure. Wish I had my grandmother's. The lavender looks wonderful in your bowl.

  29. Michelle...coveting your lovely platter and the teapot is just to die for!!!!
    Love all the light colors.

  30. i love your hutch, michele! everything is looking lovely, lighter, and brighter:) i paint everything white, if that helps make up your mind on the bowl:) happy weekend!


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